Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Question, was there a question?

March has always been question month on the blogs. I wanted to extend an invitation here  - I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. If you’d like to know anything about Cassie and Tom I’d love to talk to you. Sometimes I get a question and Cassie shove me aside and answer for herself – she’s like that.


  1. I want to hear from Tom! So Tom, what is the most mischievous thing Cassie has done to earn herself a spanking?
    Psssstttttt....Cassie, notice I didn't say worst thing you had done!

    1. LOL! I said I could get Cassie to talk - no one can make Tom do anything, much less answer a blog question. I I'm guessing when she gets on a prank kick - stealing all the towels from the bathroom and hiding his robe, hiding all his underwear, taping the sink sprayer down in their old house. These would rank hight on his mischief list.

  2. I feel as if I've know Cassie, Tom and friends for ages and thoroughly enjoyed both books.

    My question - now you have the two books under your belt would you consider writing something different?


  3. Oh Ronnie's question is such a good one. I want to know the answer to that. Also what is the thing Cassie thinks she shouldn't have been spanked for?
    love Jan.xx