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Saturday Spanking - Cassie's not alone

Thanks for stopping by today – I enjoy Saturday Spankings. Check out all the snippets below and fill your kindles. I’m taking my snippet from the second Cassie book today, Cassie’s Tale. Cassie has been in a domestic discipline relationship for decades and for the longest time her friend, Sue didn’t think much of the idea.
But times change and after a talk where Cassie explained the sexy side of spanking Sue bought home a paddle – just for fun. But after the girls snuck out for a middle of the night breakfast, Cassie realized Steve had found the ‘other side of the paddle’. When Sue apologized to Tom the next day Cassie was stunned. As she put it, “Sue wouldn’t apologize if she accidently shot you.”

 “You just apologized. Did Steve make you? What on earth did he threaten you with?”
“I don’t know what you are talking about, Steve had nothing to do with it.”
“You’re lying! You looked at him to see if he approved. I saw you.”
“He just told me that Tom had been really pissed last night, well this morning, whatever, and so I told him I was sorry.”
I kept staring at her until she finally looked away. As I kept staring she rubbed her butt without thinking about it and I knew.
 “He spanked your butt! I can’t believe it. Admit it, he wore you out last night.” I just loved it. I laughed out loud at her discomfort, both mental and physical.
We were about half way down the hall and Sue grabbed me and hauled me the rest of the way. “Shut up!” She hissed at me. “He did not. He was just playing. Oh hell, this is all Tom’s fault. Steve never acts this way unless he has been talking to Tom.” Sue was angry, but I couldn’t stop laughing.
 Sue turned and stalked away from me. She whirled around at the end of the hall and flipped me the bird. It had turned into a wonderful day and I couldn’t remember news that had made me any happier.

Cassie continues to live life to the fullest, from wheeling around in her new sports car to mastering the art of riding a motor scooter with no hands, she manages to keep Tom on his toes. The fly in the ointment is that Tom’s firm wants him back for a project and Cassie wants him all to herself.  When Tom takes the job, Cassie is left lonely and bored – never a good combination for her.

Left to her own devices Cassie makes some poor decisions, frightening Sue and causing Tom to lower the boom. Tom's new schedule for Cassie, including her getting a job, leaves her little time to get herself in trouble – yet she still manages.

Other books by PK Corey: The Cassie Series

(If you haven't read a Cassie book, you need to give one a try!)

Cassie's Space (book one)   
Cassie's Tale (book two)                       
Cassie on the Move (book three)          
Cassie's River Living (book four)        
Cassie's Conflict (book five)
Cassie's Influence (book six)
Cassie's Ordeal (book seven)
Cassie Corralled (book eight)
Cassie's Road Trip (book nine)

Cal's Law (book one)
Becoming Family (book two)

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Jessica Brand - Laura's Longing

Laura's Longing

Where is the line between pain and pleasure?

I'm happy to have Jessica Brand visiting at the Reading Room today.  Laura's Longing is one you are not going to want to miss!

Sales blurb:
A story of love and exploration. Laura is the quintessential all American small town girl, the vivacious cheerleader who is saving herself for the love of her life. Unfortunately the love of her life is the bad boy in town. Young love being what it is, she finally decides he’s the one to make her a woman and she develops a plan for her fairytale outcome. Unfortunately her fairytale turns into a horror story when she finds her beau, in flagrante delicto with another girl bent over the kitchen table.

In her anger and her grief she seeks solace from her closest girlfriend and after purging some of her pent up lust in the arms of her friend she decides the town is not big enough for all of them and moves to the city to make a new life. Accepting an offer of accommodation in Denver from a mysterious woman a few years older than herself, Laura soon discovers activities taking place in her host’s basement studio that defy Laura’s comprehension. Initially shocked at what she witnesses, her shock turns to arousal as she watches erotic games involving activities she had no idea were possible.

Determined to explore further, she convinces her host introduce her to this strange world of bondage and discipline where the lines between pain and pleasure are blurred, where being spanked could be erotic or agonizing, depending on one’s perspective. Her first experience convinces her she needs more and after unexpectedly meeting a new love, sets about introducing him to the BDSM netherworld. Ensuring he learns from experience, Laura is finally satisfied as their love is consummated in the erotic confines of her housemate’s dungeon.

Laura's Longing is not for the faint hearted as it takes the reader into the highly erotic world of consensual BDSM.


As he caressed her butt, she tested her range of movement and found it was very limited. Her feet were not secured and were free to move, but with his strong hand holding her arms imprisoned against her back, she had little other movement available to her. Just as she was getting her thoughts together coherently, the spanking started again.
This time it was a little harder than before and he struck her in a different spot each time, gradually working his hands all over her ample butt cheeks. He watched as the skin beyond her panty line was turning a delightful shade of pink and when he paused again he could feel the warmth emanating from her skin. Drawing her panties up into the crease of her buttocks, he then continued with his hand.
By this time Laura was beginning to squirm against his thighs as the intensity got to her. Each swat reverberated through her whole pelvic region. In a reflex action, her feet were beginning to move with each swat. As much as she tried to prevent it, she found she couldn't and she didn't realize that in the process of responding to his spanks, she had slowly opened her legs. This time when he paused to caress her, his fingers drifted between her legs. With her panties pulled tightly over her sex, she felt his fingers brush ever so lightly along her labia. She knew she was literally dripping wet in her arousal but she didn't care.

Author Bio:
Jessica Brand is a pseudonym for a writer based in Sydney, Australia. She has a number of books published under different pen names, all of them containing elements of BDSM, power and control. Much of what she writes about comes from her experience over many years both as a Dominant and as a submissive and as her stories unfold you will find yourself "living" the scene. 
If power and sexual control are not your thing, it might be better to seek your reading enjoyment elsewhere. 

How did you become a writer? I have harbored an urge to be a writer for many years, figuring I could write as well as many published authors but never having the wherewithal to actually see a story through to completion. When I finally did, I found that people actually liked it and I have continued ever since.

How many books have you written? Are they all spanking fiction? I now have six published books under two pseudonyms – Jessica Brand and R. R. Greaves. They all have elements of spanking in them but they tend to be more into BDSM, power and control and are quite explicit.
Are you okay in your kink? I embrace my kink. After keeping it repressed for many years, I realized that you only live once. Just about everyone has fantasies and many of them are about things we would not normally share with family and friends. What goes on between two consenting adults is nobody else’s business and hence the biggest decision should revolve around whether one wants to act out their fantasy or whether they want to keep it in their mind. Once that decision has been made, it’s easy.

Where do you find inspiration for your stories? When you write, do you ever model any characters after actual people? My inspiration comes from my own fantasies and experiences then I weave them into a story that, hopefully people can relate to. I want people to read my stories and be able to imagine themselves in the thick of the action – either as the dominant character or as the submissive. Some but not all of my characters are modelled on real people I’ve met and played with.

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Saturday Spankings - The morning after

Saturday Spankings! I do love to see Saturday’s roll around. I enjoy everyone’s snippets and I enjoy restocking my Kindle. Since I hope there will soon be another Cassie book I’m giving you snippets from some of the earlier books. Today we’re continuing with a snippet from Cassie’s Space.
Over the last two weeks I’ve given snippets from Cassie’s one and only public spanking on a cruise ship. Now it’s the morning after and Tom is insisting they go to breakfast. As Cassie puts it, “I’m not leaving this room until we dock and then I’m going out with the luggage.” But Tom is the boss. 

I cried. I begged. I just couldn’t face a dining room full of people who knew. But Tom insisted. In the end, I went with him to the dining room. What choice did I have?
Everyone should have the experience of entering a room and having the entire crowd within go silent. But, believe me, once is enough. The silence that fell over the dining room as we came through the door let me know me in no uncertain terms that every passenger, and probably the crew from captain to cabin boy, knew what had happened in the casino.
Tom had assured me that a lady knows how to conduct herself in any situation. Really? Have you seen this situation covered in Emily Post’s Guide to Manners? But I held my head high and walked with Tom to the table.

Cassie’s Space (book one)

Meet Cassie, a former wild child, who meets her match, and creates the match of a lifetime. Cassie has survived emotionally distant parents and an abusive marriage. Widowed young, with plenty of money, Cassie turns her energies to partying twenty-four/seven, until Tom spots her at a party. To nearly all who know her now, Cassie is a vivacious, sweet southern lady, who is the epitome of grace and proper behavior. Look a tiny bit closer and you’ll see Cassie has another side – the one whose language could make a sailor blush as she drinks him under the table. Thanks to her loving husband Tom, who never hesitates to put Cassie over his knee when she strays too far from his view of ladylike behavior, few people other than close old friends know this side of Cassie exists.

Cassie shares many stories of their early marriage, as she tried to adjust to Tom’s belief in the power of the hairbrush. Although Cassie agrees in theory that Tom is the head of their home, she spends much of her time doing exactly what she wants and hoping Tom won’t catch on. Over thirty years later, she still does what she wants and Tom still catches on.

Cassie still doesn’t always act like the perfect lady and doesn’t always manage to follow Tom’s rules. She sneaks off with friends to visit an ‘adult’ toy store and she has begun talking to ‘strangers’ online and blogging about the private life she and Tom share, knowing full well if Tom ever does find out she’ll be sitting sensitively for days to come.

Cassie wouldn’t change her life for anything. As she says, “There are two things I want everyone to take away from our stories. First there is nothing wrong with an old fashioned marriage where the husband guides and protects the wife. There is nothing wrong with him being in charge. There is nothing wrong with him giving the occasional spanking to make sure his wife is fully aware of who is in charge. And, there is certainly nothing wrong with the wife trying to get away with as much as possible.

Second, and most important, I hope our stories convey that love and passion are not the sole property of the young. Love and passion grows and changes with age. While aging may bring on challenges – the love and passion between two people only grows stronger.

Other books by PK Corey: The Cassie Series

(If you haven't read a Cassie book, you need to give one a try!)

Cassie's Space (book one)   
Cassie's Tale (book two)                       
Cassie on the Move (book three)          
Cassie's River Living (book four)        
Cassie's Conflict (book five)
Cassie's Influence (book six)
Cassie's Ordeal (book seven)
Cassie Corralled (book eight)
Cassie's Road Trip (book nine)

Cal's Law (book one)
Becoming Family (book two)

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Maggie Carpenter - Master Zane

The Rogue Aristocrat



I'm so happy to have Maggie Carpenter with me this week. I think you are going to love Master Zane.


How does a French Casanova fall under Cupids spell?

Zane De'Ville, a French aristocrat and infamous womanizer, finds himself taking care of a beautiful young lady who doesnt remember anything, but after a short time he starts to doubt the legitimacy of her amnesia.

It is imperative he finds out who she is and where she lives. Staying alone in a gentlemans home is questionable at best, and given his scandalous reputation, if the news got out it could ruin her.

Flora is going to marry the man of her choice! Thats what shes told her father, but he insists she marry a German prince fifteen years her senior. Totally frustrated she sneaks away to hide with a close friend until he sees sense.

She believes shes safe, but he suddenly bursts into the house. Determined not to be found she runs off a second time, but straight into a storm. As she dashes through the driving rain she collides with a man and tumbles to the ground. Totally dazed she lifts her head, and finds herself gazing into the warmest brown eyes shes ever seenthen everything goes black.

Master Zane: The French Aristocrat introduces a memorable Victorian gentleman and willful young noblewoman in this sizzling love story. How does a French Casanova fall under Cupids spell? Click the link and pick up your copy of this spellbinding romance today.
Maggie Carpenter won the Spanking Romance Reviews Award for Best Victorian Romance in 2015 (His Willful Bride) and 2016 (The Wanton Widow).



Zane, you cant,she protested. You just cant.
I can and I will,he said sharply, and grabbing her wrist he pulled her to the closest chair, yanked her over his lap, and placed his leg over the backs of her knees.
NO! Let me go, please, I beg you, let me go.
You are a willful irresponsible young woman and this is long overdue.
Smoothing his hand over her upturned bottom he discovered shed not bothered with her petticoats; the thin silk dress and knickers underneath would offer little protection.
Prepare yourself. This will hurt,he warned, and immediately launched into the discipline, rapidly moving his flattened palm from cheek to cheek.
OW! NO! STOP! NO! OW!she wailed squirming frantically.
Do I have your attention?
Yes, yes, yes,she said breathlessly. You do, please, no more.
There will most definitely be more,he said sternly, landing several hard slaps to underscore his decree, but for the moment you will listen to me. Understood?
Yes, yes.
Yes, sir!
Yes, sir, I will listen, I swear.
What were you doing out in the street?
I was going to my friends place.
Your friend? Who is this friend and why were you going there? Were you planning to come back, or were you going to leave me to worry as youve left your family to worry?
I was going to let her know I was safe then come back here right away. I was going to tell you about it in the morning. I was, I promise I was.
I cannot believe my ears. You decided to go out late at night by yourself, then come back again? You foolish girl,he scolded, abruptly delivering several more swats. You see what happened? No sooner were you outside than you got in trouble. Had I not been in the drawing room I would not have heard you scream.
You will never again do something so reckless, do you hear me?
You should have told me about this friend of yours when I asked earlier,he admonished, resting his hand on her hot backside and giving it a squeeze. Why didnt you?
I, uhouch!
You what?
Id rather not tell you.
You most certainly will tell me,he declared immediately sending his hand back to work. Youre going to tell me and its going to be the truth.
OWW, yes, all right, I will, but can I catch my breath for a minute?she panted. I need to, uh, gather my thoughts.
NO! Youll tell me now!
All right, I will. Just dont spank me anymore.
Thats up to you. Start talking.
My friend, her name is Anne, she would have insisted I leave here and stay with her until things are sorted out and I dont want to do that. I want to stay here with you.
Zane shook his head. Would the girl never stop surprising him? Confessing that she wanted to stay with him had taken courage.
That must have been difficult,he murmured. Thank you for being brave and honest. Youre done for now, but youll find yourself back here if you dont behave. Is that clear?
Yes, sir.
We still have some matters to discuss but its very late,he said helping her up. Im tired and Im sure you are too.
I am, and my bottom is stinging like mad.
If you do foolish things around me thats what will happen. Knowing that, do you still want to stay here?
Uhcan I answer that later?
No, you must answer me now.
Youre so hard.
Im not hard, youre just spoiled. Do you still want to stay knowing youll be subject to my discipline?
Yes,she mumbled staring at the floor.
Im delighted to hear it. Well talk in the morning, but before I take you back to your room theres something you need to know.
Is it serious?
Yes, very, there was a notice in the paper about you.
WHAT?she gasped, her head darting up.
The headline said, Lady Flora Braithwaite Missing, and Id just started reading the report when I heard your scream.
Oh, my, goodness!
Exactly. Even though its late Im going to send my first footman to your house with a note saying that youre safe, that you lost your memory from a fall, and will be in touch tomorrow morning. I wont use my embossed paper and they wont know youre here. I doubt it would help your cause if they knew you were staying with a gentleman, especially not me.
Why especially not you?
In Paris I have a less than stellar reputation. If your parents make certain inquiries they may hear things about me. You must not mention my name. I dont mind but you might.
Is this a case when a lie might be better served than the truth?she asked softly, looking up at him with a twinkle in her eye.
Are you being cheeky?
Sort of, but not really.
Youll simply say you dont wish to talk about it. Or perhaps your friendwhats her name?
Perhaps your friend Anne will have a suggestion, but you mustnt tell them you were staying with me. Clear?
I understand, but Id like to know about this reputation you speak of.
Doubtless you will soon enough. Come to my office and write down your address. I assume its not far.
Just around the corner and down a couple of blocks.
Over breakfast youll tell me the whole story.
It had been a statement not a request, and lowering her eyes she nodded her head.
You know you deserved that spanking, dont you?
UmI suppose.
You suppose? Going out by yourself so late at night and in the snow? I should spank you for not realizing how totally irresponsible that was.
NO!she exclaimed, I do realize, I do. Sorry.
You just didnt want to admit it?
I didnt, but I do now.
Bien. Come along, youll give me that address and Ill rouse my footman.



Award-winning and best-selling author Maggie Carpenter has published over fifty romance novels, and is the recipient of a number Spanking Romance Reviews awards spanning a variety of genres. Her readers describe her work as, romantic, funny, suspenseful, beyond a five-star read, exciting romance with a ton of surprises.
Her work includes a best-selling twelve-book contemporary cowboy series, Cowboys After Dark, (, a warrior fantasy trilogy, Warriors After Dark, ( contemporary love stories, and several Victorian romances. His Willful Bride was a #1 best-seller for several weeks and a BookBub Feature Deal. She is best known for her smart, witty, strong-willed women who  bring unexpected challenge, mystery and humor into the lives of passionate, dominant men.
Maggie has a history in show-business both in front of and behind the camera, but moved from Los Angeles to live in the Pacific Northwest to pursue her writing. She is an equine enthusiast who rides every day, and writes until the wee hours of the morning when her eyes close only because they must.
This author loves to hear from readers. You can contact her through her website: To sample her work for free, go to,




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