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Kryssie Fortune - To Wed a Werewolf

 To Wed a Werewolf

by: Kryssie Fortune
 I'm happy to have Kryssie Fortune here in the Reading Room today. I think you'll agree that this book sound hot. Seems like a great summer read.

Sylvie's more human librarian than half-blood Fae princess and she definitely prefers books to men. Then, she learns her unwanted Lykae fiancée is marrying someone else. If she doesn't stop the wedding, the Fae will resume the border war with the Werewolf nation. A high-handed Lykae security guard blocks her every move, and when her plans go awry, she's kidnapped, stripped, and bound for his pleasure.

Caleb the Cold, King of the Lykae, will do anything to make his younger brother's wedding special--even pretend he's a security guard and kidnap his brother's former fiancée. Punishing her is pure pleasure, until he realizes she's his mate. Now he needs to woo the woman he's tormented to the edge of madness, but is it too late to claim her heart, and make her his?

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Caleb dropped like he’d been poleaxed, and his body flickered between primal beast, human, and true wolf forms.
“Told you he’d get what he deserves.” Ron pulled out his cell phone. “And I knew he’d come after you.”
Sylvie stepped back and leaned against the car. “What have you done?”
“Saved you, you silly cow, or did you want to fuck with that? Now stand still and be quiet while I talk to my friends.” Even drunk, Rom seemed dangerous. He keyed a preprogrammed number. “Subject acquired, but he’s tougher than I expected.”
“And,” Sylvie whispered, “he’ll kill you when the Taser charge wears off.”
Ron backhanded her. “I told you to keep quiet, or do we have to kill you too?”
Caleb saw tears mist her eyes, but she blinked them away and backed off. Gods, he needed to kiss her tears from her cheeks—right after he handed her Ron’s head on a plate.
A white van skidded to a halt beside them. Two human males jumped out, chained Caleb’s arms behind him, twisted the chain around his ankles, and pulled it tight.
Elves’ blood, the damn thing’s silver.
It locked him in primal form and burned red brands into his flesh. Pain crescendoed through him and drove his primal beast insane. His roars grew more animalistic as his humanity sank deeper inside him. He needed to kill, destroy, and maim. But whatever his form, he’d protect Sylvie.
He grasped the links, burning deep welts in his hands as he tugged at the chain, but silver was every Lykae’s Achilles’ heel. Pain spasmed through his limbs, building, burning, branding. He needed his freedom. He needed his true-mate safe, and he needed Ron and his cronies dead. Hog-tied and helpless, all he could do was flop like an out-of-water goldfish at Sylvie’s feet.
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Author Bio
Kryssie Fortune writes the sort of hot sexy books she loves to read. If she can sneak a dragon into her paranormal books she will. Her paranormal heroes are muscular werewolves, arrogant Fae or BDSM loving dragons. 
Kryssie likes her contemporary heroes ex-military and dominant. Her heroines are kick ass females who can hold their own against whatever life - or Kryssie - throws at them.

Kryssie's pet hates are unhappy endings, and a series that end on a cliff hanger.
Her books are all stand alone even when part of series. Plot always comes before sex, but when her heroines and heroes get together, the sex is explosive and explicit. One review called it downright sensual.
Titles by Kryssie Fortune

Scattered Siblings – a series of standalone paranormal romance

To Wed a Werewolf
To Break a Warrior King’s Curse
To Mate a Werewolf
To Seduce an Omega
Claimed by the Vampire, Seduced by the Werewolf

Heroes of Westhorpe Ridge - a series of standalone romances featuring former soldiers

Marriage, Mobsters, and the Marine
Sex, Scandal, and the Sheriff
Desire, Deceit, and the Doctor
Submission, Secrets, and the Soldier

Standalone Romances

Dominated by the Dragon
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Saturday, July 7, 2018

Saturday Spankings - Some apology

Summer Saturday Spankings – I guess they need to be hot. I’ll try. This snippet is from the third Cal’s Law book, Educating Jenny. It begins shortly after last week’s snippet. When Cal walked in on Jenny masturbating he was more shocked than angry – but his shocked response came out as anger. After fuming a little herself, Jenny decided to make peace.

Taking a deep breath Jenny climbed onto the sofa straddling Cal.
“I’m sorry. I never thought it would upset you. I’ve done it since I was about fourteen. Maybe you should spank me so I’ll remember how strongly you feel about this.” Jenny was pressing harder against Cal and she could feel his response. “Honest honey, I didn’t know you felt this way. I’ll try to stop, and if I can’t, I’ll tell you if I’ve been bad.”

Cal wanted to swallow, his mouth was bone dry. He knew she was truly naïve in so many ways, yet at other times she seemed like a seductress with years of practice. He’d really been the one that was wrong, but if Jenny wanted to play it out this way, he was more than willing to go along.

Jenny felt herself lifted and firmly placed over Cal’s knee. She squirmed at the suddenness and squealed as Cal began spanking hard. She tried to keep still as Cal kept spanking. He stopped abruptly and stood her up.

“Get those sweats off right here and then I want you in the corner in the bedroom.”

Cal’s tone told Jenny everything she wanted to know. He sounded stern, and she was positive he was going to play it out that way. She could tell he was no longer angry with her. She slowly pushed her sweats down, her ass right in front of him as she bent over to pick up her pants.

“Yes sir, I’m going,” she said softly and with a decent amount of swag in her steps, she headed to the bedroom.

Cal’s young wife, Jenny, just wants to play house with her gorgeous, dominant husband, Sheriff Cal Bennett of Beaufort County.   Cal wants her to complete one more year of college before choosing a path.  Although Jenny is tired of school, she bends to her husband’s wishes and goes off to classes in a nearby city.  On their precious days together, Cal educates his beautiful girl to the idea of sexual fantasies and bedroom toys, and here, Jenny is an eager student!

She is applying herself to her classes and showing Cal she can be responsible when, suddenly, Jenny finds herself being stalked by a mysterious police officer who views every move she makes as criminal. Everyone she cares about knows that what ensues is not Jenny’s doing, but she can’t keep herself from giving in to some sweet revenge. Her plan starts out as a silly college girl prank, but soon lands her on the wrong side of Cal’s law.  

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Libby Campbell - Trusting Ingrid

Trusting Ingrid
Libby Campbell

Ingrid soon learns that big girls do cry, 
especially when they have very sore bottoms.

 I haven't been here in a while but I'm very happy to be back with Libby Campbell and her latest, Trusting Ingrid. I love Libby's books and I think you will too. If you haven't tried one yet - go for it!

Hashtags: #romance #erotica #addiction #broken #secondchance #HEA #alphahero #OTK


Ingrid Nickel doesn’t want to go into rehab. Again. She tried it once but it didn’t work.
When she meets Lachlan Morrison, the connection is electric. She sees a handsome man, directing and challenging, who won’t be intimidated by a powerful woman like her. He sees a woman whose bluster and sarcasm is a cover for something deep inside her that is badly broken.
The daughter of a grifter, Ingrid has grown up street-wise and lawless. Lachlan has rescued more than one creature whose bark was worse than its bite.
Will his stern, loving magic work on Ingrid?

Publishers note: Although loosely part of a series, this spicy romance can be read as a stand-alone story. It includes scenes of domestic discipline and power exchanges.

Release date: June 14, 2018 by Blushing Books
Genre / keywords: addiction, alcoholism, broken, alpha hero, romance, second chance, erotica
Length: 82,000 words – 280 pages

Buy link – Amazon


Ingrid balked. “I think I’ve been pretty productive the past few years. I’ve been the top salesperson in the province. Do you have any idea how much real estate I’ve sold?”
“No and I don’t particularly care either. I’m talking about you learning to develop a moral code, to be the type of person that Glyn and Rachel can invite into their house without having to count the silver before you leave.”
A guilty blush crept over Ingrid at that suggestion. She had already decided not to slip one of their antique silver spoons into her suitcase, but how had Lachlan known she’d even thought about it?
“I’m speaking metaphorically,” he said. “What I mean is that I’d like to be with the sort of woman I can take anywhere and not have to watch what she does when she thinks no one is looking.”
“I don’t know if I can be that woman.”
“I’m sure you can or I wouldn’t be here now. I’ve known someone like you in my past. She was much younger when we got together so she had fewer, less ingrained bad habits to correct. I was also younger and a lot less experienced then. I think I can straighten you out much faster, now.”
“Straighten me out?” Ingrid pursed her lips for a second. “What does that look, taste, and feel like?”
“It looks like you, bare-bottomed, stretched over my knee. It tastes like you eating humble pie when you go back to that cinema tomorrow and apologize for spoiling one of their seats and offer to pay for the cost of cleaning. It feels like my hand falling hard and fast on your upturned derrière.”
Ingrid’s throat turned desert dry, as feelings pinballed through her. She’d have to try to be honest, something she’d never done before. Sure, she was trying to move her life in that direction anyway but now Lachlan would be watching her. He would spank her if she failed. He might give up on her entirely if she wasn’t willing to try.
“So you want to punish me like I’m a recalcitrant child?” she asked.
“To put it plainly yes, if you agree. From where I’m sitting, from everything I know about you, your life was a train wreck last year. Until you’ve got a much stronger moral compass, you obviously need help.” He patted her two clasped hands with his one free one before letting them go.
She sat back, savoring the lingering strength of his touch. Heat rose from her clenching pussy. This was it, the dangerous, exciting aspect of love that she’d been so curious about. It was too late to discuss it with Rachel, to get an overview. She could either jump in and learn firsthand or she could turn her back on the most terrifying, alluring offer anyone had ever made her.

Don’t miss these other great books from Libby Campbell and Blushing Books:

The Romancing the Coast Series
Seeing Ronnie.(Book 1)
Holding Cynthia (Book 2)

A Time For Will

Simon in Charge – 3 book boxset

More about Libby Campbell:

Libby Campbell’s stories celebrate romance with a spicy power exchange. Her women are strong and challenge the powerful men who love them.
Libby has lived all over Canada, but the best decision of her life was when she moved to Australia to marry her leading man. After many years there, they moved back to the Pacific Northwest. They now live in a leafy neighborhood close to the sea.
Libby’s passions are reading and writing. She also loves hiking and an occasional night of dancing.

Connect with Libby Campbell on social media:

Visit her website and blog here: Libby Campbell
Follow her on Twitter: @LibbyC26

A few more question:

Where did Ingrid come from?

Those who have read the Simon in Charge series may remember her as the realtor who sold Simon and Sadie their Vancouver mansion. When she waltzed into that book, sassy and confronting, I had to know more about her. The only way to do that was to write her story.

Was there a particular reason to choose the subject of addiction?

It seemed clear to me from Ingrid’s behaviour in Sadie Says I Do, that she had some deep problems, definitely some that involved alcohol. Plus so many families these days have been touched by the destructive force of substance abuse, I wanted to tell at least one such story with a happy ending.

We see a lot of what makes your female leads clench. What makes you clench?

Easy – the Leading Man. His voice. His laugh. Looking at his hands when we’re in public and thinking about what they do to me in private. A whispered word to me in public. After all these years, I still like his Australia accent and his often unusual turn of phrase.

But I’m not blind. When a gracious, well-mannered man pays attention to me, I still feel a flirtatious rush, a physical thrill. But it stops there. Attractive R/L men are like the hot male protagonists in a sexy book: things to enjoy in the imagination.

What was your first kiss like?

Disappointing! I was 15 at a Christmas party. Someone had hung mistletoe under the stereo. I forgot it was there and went to adjust the volume of the music. A guy I didn’t like at all came over, wrapped me in a bear hug and kissed me. I remember thinking, ‘Well that’s ruined then. That is now and forever my first kiss.’

At that age, everything was very dramatic to me. I realize now that one disappointment doesn’t spoil what life brings next.

What was your best kiss?

That’s easy: on our first date my husband threated to spank me. That threat made me flush with desire down to my toes, although I tried to act cool.

When we were walking home after that dinner, I was primed and ready for him. He’s strong lead on the dance floor and as we walked through a park, spun me into his arms and kissed me. I never wanted it to end. So far it hasn’t.