Saturday, March 10, 2018

Saturday Spankings - What it's all about

Welcome to Saturday Spankings. Thank you for stopping by here. New books are in the works and I’m heavy into the writing process. ‘Our books’, spanking books, are so hard to promote. The average person who might read one of my book and doesn’t like it, will rarely come back and tell me. But if they read about Cassie and Tom and love it, they’re often embarrassed to tell me that too. So, they stay silent and that does not promote book sales. Sigh… it’s a problem.
     Today’s snippet from Cassie’s Life, we take up shortly after my last snippet, found here. Tom realized that Cassie needed him to spank her, even though he was conflicted. Here are Cassie’s thoughts.

Tom took my hand as we headed for the bedroom. Once there he said nothing as he completely undressed me. I didn’t try to analyze my feelings then, but I’ve thought about them since. I was totally Tom’s. He was in control and I had no say over what came next. In the past few days, I’d worried who the man was on the phone, decided to meet him, learned the horrible truth. I’d had to talk to Arthur, I’d had to find a way to get fifty thousand dollars and I’d broken into a hotel looking for the horrible picture. I’d been scared and worried since the moment the phone had rung.
     But I wasn’t scared and worried now. I was no longer in charge, no longer in control. The idea of getting my bottom scorched seemed a small price to pay to have someone take all worries, decision and responsibility from me. At the core, this was what this lifestyle was all about.

Cassie’s Life (Book 10)

Ask Cassie about her life on the river and she’ll tell you it’s lovely and peaceful. But while Cassie loves the life she lives, peaceful is not always an accurate description. Whether she’s confronting an armed man who’s in a drunken rage, planning a friend’s wedding or dealing with a ghost in a backwoods lodge, Cassie is going to deal with it the best way she knows how. And peaceful doesn’t always work.
When a mysterious phone call comes for Cassandra Wentworth – Cassie’s past is suddenly back to haunt her in a devastating way. Tom has always said nothing from before the time they met counts, but he didn’t know about this.  Sue, Annie, Allie and Jenny are all willing to help, but will it be enough?

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

For the Curious - Cassie and Tom

Since March is question and answer month, I thought I'd post the last few questions I have for Tom and Cassie. I welcome questions or my characters anytime and when I have new one I'll post them here on Wednesdays. There will be a new Cal and Jenny book out soon - this spring, I hope. So if you have questions for them as well as Cassie and her family you're welcomed to leave them in comments or email me at

Now for today's questions.

For Cassie:

Cassie, have you ever thought before you jumped into some situation, 'Tom won't like this. I better not do it' and then NOT done it?

Of course, there have been many times. Now they don’t lead to some of the interesting happening that seem to occur when I don’t listen. I really do think things out. I’m not nearly as reckless as Tom and Lily would have you believe. I didn’t go shopping at the adult toy shop with the girls once because I knew it would upset Tom. I usually don’t drive, even though I felt perfectly capable, when Tom or Richard has told me not to. Truly I listen to Tom quite often.

Would you have married Tom if you had known he was serious about the discipline part of being with him before the wedding?

I think I've answered this before but my answer intrigues me. I think perhaps had I know, had I really believed, before I fell in love with him, I might not have dated him. That's a frightening thought! He did tell me the way it would be before we married, but I didn’t believe him for a minute. I felt I could handle any man alive and I knew I simply wouldn’t allow it. Oh my, how little I knew then.

Cassie, do you have any regrets in your life or something you'd like to do/see before you and Tom are too old?

I do have regrets. Mostly they are about things I’ve done, not what I haven’t done. I’d like to skydive, I’d like the experience of getting a tattoo – but I wouldn’t want to have to live with the tattoo forever. I don’t expect either one to happen because I definitely plan on Tom out living me and either of these might kill him!

But yes, there is something I do want so badly that I’ve never experienced and that grandchildren. And I want them while I’m young enough to enjoy them!

For Tom:

What lotion do you use on Cassie’s bottom after a hard spanking?

I’ve used different lotions over the years. I like a good, high quality moisturizer. There are certain fragrances Cassie likes. It need to be applied as soon as the spanking is complete.

And, Tom, does a spanking really clear the air completely for you?

For the most part, it really does. It gives us a chance to reset. It relieves Cassie of her guilt and I’ll admit, at times it allows me to release my frustrations.