Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Welcome to - Libby Campbell, here with Simon Says

Sadie is the perfect woman for Simon, if only she can learn to obey his rules.

I'm so happy to have Libby Campbell here today. Her book Simon Says seems like a wonderful read and I hope after you get a little sample here you'll click over and buy it.

Simon Says by Libby Campbell

Publisher: Blushing Books
Released: January 28, 2016

Genre: Contemporary spanking romance

Rating: NC 17

When feisty Sadie Donohue meets Simon Jacobson at a New Year’s Eve party, she thinks it’s a chance encounter, but not all is as it seems. Simon is a busy executive who prefers to be the master of his own destiny.
Over dinner the next night his authoritative personality starts to emerge. Always one to question authority, Sadie rebuffs his gentle suggestions for more polite behavior with a lively, sharp wit. Simon is amused but unmoved.
If Sadie wants to continue seeing him she must accept his rules. Rules that will be reinforced by spankings when she fails to comply.
A strong, independent woman, Sadie struggles with his demands. A tragedy from Simon’s past makes him more determined than ever to make her obey. Their worlds collide.
This romance, set in cold climes of Canada, is warmed with frequent spankings.


In my apartment he took out his laptop and sat on the sofa. “Get ready for bed. When you’re done, we will talk about your foolishness today.”
I took as long as I possibly could, removing my makeup, flossing my teeth, and reorganizing the medicine cabinet. My nails needed attention but I decided that might be pushing it. I dabbed perfume on my wrists and slid the black negligee over my head. The gown had solved the riddle of being dressed but undressed; it covered me but left little to the imagination. I prayed it would distract him to the point of forgetfulness.
In the living room Simon was bent over his laptop. He didn’t look when I walked into the room. One of the straight-backed wooden chairs from my dining set had been placed across from the sofa from where he worked.
“Sit,” he said. He didn’t have to say where.
There were four chairs around my dining room table. Two were comfortable, padded parsons’ chairs. The others were wooden, ladder-back numbers. I only owned the wooden ones because I found them online cheap. There were good in an emergency like three friends for dinner at once but I always put a throw cushion on them for comfort. Simon hadn’t extended me that courtesy. The moment I lowered myself onto the rigid wooden seat, the cold crept through the gauzy fabric of my night dress. I waited for Simon to acknowledge me, say something—anything—but he didn’t. Because the heat had been turned down since Friday, the apartment was cool enough to safely store milk and chicken. The negligee lace grazed my nipples and I realized they were standing at attention. I wrapped my arms around myself, for warmth and modesty.
“Put your feet flat on the floor, your hands in your lap, and sit still. I’m almost finished.” His voice pinned me there, like a butterfly in a display case.
Almost is an ambiguous stretch of time, depending on how a person spends it. Sitting on that hard wooden chair with a tender bottom made the seconds stretch to hours. I watched Simon’s face and admired his concentration as he typed. That attempt to divert my attention soon grew boring. The seat on the roller coaster grew more uncomfortable. Eventually all my thoughts were about the terrifying descents ahead. I wished we could just push off from the station and get the scary part over with.
He stopped typing and reread what he’d written. Satisfied at last, he closed the clamshell and tucked it into his bag. I was sure that the time passed only seemed like minutes to him. My butt ached sitting on that chair but I didn’t shift even a fraction of an inch, not while he was staring at me. He crouched in front of me. 

About the author

Libby Campbell lives on the West Coast with her husband of over twenty-five years. She reads a lot and loves books that feature strong, independent women engaged in hand-to-butt combat with funny, sexy men.
Her favorite pastimes are dancing, baking, and hiking with her husband.
Libby reads and writes for pure escapism. If you like her books, she hopes you will leave a review – it will help her write the next one.

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And here are a few questions so you can learn even more about the author.

Are you working on a new book right now?
I’m working on the sequel to Simon Says. The happy ending at the end of book one was a lull before the storm. The whirlwind romance took Sadie’s breath away. Now she’s had time to think about things more, she wants to set a few rules of her own.

Who designed the cover?
Lawrence Craighill. She’s brilliant!

Tell us about a unique or quirky habit of yours.
I loathe litter, absolutely hate the way so many people trash our shared environment. So whenever I go for a hike, I pack in garbage bags and pack out some of the rubbish that’s lying around. Sad to say, I never come home empty-handed, even from remote places.

I felt validated when I learned that David Sedaris does the same thing in his neighborhood.

What would we find under your bed?
Some of the spanking implements I’ve hidden in the hope that my DH will forget we own them.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?The best DD is based on mutual respect and, if not love, great affection.
Libby I enjoyed having you here today. I look forward to reading more of your work.


  1. Hi Pk and Libby, love the premise and enjoyed the excerpt. Talk about anticipation! lol.


    1. Yes Roz, it does capture anticipation.

  2. Thanks Roz and thank you PK for having me here today. Simon & Sadie look great on your blog!