Saturday, May 28, 2016

Saturday Spanking - Comfort

I’m glad to be back at Saturday Spankings. It’s a busy time of year, end-of-grade testing, is consuming most of my time. But soon, very soon I’ll have my summer reading time. I need to fill my Kindle and this is the best place I know to do that.
I’m going back to the first Cassie book, Cassie’s Space, for today’s snippet. Cassie had received her forth speeding ticket in a two-year time span and Tom wasn’t happy. But while he’s fine with a firm spanking, he certainly doesn’t want Cassie uncomfortable…

“No excuses, girl, you put my wife in danger, I’ll not have that.”Tom reached to pull the hassock of our patio furniture over to his side before he took my hand and gently pulled me across his lap.
I find it almost funny, but not quite, how much care Tom takes to assure I’m comfortable during a spanking. He wanted the hassock to support my upper body. He usually spanks me sitting on the bed for the same reason. But after the careful furniture placement and gently getting me in the right position, he flipped up my skirt and began spanking with a hand that felt as hard as a two-by-four. Doesn’t he realize that my bottom attaches to the rest of me?

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  1. LOL. Loved the snippet, PK, because it's so true.

  2. LoL PK, loved it. A girl's gotta be comfortable right?


  3. Good snippet. I always get a chuckle when reading or writing about the 'comfort' thing.

  4. Hahaha! This rings so true. I don't know why, but a comfortable position does seem very important, perhaps because it makes the sting of the spanking that much more impossible to block out? No distractions. Anyway, wonderful snippet.

  5. I think the focus is exactly where Tom wants it! ;)

  6. Reading a little Cassie every day is good for my mental health. She is like a walk in the sunshine.

    And leave it to Tom to get to the "bottom" of the matter in his own way!


    1. Tom will never change and Cassie would never want him to.

  7. A girl HAS to be comfortable! SPANK SPANK!!! Most important! LOL! LOVE this snippet, PK! :) Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

    1. I guess some parts were more comfortable than others.

  8. LOL, great snippet PK, well done!