Saturday, July 27, 2019

Saturday Spankings - Domestic discipline vs abuse

It's time for Saturday Spankings and I hope you find lots of books to tempt you. I’m doing snippets from my fourth Cassie book, Cassie’s River Living. Cassie’s young neighbor, Allie, has recently learned that Tom sometimes spanks Cassie and the girl is dumbfounded. Without letting Cassie know what she's found out, Allie begins probing – feeling Cassie out on the subject.

I don’t think I could ever let a man hit me. I’d leave him in a heartbeat,” Allie said with conviction. I had to smile. Everything seems so cut and dry to the young.
“I like your attitude,” I told her. “You remember, don’t you ever let anyone abuse you. You have way too many resources to allow that to happen.”
“I guess your marriage to Tom has been pretty different from your first one,” she mused.
I laughed then. “The difference between night and day!” I told her. “Tom treats me like a queen since the day we met. I would never have survived if I hadn’t met Tom. He is the most wonderful man in the world.”
Allie seemed to be thinking about something and finally she asked, “So Tom would never think of ever hitting a woman?”
“Good heavens, no! You know Tom is always a gentleman. Violence is just not in his nature, never has been. Now when we first married, I was a real handful, but he was never abusive in any way.”
I know some might think I wasn’t being honest with the child, but you must understand that nothing I said was a lie in my mind. There is domestic abuse, violence, anger, hitting, kicking, cursing, and mental and emotional torture. And then there’s discipline and guidance from a strong loving man who keeps the safety and well-being of the woman he loves, number one in his mind at all times. The fact that this may, in some marriages, take the form of spanking in no way makes the spanking abuse.

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  1. Hi PK, I love this! Great advice to Allie and I love the last paragraph. Cassie summed it up beautifully :)


    1. This is something hard to explain to others. I think about it a lot.

  2. Well, I have to admit that I don't even remember this chat between Cassie and Allie, but River Landing is one of my favorite books. Well, actually all the Cassie books are my favorites, so ignore that other sentence! Ha!

    Hugs From Ella

    1. You're sweet to say so. She and Allie have talked of nearly everything.

  3. Great snippet, PK, and so true. Abuse is intended to break down and destroy, whereas with a loving, committed couple practicing Domestic Discipline it's about valuing respect and honesty.

    1. Yes, it's completely different. But so many people don't understand.