Saturday, May 2, 2015

Saturday Spankings - May 2

Welcome to the wonderful blog hop - Saturday Spankings. This very special day for me! Cassie’s Influence is live and ready to read! Release day is always exciting and I’m celebrating by posting over the eight-sentence limit. Now if you aren’t one who likes to break the rules you just read to the pause – that’s eight sentences. But if you’re willing to risk it you can read a little further.
In today’s snippet Sue ‘explains’ why they get to go to the comedy club, despite Tom’s earlier refusal.

In answer to our questioning looks, Sue responded, "The boys are flying down to San Diego to see some kind of exhibition ball game and we get to go to the comedy show! Your husband, pompous as ever," Sue informed me, "said 'I still don't approve, but since we'll be gone I suppose it's all right this once. Tell Cassie she has a two drink limit.' Honestly, Cassie, he can be such a jerk at times."
I'm so used to Sue and Tom being at crossed swords I ignored her last statement. I was delighted that Tom had changed his mind and I was looking forward to the show. I never gave a minute's thought to questioning Sue's statements. Too bad. Every word she had just uttered was a bald face lie.
The show was fabulous! So raunchy. The language used is one thing that Tom seriously objects to, but it doesn't bother me unless Tom's listening too, then I get uncomfortable. We left the show in good spirits. Perhaps I had exceeded my two-drink limit by a bit, but we had hired a car and driver so I wasn't worried. Although Sue had seemed to enjoy the show as much as we had, she seemed to grow quiet and brooding almost as soon as we got back in the car.
"What's eating you, gloomy?" I asked her.
Sue stared at me, an angry look on her face. I stared back until I began to get angry. "What's wrong with you?" I asked, not trying to conceal my annoyance.
Sue began digging in her purse and then tossed my phone into my lap. Picking it up, I look at her in confusion. "What are you doing with my phone?"
"I stole it," was her cryptic reply.
"Sue, what the hell's going on? Why do you have my phone?" Annie and I were both completely in the dark as we stared at Sue questioningly.
"I lied," she said simply. "The boys aren't at a ball game. They're probably at the hotel pacing and wondering where the hell we are. They never called. I lied," she repeated.
It was taking just a minute for me to get my brain around this confession. As it began sinking in, I thought I was going to be sick. "Sue, why... I mean... are you trying to get me killed... did you get my phone... why?" 'Why' was my biggest question. I knew it had to be more than just wanting to see the show. Something was going on but I hadn't a clue.
Sue chose to answer a different question. "Tom did call at dinner when you were away from the table. I told him you were getting your ass tattooed and hung up on him."
I was going into panic mode. Turning on my phone, I saw I had nine missed calls. I simply couldn't comprehend what Sue was telling us. "Why did you do this?" I yelled. "Don't you know Tom is going to kill me? I didn't do a damn thing wrong this time and you're going to tell him that. Do you hear me?" Sue seemed oblivious to my anger. She simply nodded her head in agreement and stared out the window.
Annie looked as bewildered as I was. "You've got to call Tom," she urged. "Andy's going to be frantic too." Annie never even carries a cell phone.
Call Tom? My mind was spinning. Call Tom and say what? 'Honey, I didn't do anything wrong. It was all Sue's fault.'? Somehow I felt I had used that excuse one time too many, and I knew Tom wouldn't even want to hear it.

Intentionally or not, Cassie’s influence spreads. Sue’s marriage had improved through Cassie’s influence.  However when Sue’s marriage unexpectedly takes a turn for the worse, Sue pushes for the solution she feels will work, a solution that could put Cassie on a collision course with the ivory brush.

Allie and Ryan are both feeling influence from Cassie and Tom. Cassie doesn't mean to lead Allie astray - but Allie sees Cassie as a role model. Every adventure, old or new, captures Allie's attention which increases her desire to be more like her mentor. But for better or worse, Ryan is just as determined to be like Tom.

The Cassie books don’t have to be read in order, but if you are ready to jump in the first four can now be found in the  Cassie Box Set. It’s a great deal.

Keep on reading for more great snippets this week.


  1. Congratulations on your newest release, PK, and I feel sorry for Cassie. It really wasn't her fault this time.

    1. Thanks Kathryn. You're right - she had nothing to do with this one.

  2. Oh no! I feel bad for her too. Poor Cassie. Congrats on the release. Really looking forward to having you at my place next week. :)

    1. I'm looking forward to it too. Question here is, will Tom listen?

  3. Congratulations PK. Yay, a new Cassie book! Poor Cassie, I hope Tom accepts thatbit really isn't her fault. What has got into Sue I wonder?


    1. Thanks Roz. This was a rotten trick - Sue should pay, not Cassie.

  4. Replies
    1. And she really didn't do anything wrong at all!

  5. I have it, ready and waiting on my Kindle. Can't wait.

  6. I have it on my Kindle too. Poor Cassie. This time she's totally innocent!

    1. Thanks Holla. She is innocent and when it comes to Cassie, you can't say that too often.