Saturday, March 2, 2019

Saturday Spankings - Is that all?

Happy Saturday! Yes it’s March and hopefully spring is not that far away now. But the truth is half of the country is covered in snow and the other half is about to be washed away in a cold rain. The solution – curl up with a good book and wait for warm weather!
In my snippet today, from Returning to Us, Susan has had a slack day and when Hal calls her on it she realized she does deserve a spanking. But things don’t always go as she expects. That’s their problem.

Susan hurried to greet him. “I’m sorry honey, I fell asleep.”
“All day?” he asked, puzzled. 
“No, but it was so rainy. I got caught up in the book and then I finally fell asleep.” Susan felt like a wreck. She still had her nightgown on. She hadn’t showered or done one thing around the house. The breakfast dishes were still on the counter and there was a load of dirty laundry in the laundry room.
“Shame on you,” Hal told her, though he was wearing an understanding smile. 
Susan braced herself as he reached for a wooden spoon. But she realized she had it coming. She had certainly broken the first two rules about cleaning and moving. And had she lied? She hadn’t been exactly forthcoming about the hours she’d spent on Facebook and Candy Crush. And she hadn’t started anything for supper even though it was her night. Yes, no doubt she deserved a spanking.
Hal bent her over the island and administered three sharp swats to her derriere before standing her up and giving her a kiss. “Why don’t you straighten up in here and I’ll start the laundry.” 
Susan, puzzled, watched him retreat into the laundry room. That’s it? I break four of his five rules and he basically pats my ass.
Hal soon joined her. “If nothing’s started, we can go out tonight if you’ve been cooped up all day."
“Sure, that’s fine. I’m going to take a shower,” she told him. 
Hal stopped her. “You okay? Is anything wrong?” he asked. 
“No, everything’s fine,” she assured him. Might as well make it five for five, she thought.

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  1. oo, what a fun scene. I'd be wondering, is that all?, as well

    1. I'm sure he thinks he's being understanding, she thinks he just doesn't care.

  2. Interesting, she resents the fact Hal didn't hold her accountable for breaking the rules. He basically gave her a pass and she didn't think she deserved one. I certainly wouldn't begrudge him for being so understanding, but it wouldn't motivate me to change, either. Something tells me her attitude is only going to get worse.

    1. She's not a brat, but she would love some consistency.

  3. Hi PK, I would be wondering too. Hmm, something tells me there is more to Susan's slackness and Hal knows it, which is probably why he went easy on her.


    1. Their failure to communicate is a big problem for them.