Saturday, May 18, 2019

Saturday Spanking - Not everyone understands

I’m happy to be back with another Saturday Spanking and I’m glad you chose to come by. For the next few weeks I’m celebrating the release of my Cassie’s Space series in paperback by going back and using snippets from each of the books. Today’s snippet comes from book two, Cassie’s Tale.
Tom followed Cassie and the girls after the girls slipped out of the country for a quick trip. He expressed his displeasure in his usual way. This was early in their marriage and her friends understood nothing about a domestic discipline lifestyle. Cassie knows this lifestyle truly works in her marriage – even if it’s painful at times.

I tried my best, but I after all the crying and sleeping, I couldn’t completely erase all traces of my tears. My friends could also tell I was sitting tenderly.
The girls were furious. I let them rant a bit to get it out of their systems. Finally, I told them, “All right, it’s time to drop it. It’s over and I’m just fine.”
“You are not fine,” Sue snapped. “It’s plain to see he beat the shit out of you!” 
I don’t have the temper I used to, but asinine statements like that can push me over the edge, and it was with cold fury that I came back at her.
“I think you need to shut up. I’ve lived with a man who beat me and you all remember that time. Think about it, right now. Remember what it was like. Remember what Iwas like.”
They all quieted as they remembered a time we all wanted to forget, a Cassie we all wanted to forget. I left them there for a moment. 
“All right, snap out of it. Is that how you’d describe me now?” Gradually small smiles played on their faces and, grudgingly, Annie muttered, “I think you and Tom are the happiest couple I know.” Sue didn’t want to agree, so she said nothing.
“You all know Tom would never hurt me, so leave me alone and get off Tom’s back.” 

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  1. I am loving being able to read the Cassie books again and being able to hold one in my hand. It's a very special thrill. With as many times as I have read them, I still couldn't tell you in which book a certain quote is taken. It would be a fun game though!

    Hugs From Ella

    1. LOL! That would be a fun game. But I only know three people who would in interested in playing, and I'm one of them. Not sure I'd win though.

  2. Great snippet PK. Love how Cassie is defending her man.


  3. In many ways Tom saved her life. I hesitate to think how Cassie may have ended up if he hadn't been there for her. Great snippet, PK.

    1. Cassie says he definitely saved her life. She's been blessed to have him.