Saturday, May 25, 2019

Saturday Spanking - Why?

Welcome to Saturday Spankings once again. Maybe it’s time to begin loading your Kindle for you summer reading. Look over my books and those of the others listed below.  I’m jumping back and forth on Saturdays between my Cassie’s Space series and my latest book, Returning to Us – my first in the Corbin’s Bend series.Today I'm in Returning to Us.
 Susan sits contemplating her situation on her hike, trying to understand her desire for a domestic discipline relationship. Maybe some of us have wondered some of the same things…

Still in a meditative state, Susan thought, When Hal spanks me regularly, even if it’s a hard spanking for something serious, I know Hal has is there for me. I feel happier about life in general. I feel loved and cared for. When Hal takes charge in that way, it makes me want to step up and do better for myself. 
Susan continued to let ideas tumble through her mind until one kept repeating itself unrelentingly. 
Why to all of it? she wondered. Why do I want to be controlled, why do I want my husband to be dominant, why do I long to be spanked and why in the hell do I want to be punished?
As Susan sat, letting all these questions flow through her mind, only one answer surfaced. It didn’t matter. She could ask why all day long and never get an answer she or anyone else could truly understand. All she knew was that it was true and that was what mattered. It’s what I want. This longing has been with me forever and it’s not going away. The longer Susan sat thinking the more firmly she realized that for her this wasn’t simply a want, it was a need. A deep need.

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  1. This is a great snippet PK,definitely questions I think most of us have asked ourselves. Love how Susan works through it, and her conclusion :)


    1. We have all wondered these same things. Sometimes still do.

  2. I think this excerpt really shows why I thought this book was so strong. Susan is a woman I could identify with. Someday I would really like to understand what makes us the way we are. It has been a mystery to me since I can remember.

    Hugs From Ella

    1. Wouldn't it be interesting to really know?

  3. I agree with Roz and Ella. The scene shows me that Susan is developing a deep understanding of herself and her desires.