Saturday, September 28, 2019

Saturday Spanking - Outrage

It’s a beautiful Saturday and we’re back with more snippets. I’m giving you a look into my latest, Searching for Home – fourth in the Cal’s Law series. As in many of my books I like to look into the realism of domestic discipline. Why some of us crave it, how it can easily be misunderstood by outsiders.

In today’s snippet, Allie’s eighteen-year-old brother walks in on a spanking and nearly attacks her husband. Allie’s father-in-Law, Tom, tries to explain.

Drew took a ragged breath and began again. “He had her down. He’d ripped some of her clothes off and he was hitting her and hitting her. She was crying and begging him to stop. What the hell was I supposed to do?”
“May I?” Tom asked, looking over at Ryan and then at Allie. They both nodded.
“I know what you saw. I can only imagine how angry you must be. But there are things you don’t understand. Have you ever heard of a domestic discipline relationship?”
Drew barely shook his head and Tom continued.
“In a domestic discipline relationship, there is one leader in the family, usually the man. It’s his job to protect his wife and keep her from harm. The wife in these marriages agrees to this leadership and to follow some basic rules.”
Drew wasn’t calming down any, but he was listening. “In a marriage like this,” Tom went on, “after much discussion and mutual agreement, the husband has the right, sometimes the responsibility, to spank his wife if she breaks those rules. Ryan wasn’t beating Allie, he was spanking her.”

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  1. Hi PK,I love that you tackled how this kind of relationship is often misunderstood and love Tom's explanation.


    1. I think about this a lot. I work it out in my mind through my characters.

  2. Just finished the book last night, and you know me. I went right back to the beginning and started it again! Time to take some notes for my book review. Loved it, PK!

    Hugs From Ella

    1. Thanks, Ella! I'm so happy you liked it. I do love writing these people.

  3. It is a difficult concept for someone unfamiliar with the practice to accept. How can Allie have agreed to something she was screaming, begging and crying for Ryan to stop. If she agreed wouldn't she be more accepting? I feel for Drew. Allie's probably fine now, but Drew is going to be haunted by what he saw for a long time if he can't come to terms with it.

    1. I have the urge to want to explain the lifestyle to others. Not encouraging them to try it - just to explain why some to want this.