Saturday, November 16, 2019

Saturday Spankings - Alternative to spanking

Happy Saturday! I’m glad you’ve come back for more Saturday Spankings. I’m going to do a few more snippets from Searching for Home and they go to my other books for a while.

As usual the girls all managed to get in trouble together and while doing so,  ruffle Lily’s feathers as well.

Lily noted, without sympathy, that Cassie, Sue and Jenny eased into their chairs at the table, but when she saw Allie seeming to sit with hesitation too, her anger flared again.
“You best not be tellin’ me you got a whippin’ and you with broke ribs!” Lily snapped.
“No,” Allie hastily assured her. “Ryan fussed about us going and not telling him and he said I probably deserved a spanking, but he wasn’t going do any spanking until I was all healed up. But then he, well…” She seemed a bit embarrassed. “He was putting that strong heat cream on my ribs, like he’s been doing every night and he decided it might be a good way to warm my butt without hurting my ribs. Okay, fine. But then he decide it needed another dose this morning. Damn, you can feel that crap for hours!”
The others grimaced in sympathy, all except Lily. She gave out a whoop and then bent double, laughing. “That the best thing I ever heard!” she cackled. “I think all y’alls men should start doin’ that! I don’t have to worry ‘bout y’all gettin’ a whippin’ and you get your butts burn anyway! They all need to do it ever’ mornin’!”
Lily walked back into the kitchen, still laughing. The women ignored her and turned to the fresh baked muffins. They were content that Lily’s good humor was restored.

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  1. I love Lily and how protective she is of the girls. This made me giggle. Great snippet PK:)


  2. Sometimes a spanking simply isn't the answer, so creative husbands and dominants find alternatives. Heated sports rubs are a time honored substitute. Great snippet, PK.

    1. You're right, when a spanking just won't do!