Saturday, May 9, 2020

Saturday Spankings - All's well that ends well

Welcome to Saturday Spankings. Once again we find ourselves in quarantine – at least many of us do. I hope you’ll take some of this time for reading and I hope you’ll get to know Cassie and Tom. Today’s snippet if from Cassie’s River Living, the fourth in the Cassie’s Space series.

As they were out exploring some new homes, Cassie and Sue managed to get themselves stuck in the basement of a house under construction. Hours later they were rescued. Tom, Steve and the whole family had spent hours searching for them both. After rejoicing that they were  found unharmed, Tom lets Cassie know what she was in for the next morning.

           “Tom that’s not fair. If you’re going to spank me, just do it,” I almost snapped. 
Big mistake. I don’t often misjudge Tom’s moods, but I had this time. His fear and anger were just under the surface. I was over his knee before I knew what was happening. He was spanking so hard and fast it took everything in me to not to reach back to protect my bottom. He wasn’t saying a word. He was just concentrating on wearing me out. 
He finally stopped, but didn’t rub as he usually does. “Now Cassie, that was to let you know that I am the one who decides when you will be spanked. As I told you this morning, I’m the boss. Tomorrow I’m going to spank you for your illegal and dangerous activities today.”
He stood me up and I reached to try to rub away the sting, when Tom said, “No, leave it alone.” Tom is pretty ticked if he won’t let me rub. He told me to take off my nightgown and get into bed.
I did as he told me and he soon joined me and pulled me close to him. I stayed quiet as Tom slowly began running his hands over my body. It felt like he was establishing ownership and deep down I loved it. I felt like my body belonged to him and he could do as he wanted with it. He teased and handled me anyway he wanted. I wanted him so much, but sometimes he just does this to torment me and leaves me needy. He had me in a state for sure, and finally I was reduced to begging.
Tom is a wonderful lover. Usually my needs are extremely important to him, that night was about Tom and what he wanted. He was rough and demanding. He took me the way he wanted to and I loved every minute of it. It was a most erotic and passionate encounter. I slept well that night, wrapped firmly in Tom’s arms.

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  1. Love this PK, what a wonderful ending. Pity the spanking was just the warm up!


    1. True, but she should have kept her mouth shut!

  2. Fear is a powerful motivator and can produce very mixed emotions including anger. Tom was clearly far more upset than Cassie realized, but he let her know putting herself in danger would never be acceptable and would carry very painful consequences. Gotta love him. Love the snippet, PK.

    1. No one will ever say Tom isn't consistent. And consequences for putting herself in danger will always be there.