Saturday, May 16, 2020

Saturday Spankings - There's hitting and then there's spanking

It’s Saturday again and welcome back to Saturday Spankings. I’m taking a leisurely look back through my Cassie’s Space series. We’re in the fourth book now, Cassie’s River Living. In this book I took a look at the spanking lifestyle and thought of how it could be explained to others.
Tom has shared with Ryan about the lifestyle and the benefits he feels this way of handling problems can bring. Ryan shares this information with Allie and she it stunned and angry that Tom would dare ‘hit’ Cassie. Cassie must find a way to explain the whole thing to Allie. It was a long and interesting conversation, but here’s a snippet.

“Now, young lady, you said something about Tom ‘hitting’ me. I don’t ever want to hear that from you again. Tom does not ‘hit’ me and never has. I’m sure you’ve seen men yelling at their wife either in real life or on TV. It’s not a pretty sight. My first husband yelled at me. He screamed, cursed and called me ugly, foul names. Many days it went on for hours. Tom never yells at me. But suppose Tom was several houses away when he saw me standing in the road with a car coming. You have to know he’s going to raise his voice to whatever level he needs to give me a warning. So, where he is technically yelling, you still wouldn’t say, Tom yells at his wife.” 
Allie nodded and I went on.
“That’s the same difference between hitting and spanking. My first husband hit me. Tom would never, ever do that. He would, and does, spank me occasionally to get my attention and keep me safe. But you have to understand hitting and spanking are two totally different things.”

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  1. Hi PK, I just love how Cassie explained the difference between hitting and spanking. I especially love the comparison to yelling.


    1. It's so true. I'd love a way to tell vanillas about our lifestyle.

  2. Hey PK,

    That is the best part of the book. That is a VERY important difference to understand.


    1. I know I replied earlier but I guess blogger ate it. I've love being able to have Cassie explain this lifestyle to others.

  3. I agree with both your commenters. There is a huge difference between hitting and spanking a lot of which has to do with intent. Spanking is intended to stress a point or press home a lesson. Hitting is solely intended to injure the other party, usually out of anger. Spankers don't hit, they spank, though sometimes the recipient is pained to tell the difference. Great snippet, PK.

    1. Thanks, Kathryn. You're right, it all has to do with intent. Consensual spanking is done our of love and understanding.