Saturday, September 24, 2016

Saturday Spanking - Secrets from the past

The first Saturday of Fall and I want to reload my Kindle for the season. I hope you’ll find some snippets here that catch your interest too. My snippet come from the 9th Cassie book, Cassie’s Road Trip. If you’re a lover of good stories, you should give the Cassie series a try.
As the girls begin on their road trip Allie has them playing ‘never have I ever’ in the car. She begins confidently with, never have I ever slept with any man other than my husband and is surprised to find that Annie and Sue can also answer yes, despite coming of age at a sexually promiscuous age. Cassie is not amused.

“See, it starts, I’m the only slut in the car,” I told her grumpily.
“You two have never had sex with anyone but your husbands?” Allie was stunned. “I thought you grew up in a wild time and everyone slept around. Wow.”
Sue explained, “I got married young and for all the fussing and fighting over the years I do love him. Annie, now Annie’s just a goody two shoes and waited for her wedding night.”
“Cassie, no one thinks you were a slut, you were just … umm… friendly back then,” Annie told me. Turning to Allie she added, “Very friendly, you know she slept with my husband don’t you?”
Poor Allie, who was driving, nearly ran off the road as I reached up and slapped Annie in the back of the head. “That’s a damn lie and you know it,” I snapped.
     “What, what?” Allie was asking. “Cassie and Andy?”

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  1. Great fun snippet PK, a dodgy game to play lol. Hmm, I suspect the truth is somewhere in between.


    1. It most definitely is. More information is needed to understand.

  2. Fun snippet! I feel for Cassie! Not because she looks bad.... She should have started the game!

    1. I guess it's time for Allie to know more about all the girls.

  3. Such a fun book - makes me want to take a road trip.

  4. Those girls seem like a lot of trouble. In a good way!

  5. Unfortunately, if I were playing that game, I'd have to say "no." When hubby was my "boyfriend" he took off across the country to get his PhD while I stayed on the east coast. I never thought we'd see each other again, so what's a girl to do?

    1. I know there are tons of women these days who would answer with a no here.