Saturday, September 17, 2016

Saturday Spankings - I agree with Sue

Another Saturday has rolled around and that brings us to another Saturday Spankings. Here we can find plenty of snippets to tempt us to over spend our Kindle budgets. Today’s snippet is from Cassie’s Road Trip, ninth in the Cassie series – each book stands alone, so please jump in and try one.
As the girls start on their road trip they give Lily, their mutual housekeeper, a call to assure her they are all fine. Sue teases her that they have been smoking and drinking now that they are out from under all the watchful eyes. Lily is not amused and tells Cassie, “Mr. Steve needs to take his hand to her backside way more than he’s doing.” Cassie encouraged Lily to share that thought with Steve daily while they’re gone. Sue suspiciously ask what Cassie what they talked about.

     “Lets just say that despite her misgiving when she first learned our husbands spank, she is now totally in favor of it where you’re concerned,” I told her happily.
Sue scowled, “I’m about ready to call a halt to that shit. When he’s pissed or trying to make a point about something it hurts like hell.”
“And you love the attention and you know it,” I pointed out.
Sue was quiet for a while as we all looked at her. “Aww… hell,” She finally relented. “I guess it’s better than being ignored.”
I smiled and closed my eyes contentedly. The sun shown on the far end of the pool but the misting fan blew gently on us and despite the fact that I already missed Tom, I was so happy to be with the girls.

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  1. I can so relate to Sue!
    Great snippet :)

    1. Me too! She explained both sides of how I feel very well.

  2. I'm with Kelly on this one. It's much better to clear the air than to stew and gripe unhappily for hours while you're ignored.

  3. HAHA! I love her reluctance to relent... but she knows a good thing when she's on to it LOL! Great snippet :)

    1. Sue doesn't like to relent on anything!

  4. Cassie needs a reminder that telling tales isn't nice too I think ��

    1. When it's all in good fun she and Sue love throwing one another under the bus. Never for anything serious, however.

  5. It's definitely better than being ignored. Fingers crossed.

  6. Great fun excerpt PK, I agree, much better to clear the air and better than being ignored


  7. Sounds like Cassie's still as spunky as ever!