Saturday, September 10, 2016

Saturday Spankings - When you just can't keep your mouth shut

Happy Saturday Spanking to everyone! I’m so happy to have the latest Cassie book, Cassie’sRoad Trip out. I do enjoy recording the wonderful tales Cassie whispers in my ear.
Cassie and the girls have a wonderful trip planned. Tom is not in favor in any way so as they head to bed, Cassie assures him they will all behave like angels, all while she is undressing Tom in between kisses and intimate touches. It seems to be going smoothly until Tom grabs her wrist firmly.

“This is how you show me you know how to behave, by proffering sexual favors to get what you want?” Lord, he sounded stern as a judge and scared me so I was tingling. Only knowing my old devil as well as I did was I able to see the truth in his eyes. All he wanted was a good excuse to pull me over his knee as he quickly did when he sat on the bed. “Ladies don’t offer sexual acts in exchange for getting their way.”
As that first spank landed I knew that while Tom was teasing me, the spanking was not going to be a game. His hand was peppering my behind thoroughly, but going along with his teasing I gasped out, “Tom, Tom, stop! I promise not to exchange sexual favors for things we’ll need while we’re on this trip–well, not very often.” Tom paused for a second and I heard a small chuckle before he began spanking with new enthusiasm.
Goodness, it was a painful joke but I just hadn’t been able to stop myself.

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  1. LoL PK, I loved this fun excerpt. I always enjoy the banter between Tom and Cassie. Cassie's promise to Tom cracked me up. A painful joke indeed!


    1. Things do just pop out of our mouths sometimes.

  2. Maybe that's what we should do next time - a road trip.

  3. Oh, road trip - I thought you were suggesting we offer sexual favors for things we wanted.

  4. IF she's with you, sir, she's no lady. Isn't that the old logic? :-)
    Offering sexual favours to get out of a spanking is fair game IMO. But now she's the butt of the joke. (groan)
    love the snippet!

    1. LOL, funny Libby! And yes sexual favors are definitely fair game to get out of a spanking!

  5. I so love it when they're feisty! Roar! I get the feeling her behind is going to be a little red when he's finished, though :)

    1. Cassie has never been very good at keeping her mouth shut! And I'm sure you're right about her behind.

  6. I love the fact Cassie has trouble keeping her mouth shut. It's one of the things that makes her relationship with Tom so interesting.

    1. It's true, you never know exactly what Cassie's going to say.