Saturday, February 15, 2020

Saturday Spanking - A Touch of Jealousy

Welcome to Saturday Spankings! I’m moving on to my second Cassie book this week, Cassie’s Tale. Tom had given Cassie a shiny new convertible for her birthday and she’d been anxious to drive it to church for a little showing off. But she’d become annoyed at all the widows and divorcee who were swarming around Tom that day seeking his advice on numerous situations.
When one more widow was saying, “Tom honey, one more question…” Cassie burnt rubber out of he parking lot. Tom was less than pleased…  

I rushed into the house as we arrived home, and was halfway up the stairs when I heard, “Come back here, Cassie. I want to talk with you.” 
“Back in a sec, honey,” I called down to him. I just had to get out of that uncomfortable dress and heels, and slip in to some shorts. However, in hindsight, perhaps I shouldn’t have been in such a rush to remove my clothes right at that moment. I came from the closet, wearing only my bra and panties. I saw Tom. He leaned casually on the doorframe, viewing me with arched eyebrows and a stern look, although I could sense amusement just behind that formidable expression.
I gave him my sweetest, most innocent smile as I quickly picked up the shorts I’d laid on the bed. “Uh-uh,” Tom said, coming over and taking them from my hand. “You won’t need those for a minute.”
“What did I do?” I asked, still trying for an innocent look.
“Well, let me tell you. You behaved rudely to Mrs. Evens when she tried to speak to me. And squealing tires out of the church parking lot is most unladylike.”
“What about her?” I realized I might as well give up my innocent act. “How polite and ladylike is it to spend so much time trying to steal the attention of another woman’s husband?”
“I don’t believe her actions are particularly ladylike, either, but her behavior doesn’t concern me. Yours does.” Opening his bedside table, he pulled out the leather paddle I’d picked up a few months earlier on a, perhaps ill-advised, shopping trip to an adult store with my friends.
Tom sat on the bed and, with a gentle tug and a small sigh of resignation on my part, I found myself across his lap. With my torso on the bed, my head rested comfortably on the pillow. Other parts of my anatomy, I knew, would soon be less than comfortable. 
Tapping me gently with the paddle, he told me, “Acting like a lady isn’t optional. You act like a lady always and you’ll always be treated like one.” With that, he took off with the paddle, spanking thoroughly and making me wonder for the hundredth time why I’d ever bought the darn thing. 

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  1. Hi PK, love this snippet. I can just picture Cassie burning rubber out of the parking lot. I think most of us have suffered buyers remorse too lol. I know I have!


    1. Cassie had had enough of the other woman for sure! But Tom had also had enough of her acting out.

  2. Wonderful snippet, PK. I can see why Tom might be a Tad irritated with her, but I can't say I blame her. At least she didn't confront the woman directly for her rudeness, which is something I suspect she could also do quite easily.

    1. With out Tom there, she could definitely have gotten the woman told!