Saturday, February 29, 2020

Saturday Spankings - Penalty for Sneaking Away

Another Saturday rolled around and we’re back for more Saturday Spankings! I’m sticking with the second book in my Cassie’s Space series, Cassie’s Tale. Cassie, Sue and Annie, angry that their husbands had canceled a planned trip because of a work conflict, head to Bermuda. Only sharing their plan with the men after they arrived. 
Tom comes to Bermuda, traveling with the ivory brush and lets Cassie know exactly how he felt about her leaving the country without even telling him. The spanking was intense… 

When he stopped and started rubbing, as bad as it had been, I had expected worse. I still wasn’t really listening until I heard him say that was for day one. The realization that this was day three sank in just before he started again.
If he had missed any spots the first time, he surely took care of everything on the second. The man knew how to spank. My tears, the tears that at any other situation in our lives grab his attention and cause him to pet and comfort me, had absolutely no effect during a spanking. Pleading had no effect either, but it didn’t keep me from trying. “Please Tom, stop. I’ll listen, oww, oww, please.”
Tom paused again. Day two might have been a bit shorter, but just as intense, and when he stopped to rub, he started with the questions. “Are you planning on running out on me again, girl?”
“No, Tom, I promise…” 
“Are you planning to leave the country without my permission again?” 
“No, please, Tom, I’ll never do it again…”
When he started again, I couldn’t help it. I put my hand back for some protection. This is a cardinal sin in our house. Tom loves my hands and refuses to let them be “in the line of fire” so to speak. Tom paused and said in a voice that caught my attention, “If I see that hand back here again, I’ll start over.” 
I could tell he was deadly serious. I snatched my hand away and clutched the comforter on the bed as hard as I could. That last volley was short but impressive. He finally finished and tossed the brush onto the chair.
Tom helped me up and cuddled me while I finished crying. “Shh… it’s all over,” he comforted. I felt raw, but the sound of his voice, tender, loving, felt like a cooling balm. 
Tom turned the bed back. There’s no sleeping pill in the world that knocks me out as thoroughly as a serious spanking from Tom. Maybe it’s the release, the knowledge that it’s over, that everything is now good between us. I don’t know, but it nearly always happens. Tom undressed and climbed in with me, not to make love, but just to hold me. Although I was sore as could be, the feeling of my burning bottom pressed up against him was the best feeling I knew. 
As I drifted away with Tom at my back, I knew he thought I was already asleep, when I heard him whisper, “Don’t ever leave me, Cassie.” The combination of the burn, his arms around me, and the love in his voice made me feel surrounded by bliss that few people ever experience.

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  1. What a wonderful, sweet excerpt PK. Tom and Cassie's story is such a wonderful love story :)


  2. The way these two care about each other leaps off the page. I love this excerpt.

  3. This was an excellent snippet, PK. It shows how Tom is serious about getting his message across, but that he also loves Cassie to pieces. This is the kind of story that really appeals to me.

    1. I guess that's always been the dream. A serious spanker that loves totally.