Saturday, October 17, 2020

Saturday Spankings - Things are about to get ugly

Happy Saturday to you. I’m happy to let you know that I have begun a new series – with some old friends. The first book in that series will be out early in January. More about that in the future. Today’s snippet is from Cassie’s Influence, the sixth in the Cassie’s Space series.


Tom and Cassie have been happily married for decades. Their love and faithfulness has never wavered, but when another woman comes on strong for Tom, Cassie is not one to take it lightly. Cassie and Sue send her an email, supposedly from Tom, telling her that he is uncomfortable with her advances and for her to leave him alone. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop her and she texted back.



Tom, you have to learn to loosen up. Life is too short not to go after pleasure. I promise I can rock your world and I can be very discreet about it. But I'm not against including your wife. Bring her along. What man doesn't enjoy a three way? I'll expect to hear from you.

And in case your wife isn't the adventurous type, I wouldn't have any trouble rounding up a third. And here are a few other things we could try…

She then proceeded to tick off nearly ever sex act and perversion known to man. Standing there staring at what she had written, I began to create a mental picture, almost a movie in my head, of what she was wanting to do in bed with MY husband.

It took just a minute to get my breath back. Sue and I stared at one another speechlessly. That bitch thought I would share him? A threesome? I felt like there was a tornado beginning somewhere around my middle, and it was about to break into a raging storm. 


Intentionally or not, Cassie’s influence spreads. Sue’s marriage has improved through Cassie’s influence. However, when Sue’s marriage unexpectedly takes a turn for the worse, Sue pushes for the solution she feels will work, a solution that could put Cassie on a collision course with the ivory brush. 

Allie and Ryan are both feeling influence from Cassie and Tom. Cassie doesn't mean to lead Allie astray - but Allie sees Cassie as a role model. Every adventure, old or new, captures Allie's attention, which increases her desire to be more like her mentor. But for better or worse, Ryan is just as determined to be like Tom. 

Cassie's Influence 

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Cassie's Road Trip (book nine)
Cassie's Life (book ten)

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Returning to Us 


  1. That would piss me off royally, too. I don't share. At least not the man I love.

  2. Oh yes, that would totally ruffle feathers! Great snippet PK:)


    1. You really don't want to make Cassie this mad.