Saturday, January 13, 2018

Saturday Spankings - Almost made it

Welcome to Saturday Spankings once again. I hope you’ll read snippets from each on the blogs listed below. This is really a good place to find some great books and the snippets help you see which one are more to your taste.
In my snippet last week from Cassie's Life, Cassie and Sue broke into a hotel. Today I’m trying to get them out!

Getting out didn’t seem much easier than getting in as we tried various positions. Finally, Allie instructed Sue, “Just sit in the window and lean back we’ll catch you.”
“I’m going to break even bone in my damn body,” Sue muttered.
“No you won’t, it’s like a trust fall. We got you,” Allie assured her.
Sue rolled her eyes, took a deep breath and eased back through the window with me holding her hands to slow the fall. Allie and Jenny waiting below, arms linked caught her perfectly and eased her to her feet.
“Piece of cake,” Sue told me. “It’s really not that far.”
Hoping she was correct I sat in the window, I glanced back. “You ready?” I asked.
“We’re here,” Allie told me, “lean back.” I did as I was told. Without someone holding me back I hit a little harder than Sue had and though the girls caught me neatly they sank to their knees and lay me gently on the ground.
It was at that moment that I heard a commanding male voice say, “Hold it right there, don’t move. Keep your hands where I can see them.”

Cassie’s Life (Book 10)

Ask Cassie about her life on the river and she’ll tell you it’s lovely and peaceful. But while Cassie loves the life she lives, peaceful is not always an accurate description. Whether she’s confronting an armed man who’s in a drunken rage, planning a friend’s wedding or dealing with a ghost in a backwoods lodge, Cassie is going to deal with it the best way she knows how. And peaceful doesn’t always work.
When a mysterious phone call comes for Cassandra Wentworth – Cassie’s past is suddenly back to haunt her in a devastating way. Tom has always said nothing from before the time they met counts, but he didn’t know about this.  Sue, Annie, Allie and Jenny are all willing to help, but will it be enough?

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  1. Question for Cassie-

    I think I already know that you would love a grandchild someday. Tell us how you picture spending time with him or her.

    Ella Just Wondering

    1. I'll get this question to Cassie to answer Wednesday. Hope everyone will come back.

  2. Just when you think you're clear, something or someone happens. Thank goodness real life isn't always that predictable. Love the snippet, PK

  3. Oh no, almost! Somehow the girls never seem to totally get away with it lol. Great snippet PK :)


    1. But you do have to give them credit for continuing to try!