Wednesday, November 22, 2017

For the curious - questions for Cassie and Tom

Cassie's Life is out an Cassie and Tom are here to answer more questions for you. I was actually curious to hear some of these answers myself. 

I hope you'll continue to come by each Wednesday for more questions and answers. And I hope you'll ask any questions you think of.

Here are some questions for Cassie:

With all the moving you’ve done over the years, why hasn’t that ivory brush gone missing?

Now that a damn good question! Why hasn’t it? Why haven’t I thrown the thing off a cliff or dropped it in the middle of the ocean? At times, I feared he’d find something worse. I have an intense fear of canes and anything like them. The few times it ‘disappeared’ from the dresser early in our marriage he convinced me it had better reappear quickly – and the man is quite good at convincing. But now it seems like a symbol in our marriage and thankfully it sits on the dresser, untouched, for long stretches.

I’d like to ask Cassie what prompted her to tell her story to PK.

I’m really not sure. She was there and always seemed interested. She was willing to take the time to listen. She still does. We've been friends a long time now and we need to remain friends, because she know all my secrets!

Also, if Cassie could change one thing about PK what would she change? (I know that's silly, but just curious Cassie's opinion on that one😉.)

Hmm…I certainly think PK’s a fine person, but I wish she would be more active. She needs to get out and do more. And when she’s annoyed or hurt she needs to express it and not hold everything in.

Question for Tom – 

You and Cassie have been married for many years now.  Sometimes
when a couple has been together for so long, love can fill your heart even when there are no words are exchanged.  When Cassie doesn't know you are watching her, what little mannerisms or habits of hers make you smile?

I could sit and watch my girl for days. I love her grace of movement, her walk, even her stance – I love everything about her. But one thing I particularly enjoy is watching her read a book. As with most things she does, she puts her whole self into it. Her face lights up with joy, at parts. Sometimes she laughs out loud. During exciting parts her breath quickens and her eyes fairly dance across the page. If the story grows somber so does she and she often cries while reading. Many times when we're reading together, I'm really just watching my girl.

Tom: Besides spanking Cassie's bottom, what are some of your favorite things to do when in relaxed mode?

There are many things. I love to be on the boat, I enjoy running, I’m an avid reader and we both love traveling.

If you have any questions for any of my characters Cassie, Tom, Sue, Steve, Annie, Andy, Allie, Ryan, Lily, Drew, Cal or Jenny ask away! You can even ask me questions.


  1. I am already on my 2nd read of Cassie's Life. Can't tell you how wonderful this book is. The jewel of the series. Thanks, PK.


    1. Thanks you Ella! You make me feel wonderful!

  2. Loved reading these questions and answers, PK! I thought that the question that Cassie was asked, about you, was an interesting one. Loved your answer.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie xoxo

    1. I was intrigued when someone ask it so I just asked it and listened to the answer. I've been doing a lot of listening lately.

  3. Like Ella, I am already reading "Cassie's Life" again, too. I was so excited the first time through that I rushed. Now I'm slowly loving every word. It's a fabulous read!

    Cassie, have you ever thought before you jumped into some situation, 'Tom won't like this. I better not do it' and then NOT done it? And, Tom, does a spanking really clear the air completely for you?

    1. It's an honor to have several of you say you read all the books more than once. I do that with my favorite books.

      I added your questions to the list. I'll have it up soon.

  4. PK,
    Your imagination is excellent. Love the photos!

    1. These pictures of definitely Cassie and Tom to me.

  5. Loved all the answers but Tom's answer about watching Cassie just melted my heart.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat