Saturday, February 1, 2020

Saturday Spankings - The Belt

Welcome to Saturday Spankings. I’ve really enjoyed going back through Cassie’s Space and finding snippets. When I wrote it I thought it would be a stand-alone book – now ten books in the series later, I realized Cassie had a lot to say.
In today’s snippet Cassie and Tom have just returned from a wedding. Tom silently offers Cassie a session with her favorite implement – an offer she's happy to accept.

We arrived back at the hotel late and I couldn’t stand that girdle another minute. In the dressing room, I quickly stripped. Coming out into the bedroom nude, I saw that Tom remained fully dressed in his suit. The air felt filled with electricity and desire as Tom stared at me. I stood before him, totally exposed and completely vulnerable as he stood looking so handsome and confident. With his eyes locked on mine he began to unbuckle his belt.
Tom’s belt. That belt and I share a true love/hate relationship. On very rare occasions, he used it for punishment and I dreaded it. But most of the time I find the caress of the leather a most sensuous experience. Usually when Tom decides to use the belt, whether for good or evil, I’m already across the bed. I seldom watched him remove this instrument of pain and pleasure.
I guess if you are not one of us, someone who truly loves the sensation of a loving spanking, I can’t explain the feelings that coursed through me as I watched the leather slide through the loops. Those who do understand, know the feelings of excitement, fear, longing, anticipation, dread, and pure lust that this sight can stir. Tom gently bent me over the end of the bed and I lay across it anticipating the first swat with a mixture of longing and a little fear. When it came, I jumped and moaned and clung tightly to the bed covering. Hard swats followed one after the other on my backside and thighs. I wanted him to stop, and I wanted him to never stop. The sound, the sensation, and the longing flooded my mind.

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  1. Love this snippet PK! There is definitely something about the belt, it sure stirs up mixed emotions and this snippet captures that so well. It definitely is a love/hate relationship lol


    1. I think it's a combination of fear and lust. Very powerful!

  2. I totally agree with Roz. When used for pleasure, the belt's kiss can be a truly erotic experience as can the flogger. However, when applied to deliver punishment, the kiss becomes bitingly painful.

    1. I guess it's all in his mood when it's used.