Saturday, March 28, 2020

Saturday Spanking - Well behaved wife

I think most of us are finding ourselves at home for another Saturday and I thank you for spending a bit of your time here for Saturday Spankings. I’m moving on to the third in the Cassie’s Space series, Cassie on the Move. I think this series is a good read right now. While you’ll find plenty of spanking, the series if full of love and humor, too. I see it as a ‘feel good’ series.

Cassie and Tom are heading off on a trip and Cassie is annoyed as she sees Tom packing the ivory brush. When he leaves the room she takes the brush out, holding it quietly, and wondering if it could ‘accidentally’ be left behind.

I nearly jumped a foot when Tom spoke right behind my back.
I figured going into attack mode was my best bet. “Tom! Don’t sneak up on me like that. What is the matter with you?” It didn’t work though. He pressed on.
“Cassie Jane, I want to know what you were doing. You keep your hands off that brush. Were you taking it out of my bag?”
I continued in attack mode, “I wasn’t taking anything out of your old suitcase, but why shouldn’t I take the brush out? After all, it’s my brush. It was your wedding gift to me, wasn’t it? Maybe you should ask me before you take it from the dresser.”
I don’t think he was taking me very seriously, since he pulled me over his lap as I fussed. He gave me two scorching swats with the brush before tossing it back into his bag and warmed me a bit more with his hand.
“I’ll tell you what gives me the right – I’m your husband.” I found that answer extremely unsatisfying, but he was helping me up and I felt it in my best interest to keep my mouth shut for the most part.
I gave him a scowl as I rubbed away the sting. “I didn’t do anything wrong, you know. Are you going to be this picky on our whole vacation?” I asked.
“Probably,” he answered, grinning and giving me a quick kiss. “Now don’t you touch that brush or my suitcase. Understand?”
Of course, I understood. I’m not an idiot. Actually, I consider myself a well-behaved wife. When I carefully reached in and removed all his underwear, I didn’t touch the brush or his suitcase. I felt our trip was about to be off to a wonderful start.

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  1. LoL PK,I love this snippet and how mischievous Cassie is. She really does ask for it sometimes. Anyone would think she enjoyed being spanked lol


    1. Well, she sure loves tormenting Tom. We all know that!

  2. I think she's gonna find a new use for that brush, and I don't think she'll enjoy it.

    1. She definitely don't enjoy Tom old uses for it!

  3. LoL! Yup, Cassie isn't the sort to be cowed. She will follow Tom's rules to the letter, but if he doesn't spell things out exactly, it can't be considered her fault. Right?