Saturday, March 21, 2020

Saturday Spankings - Listening in the night

Welcome to Saturday Spankings! Here we are in a slightly off kilter world. Unless you’re close to 115 years old you have no memory of a pandemic. It’s not the easiest thing we’ve been through, but we will get through it. Spanking stories are not the main thing on everyone’s minds at this time, but sometimes, just for a moment we need to take a step away from reality and find a soft place to fall. For many of us it might be in the books we choose to read. I definitely see the Cassie’s Space series as a soft place to fall. I hope you do. Today’s snippet is from Cassie’s Tale.

Cassie and Sue had taken the boat out that night without running it by Tom and Steve. Neither man was pleased with his wife. When Sue and Steve headed to the house, Tom took advantage of the privacy of the dock to take care of things with Cassie. Steve waited until bedtime…

Not much later, Tom and I decided to retire early. Living alone we never had to worry about making noise when we made love, but with the thin walls at this house it was a consideration. As it happened, it only served to add to our evening. Somehow having to make love in total silence made me feel like we were sneaking around, and it turned into one of the most passionate, sensuous evenings we’d had in a long time.
We were spent, satisfied, and curled up ready for sleep, before we heard Sue and Steve come to their room. Evidently with only us at this end of the house with them, the idea of noise didn’t seem to be a problem for Steve. 
I don’t think I had ever heard anyone else get spanked before. I sat up to listen. Poking Tom, I whispered, “Listen, listen.” 
Tom pulled me back. “Be still, Cassie, it’s none of our business.”
How strange and almost embarrassing. I buried my face in the pillow to drown out my giggles. Tom popped my sore derrière. “Hush, girl,” he commanded. I hushed as best I could, but I must tell you it was one of the funniest things I have ever heard.
Everyone seemed to be in a rush the next morning, packing and heading for the airport. Sue and I didn’t have time for a private conversation. 
Annie did ask, “Steve, what in the world are you doing to Sue these days? She’s been in a good mood all week, and that’s not normal for her. What are you doing to keep her so happy?”
Annie was just teasing and Steve only smiled. Sue and I didn’t even glance at one another because we couldn’t have held it together. Soon everyone headed out, but as they were leaving, Sue hugged me goodbye and whispered in my ear, “I guess there’s no fool like an old fool.” I think the girl’s happy and I’m happy for her.

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  1. Hi PK,this was a wonderful bit of light relief, which we can certainly all use right now. That would be something listening to your best friend being spanked!


    1. I think Cassie got a kick out of hearing it. Since it was Sue, I would have probably have enjoyed it too!

  2. I agree with Roz. Steve clearly knows what Sue needs to keep her safe and happy, and that's what it's all about. Great snippet.

    1. He does. It came to him late in life, but he's gotten quite good at it.