Saturday, March 14, 2020

Saturday Spankings - Malicious destruction

Welcome to Saturday Spankings! Spring is in the air and I’m loving it. I have a great snippet for you today from Cassie’s Tale. Cassie is volunteering at school for a few weeks. Tom is the one home and a little lonely and has taking to looking for new spanking implements. Cassie was definitely not thrilled with two of his choices –  the dowel rod and the bungee cord.

I thought I’d made it clear to Tom that I did not feel we were in the market for new toys, I couldn’t really complain. I mean, I like playing as much as the next girl, but some of these were just pure evil.
The man must have missed me when I was at school, and I loved that, but this new toy kick was getting old. The few playful swats he gave me with that dowel rod soon convinced me it was no toy, and then when he wanted to play with the bungee, oh my stars and garters! It’s the only thing I know of that is worse than the ivory brush, but I certainly didn’t want Tom to know I felt so. Somehow these things had to go
Being the sweet little submissive wife I’ve always been, I didn’t want to argue with my dear husband, my HOH, my love. Nope, not me, I didn’t argue a bit. As luck would have it, my old butt proved to be too tough for these toys. They completely fell apart.
Well, it was either my butt or my pruning shears. I’m not sure exactly which one caused the most damage, but as Tom came in from his run a few days before the end of school, he found them each in about ten small pieces on the kitchen table. 
I was upstairs when I heard him laughing. He shouted, “Cassie Jane, what have you done?” 
“I haven’t the slightest idea what you’re talking about,” I told him as I joined him in the kitchen.” Spotting the carnage on the breakfast table, I added, “Goodness, what happened to your toys? I suppose they fell apart from severe overuse. They just don’t make toys like they used to. Sorry for your loss dear, but it’s really not my concern.”
“Malicious destruction, that’s what this is. And it’s about to be your concern.” I giggled between yelps of pain as Tom applied the new spatula to my behind as he bent me over the kitchen island. The man had way too much time on his hands.

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  1. Wonderful fun snippet PK. "Oh my stars and garters" that! They sound like evil toys to me, I don't blame Cassie lol.


    1. I don't either! I've briefly felt both, horrible.

  2. They are evil toys. Toys that cause that much discomfort are mislabeled as toys. They're tormentors. Great snippet!

    1. Cassie and I agree with you completely!