Sunday, September 15, 2013

What is sexy?

I believe one of the reasons I enjoy Saturday Spanking Snippets so much is being able to read the many different styles of writing. I’ve wanted to write since I was a child. Unfortunately, there was a high school trauma – I made the mistake of writing a story that I truly cared about and was slapped down so severely by a teacher, there was no writing attempted from the age of sixteen until just before my fiftieth birthday.

At that time I just began writing down all the stories Cassie had told me over the years.  The encouragement I received through comment helped me greatly. Once I really began thinking of turning Cassie into a real book I gave some of my stories to my vanilla friend to get their reactions.  Since then knew my writing was something I was sharing with them in private, I’m sure they began reading it thinking it was some type of porn.

Most of my vanilla friends were of the same opinion – they liked Cassie (but very wrongly viewed her as somewhat of a wimp), they didn’t like Tom and they all thought it needed more graphic sex. There comments made me stop and think about what I was writing and whom I was writing for.

Of course, as writers we what to think everyone likes our work. For me I know I’m writing for those who appreciate a good spanking story. Cassie and Tom’s marriage is what a long term dd marriage should look like in my mind.  When I read a good spanking scene, it is sexy. I like a realistic reason for the spanking, a build up of tension, removing the clothing, choosing an implement, the anticipation, the actual spanking and the aftercare and reconnection all just ooze sex for me.

Cassie’s book seem sexy to me, but if the reader is looking for whose fingers are where and when, they won’t find it. As I said before, Cassie is telling this story herself and her description are usually more sensual than detailed oriented. I tried, in my choice for my Saturday Spanking snippet this week to show what I view as sexy in Cassie's stories.  My twenty year old daughter will be invited to read Cassie’s Space and I’ve promised to let my mom’s old friends (in their eighties) know when it comes out. I might not be as comfortable if Cassie was too descriptive in her sex scenes.

This is learning experience for me and anyone who has thoughts or opinions on this 'detail or not' question are more than welcomed to share your thoughts and expertise with me.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday Spanking

I’m glad to be back at Saturday Spanking again. I hope you’ll like my new home, a new blog just for my writing and related topic. If I haven’t linked you and you’d like me to, please just let me know.
Today’s snipped is from the soon to be released Cassie’s Space. And I’m using today’s snippet to really help everyone know more about Cassie and Tom as well as to  let you know something about the book. As I’ve read many of your snippets I’ve read some wonderfully hot sexy scenes that I’ve enjoyed them immensely. Cassie and Tom also have a very active and satisfying love life, but Cassie tells these stories herself and, being the lady that she is, she will never give too many details.  I like to think that Cassie and Tom will appeal to twenty year olds as well as spankos in their eighties and beyond.
In this snippet Cassie is annoyed that Tom won’t accompany to an adult sex shop that they pass on a walk through a vacation town. She snaps at him, telling him not to be so stuffy and that the shop might contain things that could possibly spice up their sex life.

“So you don’t think there’s enough spice in our love life, that’s your concern?” Tom asked.
“Now Tom, I didn’t say that. I just meant…”
He shushed me, reaching into the drawer of my accessories, he brought out two scarves, managing to quickly change my mood completely. I hushed and let Tom undress me. He took one scarf and tied it around my eyes and pushed me gently back onto the bed. Using the other scarf he tied my hands together and then to the headboard.
What happened for the rest of the evening could only be described as the most delicious torture imaginable. Tom used his best skills, which are considerable, and his knowledge of my most secret desires, proceeded in bring me again and again to the point of climax only to back away and muse aloud to himself, “Need more spice in our love life… I guess I’m just too old to remember how to please a woman anymore… maybe I should read some of those ‘how to’ books…”
He had me in such a combination of agony and near ecstasy that I was finally reduced to begging him to finish what he had started, and started. He finally relented and satisfied me so completely that I simply couldn’t move as he untied me. He tucked me in under the covers, but for some reason never removed the blindfold. As I woke during the night, tucked dreamily in Tom’s arms, I pulled it off remembering the evening.
I take it all back, Tom needs no toys to spice up our sex life. I wouldn’t survive anything any spicier.

Please visit the rest of these wonderful writers.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

A New Home

It’s time to celebrate, I have a new home!

I’m no stranger here in blogland, it’s my second home.  Many of you know my other blog, please don’t think I’m abandoning it, I’m not! It’s my ‘real life’ blog in a cyber world.  There I discuss everything, my wonderful husband, my fantastic children, my somewhat annoying job, and the lack of consistent spanking in my life – I vent, celebrate, whine, and wonder. I want that blog to stay just what it has always been, my time leaning over the back fence, having coffee (or wine) with my friends and discussing the topic of the day. Frequently the topic is spanking, but not all ways.

This blog is different, I like to think of this as my ‘professional’ blog.  I heard that mild chuckling – it’s okay, the idea makes me grin too. But being a professional writer is my dream and what’s blogland but a place to make your dreams come true.

I’ve signed with Lazy Day and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  My first book, Cassie’s Space, is scheduled to come out in December. And this is the place I can talk about it as much as I like. I’m hoping to see the cover and get the final edits by the end of this month. When that happens, I’ll be here jumping up and down, whoopin’ and hollerin’. I’ll also be asking my friend in the writing world for advice and guidance. I hope to get to know them better.

Most of my writing is about my dear friends Cassie and Tom. I’ll introduce them here very soon. But today I just wanted to say hello and let everyone know I’m very glad to be here.

* The lovely and multi-talented CeeCi designed this beautiful blog! I’m fortunate to have friends that are not only talented, but willing to lend a hand despite an extremely busy life. A million thanks CeeCi!