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Cowboys for a Cause


If you climb in the saddle, be ready to ride...

This sounds like one you don't want to miss!

These cowboys are guaranteed to make you thirsty!
Cowboys for a Cause, a western romance anthology benefiting COVID-19 relief is LIVE.
It's only $6.99 and you can read it #free with #kindleunlimited!
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3geaWGF
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Over twenty-five of your favorite bestselling and award-winning authors have rustled up some sizzling, Grade-A, top quality cowboys for you to enjoy in this epic western romance anthology. From heavy-handed herdsmen, bronco-bustin’ bad boys, and every kind of wild, wanton wrangler in between, the heroes of this steamy collection won’t be denied, and they’re guaranteed to leave you breathless.
Save a horse and…well...you know the rest. But don’t delay because Cowboys for a Cause is only available for a limited time. Rope your copy today!
The proceeds from Cowboys for a Cause will be donated in their entirety to Direct Relief Coronavirus Response and the Feeding America COVID-19 Response Fund. But please note that Cowboys for a Cause is not affiliated with or endorsed by either charity.
To learn more about the charities or make an individual donation please visit:
Direct Relief: https://bit.ly/2Zqm79e
Feeding America: https://bit.ly/36n7Onb
This all-star anthology features: 
Agent Cowboy by Shanna Handel: When I became an FBI agent, I didn’t anticipate becoming a cowboy. Now I’ve fallen into the ways of the West, but can I rein in the woman I’ve fallen for?
Badgering the Cowboy by Golden Angel: This shifter rodeo rider is about to rope himself a honey badger.
Badlands by Delta James: They say great warriors return as great horses. The very best of them retain their humanity and can shift between worlds.
Cassandra's Cowboy by Kallista Dane: When Kane drags Cass into the wilderness, saying her life is in danger, she knows darn well she shouldn't trust him. But the stern cowboy is determined to keep her safe - no matter what it takes.
Charlie’s Girl by Kate Richards: Her breakdown was his opportunity to save a damsel in distress.
Come Sundown by Stevie MacFarlane: His patience was wearing thin. She was either going to say yes soon, or her sweet little behind was going to pay for leading him on.
The Cowboy’s Little Girl by Meredith O’Reilly: Rule number one on the Benson Ranch: Daddy is always in charge.
The Cowboy's Replacement Bride by Sue Lyndon: Ingrid isn't the mail order bride Everett ordered--and she's hoping he never finds out. What will the strict rancher do when he discovers his new bride has been keeping secrets?
Dangerous Ride by Piper Stone: Where I come from, a lawman has full control, especially with bad girls in need of discipline.
The Getaway Ranch by Tessa Carr: He brought her to the ranch knowing she was alone, penniless and terrified. What he didn't know was, her problems - and his - had just begun.
Halfway Home by Maddie Taylor: After secretly loving him for a lifetime, can this shy farm girl corral her cowboy once and for all?
His Little Cowgirl by Laylah Roberts: She moved halfway around the world to be his little cowgirl but is it everything she dreamed it would be?
In Deep Waters by Alyssa Bailey: She didn't care for cowboys but when danger comes calling, she finds she may have misjudged one.
Kidnapped by the Cowboy by Sierra Cartwright: He was supposed to protect her, not fall in love with her.
Knockin’ the Boots by Peyton Banks: She was his best friend’s sister and should have been off-limits.
Marrying the Murderer by Vanessa Brooks: Caught between a rock and a hard place, what choice did she have?
Meri’s Man by Laura Garland: Lost in the middle of the Nevada desert the only saving grace that lassos all my problems together and turns my frown upside down – a sexy guy on a horse.
Mountain Blue by Alta Hensley: Their icy beginning soon turns to a passion hot enough to melt the blizzard outside.
The Painted Lady by Raisa Greywood: People say strong fences make good neighbors. No amount of barbed wire is going to make a Sidhe and a cougar shifter get along. But fate has other plans.
Rescued by Her Cowboys by Isabella Laase: When lonely Rosie Meyers finds herself in trouble with the local bullies, two stern cowboys take her into their home, but can all three of them find a future together?
River's Edge by Maggie Ryan: The tomboy next door had grown up to be a woman of sass and fire that set this cowboy aflame.
Rogue Cowboy by Linzi Basset: She bought a date with the notorious cowboy on a welfare auction... only she wasn't prepared for the kind of date he had in mind.
Rogue’s Return by Desiree Holt: She's in trouble, he's supposed to protect her, but what about the heat that's lasted twelve years?
Runaway Cowboy by Abby Aaron: Kyle Sanchez returns home to save his former lover's ranch. Only she doesn't need saving, and he left her with more responsibilities than he realized.
Stark White by Yolanda Olson: Some demons never manage to stay buried.
Trusting Her Cowboy by BJ Wane: Gavin McCullough knew his family obligations prevented him from accepting a human mate, but one look into Aislyn Lankford's golden eyes and he couldn't resist making her his.
Wait for Me, Cowboy by Mary Wehr: Her childish crush blossomed into love, but will he still see her as a spoiled brat in need of a spanking?

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Saturday Spanking - No Escape

Welcome to Saturday Spankings once again. I’m taking my snippet today from Cassie’s Conflict, the fifth book in the Cassie’s Space series. Cassie spent the afternoon downing a couple of pitchers of martinis with Sue. You can read that snippet here.  Tom picked her up and brought her home without much to say… until the next morning.

Tom brought me some scrambled eggs and dry toast and thankfully, coffee. As I ate slowly, I tried to begin, “Tom, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what came over me yesterday. I…”
He interrupted me. “I know exactly what happened. I don’t want to talk about it just now. Can you get up? I want you to go ahead and take your shower.”
I don’t like it when Tom won’t talk to me. But it was in my best interest to be as agreeable as possible. Standing in the shower, I began to realize how a mouse must feel with the cat prowling outside its home. My thoughts were racing with anything I could possibly say to talk my way out of this one. Nothing came to mind other than blaming Sue for mixing the martinis in the first place, but somehow I didn’t think that was going to get me far.
I tried to reassure myself. Tom hadn’t punished me in a long time. Perhaps he was mellowing a bit. He hardly ever spanks with anything but his hand these days and even though a hard hand spanking from Tom is nothing to sneeze at, I knew I could handle it. Taking comfort from these thoughts, I slipped on my robe, took a deep breath and came out into the bedroom.
Tom was sitting quietly in the chair waiting for me. He was rubbing the smooth side of the ivory brush against his hand. He looked sternly at me and said, “Now, I’m ready to talk.”

Cassie's Space (book one)   
Cassie's Tale (book two)                       
Cassie on the Move (book three)          
Cassie's River Living (book four)        
Cassie's Conflict (book five)
Cassie's Influence (book six)
Cassie's Ordeal (book seven)
Cassie Corralled (book eight)
Cassie's Road Trip (book nine)
Cassie's Life (book ten)

Paperbacks can be found here

Cal's Law Series:

Cal's Law (book one)
Becoming Family (book two)
Educating Jenny (book three)
Searching for Home (book four)

Corbin's Bend

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Saturday Spankings - Busted

Happy Saturday! I’m hoping that a combination of your boredom and my persistence will lead you to eventually pick up and try one of my Cassie’s Space series. I’m taking a snippet from book five today, Cassie’s Conflict. 
A run in with a hateful woman at her club has left Cassie furious and needing a place to vent. She heads to Sue’s where she finds a sympathy ear and a pitchers of martinis. They are well into the martinis when Sue’s husband arrives. Can we agree, Cassie’s Tom is not going to be happy. 

Piecing things together later, Steve must have come in somewhere near the end of the second pitcher of martinis. He was there for a milder version of our earlier conversation, still plenty of cursing, threats on Clara’s car and lawn and the occasional song. After standing and listening to us for a relatively short period of time, he went to the other room and called Tom. I heard all about the conversation later.
“Hey, Tom, you home yet?” Steve asked.
“No, I’ll be there in about fifteen minutes. What’s up?”
“Well, I think you better come by our house and collect Cassie first.” 
Tom was on instant alert. “What’s wrong? Is she hurt?”
“Oh no,” Steve assured him. “In fact, I would say neither one of our wives is feeling any pain.”
Tom was quiet for a minute then said, “Are you telling me she’s drunk?” Drunk was much too harsh a word. I was a bit tipsy perhaps, but I was not drunk. “I’ll be right there,” Tom went on, not waiting for Steve to say any more. “Did she drive over?”
“Her keys are in my pocket,” he assured Tom. “I stole them right out of her purse before I called you.”

Cassie's Space (book one)   
Cassie's Tale (book two)                       
Cassie on the Move (book three)          
Cassie's River Living (book four)        
Cassie's Conflict (book five)
Cassie's Influence (book six)
Cassie's Ordeal (book seven)
Cassie Corralled (book eight)
Cassie's Road Trip (book nine)
Cassie's Life (book ten)

Paperbacks can be found here

Cal's Law Series:

Cal's Law (book one)
Becoming Family (book two)
Educating Jenny (book three)
Searching for Home (book four)

Corbin's Bend

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Amber Daulton - Arresting Mason

Arresting Mason

Amber Daulton

Their chance encounter resulted in a steamy affair,
but will his former gang and a parole officer tear them apart?

 I'm happy to have Amber Daulton her at the Reading Room today. This book sounds like a good one!

Series: Arresting Onyx (book 1)
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Heat Rating: 5 Flames


Once you’re in a prison gang, you’re in it for life. That’s what Mason Harding thought until the boss accepted his resignation. After the State releases him on parole, a sexy divorcĂ©e behind the wheel of a car almost ends his life quicker than a shank. His chance encounter with Mia Eddison results in a night of passion, but her brother—his parole officer—catches them together and doesn’t approve. 
Mia falls hard for the cocky ex-con, but not because of his chiseled body. She vows to break through his walls and discover his secrets, but never expects those secrets to threaten her life. 
When members of an organized crime ring kidnap Mia to force Mason’s return to the gang, he goes up against an old friend to save the woman he loves. Will his sacrifice be enough or will everything fall apart in a blaze of gunfire?

Excerpt 1 (PG)

Mia scowled at her brother as he headed up the stairwell, and she used her body to block his entrance into her home.
Jim didn’t seem to notice her tense body language and pushed her aside to enter. “Good morning.” He hugged her with one arm and frowned at the hardwoods. “There’s something sticky on the floor.” He scraped his shoes over it a few times and headed toward the kitchen. “What’s for breakfast?”
“Why are you here?” Mia shut the door, grabbed the towel she’d left on the sofa, and used it to cover the evidence of her desire on the floor. The last thing she needed was for her brother to realize what that sticky substance was. Her gaze darted toward the telephone and answering machine combo in the living room and back to Jim as he picked up the pancake mix. The U-shaped kitchen occupied one half of the loft’s airy floor plan, and she could see into the kitchen through a gap between the upper and lower cabinets. “You know to call first. I don’t have any messages on the machine, and I doubt you called my cell phone.”
“I’m in the neighborhood to see a parolee for an unexpected visit—well, unexpected for him—but I thought I’d stop by to see you first.” Jim sat the box aside and opened the fridge door. “You have any more blueberry muffins?”
“No, you cleaned me out the last time you showed up unannounced.” She crossed her arms and glanced at the closed bedroom door. “Jim, you need to leave.” She’d rather shave her legs without aloe-infused shaving cream or live a whole month without a hairdryer than introduce her parole officer brother to her parolee—boyfriend, perhaps?—the day after the best sex of her life. Talk about awkward.
“What’s the rush? I haven’t seen you in a few days.” He grabbed an apple from the bowl on the counter and rubbed it on his polo shirt to shine the fruit before he sank his teeth in. “Why are you so uppity?”
“I’m in a bathrobe, Jim, and you’re irritating the crap out of me. I have plans today and need to get going.”
“I bought you that robe for Christmas last year. It’s nice to know you use it.” He glanced at the food on the marble countertop. “Looks to me like you were about to fix breakfast. Pancakes are fine since you’re out of muffins.”
Her blood pressure rose. She wrapped her hand around Jim’s arm and dragged him out of the kitchen as a noise resonated from the bedroom.
“Wait a minute. What was that?”
“Just rats. Come on.” Mia jerked on his arm again, but he refused to budge.
Jim shook off her hand, took a step toward the bedroom, and stilled. “Oh God, there’s a man in there. No wonder you want me to leave.” He scowled at the splotches on her neck as though he just noticed them. “That’s very professional. What will all those snooty ladies say tomorrow after you open the store?”
She clasped her neck. “Leave, Jim. I don’t want you to ruin this.”
“Fine, I’ll go.” He patted the gun he always wore beneath his loose blazer. “Don’t worry. I won’t have a problem with him as long as he’s not Evan.”
She doubted that. Evan was blond, gorgeous, and an up-and-coming photographer with a great body. Jim hated him on sight. Mason, a tattooed ex-con who worked at a garage, wouldn’t stand a chance unless Mia buttered Jim up first.
“Just to be sure.” Mia grabbed her brother’s arm again. “We can meet for lunch tomorrow and I’ll tell you about him.” A door creaked open behind her, and she whipped her gaze toward the bedroom just as Jim did.
Mason paused in the doorway, dressed in his jeans and wrinkled dress shirt. The shirt hung open and revealed his sexy snake tattoo. His eyes widened like saucers.
“What the hell?” Jim dropped the apple on the floor and jerked free from Mia’s hold. A dark glower morphed his face into a mask of anger, and he leveled that hate-ridden stare on her new lover. “Mason Harding. What the fuck are you doing here?”
Mason folded his arms across his chest and leaned against the doorframe. His lips sealed together in a thin line as his right cheek twitched. Tension palpitated so strong between the men she feared the windows and light bulbs would shatter at any moment.
“How do you know him, Jim?” Mia swiped damp strands of hair behind her ears, a little afraid to know the answer.
Her brother spun toward her and fisted his hands. “He’s one of my parolees.”
Oh God, no. She covered her mouth with her hands. I’m gonna throw up.

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The Wild Rose Press store – https://bit.ly/2VDUTXI 

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About the Author

Amber Daulton is the author of the romantic-suspense series Arresting Onyx and several standalone novellas. Her books are published through The Wild Rose Press and Books to Go Now, and are available in ebook, print on demand, audio, and foreign language formats. 
She lives in North Carolina with her husband and demanding cats. Feel free to visit her at http://www.amberdaultonauthor.blogspot.com

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