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BJ Wane - Submitting to the Cowboy

Submitting to the Cowboy, Cowboy Doms, Book 3

BJ Wane

GENRE: Contemporary Western Romance, Erotic Romance, BDSM, Suspense
He drove her away with his stubbornness once.  If he caved upon her return, would he still be able to be there for her when she needed him most?  

Tamara Barton had lusted after Connor Dunbar ever since she was old enough to know what those stirrings meant whenever he was near.  Connor’s refusal to see her as anything but the young girl he’d befriended and protected for years soon drives them apart, but not before she catches an up-close, personal glimpse of him exerting the dominant control she’d heard rumors about. 
Connor regretted the harsh words he’d spoken to Tamara when he caught her spying on him as much as his lustful response to the look of need reflected on her face.  He’d been looking after the neighbor girl since the moment he saw her falling off her first horse at the age of ten and didn’t plan on stopping now that she was a grown woman who thought she wanted their relationship to go in a different direction.  He knew his sexual proclivities were not for the young, sweet kid he was so fond of, and wouldn’t jeopardize their special bond by giving in to her desires. 
But Tamara always had a way of getting what she wanted and when he saw she was serious about becoming a member of the private BDSM club he owned with his brother and best friend, Connor discovered he didn’t want her submitting to anyone but him.  When he learns she’d kept things from him that could have impacted her welfare, would he allow his failure to protect her to drive another wedge between them or finally embrace a life with her at his side as more than just a cherished friend?
This is book three in the Cowboy Doms series but reads as a standalone.
Publisher’s Note: This contemporary western romance contains elements of mystery, suspense, adult themes, power exchange and sensual scenes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

With a slap on Connor’s back, Greg sauntered off and Connor headed toward the bar. He spotted Caden bar tending and decided to take over for his brother early instead of waiting for his assigned time slot. He wasn’t in the mood yet to hook up with anyone. But his intended offer slid to the backburner as his roaming gaze landed on a spanking bench at the back of the room and he went rigid in disbelief. Slamming to a stunned halt as he reached the bar, he took a moment to confirm it was Tam’s slender, toned body draped over the apparatus, her long black braid hanging over her shoulder and her smooth limbs bound in leather cuffs.
Disbelief morphed into anger, his defense against the kernel of lust that gripped him, just like when he’d caught her spying on him. Wrong, that’s just plain wrong, he couldn’t help thinking. Tam, his Tam had no business being in his club. This was the young girl he’d taught to ride, the teenager he’d given driving lessons to and stood up for against her randy prom date. The same young woman he had cheered on at jumping competitions and praised for earning a college scholarship. The echo of her laughter reaching his ears from across the fields as she rode with carefree abandonment resonated in his head. That innocent, exuberant girl had no business bending over a spanking bench with her tight black skirt hiked up enough to reveal the sweet under curve of her buttocks. 
Connor took two steps forward, intending to lay into both her and Devin and stop them before either could take whatever they were doing one step further, but found his path blocked by his brother’s large frame and scowl. “Get out of my way,” he snapped, his jaw tightening with frustration.
“Take a deep breath and think, Connor. She’s here as Nan’s guest and isn’t complaining. I should know as I’ve been keeping a close eye on her. Devin is just showing her the ropes.” Caden’s gaze turned sympathetic. “She’s not a kid anymore. Didn’t you learn that when she took off?”
Caden’s words hit him as sharply as a slap in the face. Knowing him better than anyone else, his only sibling had guessed correctly that the cause of Connor’s sour mood following Tam’s departure to Boise had something to do with her decision. He’d told no one, not even Caden about what happened at his stable that morning, but Caden had always enjoyed ribbing him about his close relationship and attachment to Tam and easily put two and two together, guessing they’d had a falling out.
Bracing his hands on his hips, he bent slightly at the waist and sucked in a deep breath. “Fuck, you’re right.” He couldn’t get angry with her again. The last time he’d blown up at her he admitted to being unprepared for seeing the desire reflected in her pewter eyes and on her flushed face. And nothing could have prepared him for the blunt force trauma of his instant, lustful response that had caught him off guard and without the shield he usually erected to keep from acknowledging her as a grown woman. He couldn’t lose her again, but sure as hell couldn’t stand by and watch her submit to masterful men he shared close ties to. Their demands would taint the fresh innocence that didn’t belong here, and he said as much to Caden.
“She doesn’t belong here, she’s not submissive and… fuck it, Caden, we both watched her grow up.”
Caden nodded. “Yes, but she hasgrown up and from the hint of excitement and curiosity I’ve seen on her face, she may have a streak of submissiveness. She’s certainly exhibited enough interest and courage to give bondage a try.”
One thing Tam didn’t lack was courage. “Fine. I’ll just talk to her.” Remembering the past, this time he prepared himself for whatever level of lust she might reveal when she saw him. Greg must have spotted Devin just then because Connor intercepted him before he could reach his best friend. “Wait up, will you? She’s a friend of mine. I want to talk to her.”
“Sure, no problem.”
“Thanks.” There was no way, no matter what Tam said, that he would let her indulge in a ménage tonight, not here where he would have no choice but to keep watch. With relief, he noticed Devin reaching down to her ankles to remove the cuffs as he approached. “Here, let me help,” he offered, moving to the side and reaching for her bound right wrist. He saw her jerk and then stiffen right before her head whipped up and she looked at him with round eyes filled with the same light of sexual awareness and need as the day he’d driven her away. Shit.

I live in the Midwest with my husband and our dog, a lovable Great Pyrenees/Standard Poodle.  I love dogs, enjoy spending time with my daughter, babysitting dogs and kids, reading and working puzzles.  We have traveled extensively throughout the states, Canada and just once overseas, but I now prefer being a homebody.  I worked for a while writing articles for a local magazine but soon found my interest in writing for myself peaking. My first book was strictly spanking erotica, but I slowly evolved to writing erotic spanking romance with a touch of suspense.  My favorite genre to read is suspense.

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Saturday Spankings - It need to be real

Happy Saturday! My husband is off golfing and I’m getting some real writing done this weekend. While I’m doing that I hope I can entice you to read my latest book, Returning to Us, in the Corbin’s Bend series. In this book, in addition to telling a story, I try to explore some problems in a DD lifestyle that we don’t always talk about.
Susan is doing some deep thinking about the relationship she and her husband have. All is well, but…

As she walked, Susan couldn’t help asking herself, what’s wrong? Hal had made rules and for the most part she followed them. Occasionally he would give her a mild spanking if the house was a mess or she’d let the clean laundry sit around in the basket too long, but it never seemed real. It felt like he was spanking her because he felt she expected it – not because he really cared about the state of the house or the laundry. And this was more like a ‘drive-by spanking’, where she would find herself suddenly over the bed or the couch for a few swats with no warning and no time for her to give it any thought or to take it seriously. When he did that, the spankings almost annoyed her.
Hal was always up for a sexy spanking and Susan enjoyed them too. But somehow they weren’t filling the hole she felt in their lives. She knew she could ask Hal for the kind of spanking she needed, but asking – having it be her idea, defeated the whole reason she wanted to be spanked in the first place.

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Saturday Spanking - Cassie's first spanking

Happy Saturday Spanking! I’m totally cheating today. I should be spanked, but I’m doing it anyway. I’m happy to announce that the books in my Cassie’s Space series are now available in paperback. I realize most of us out here read on our Kindles but I’ve had a few older friends, friends of my mother actually, who would rather read a real book. I’ve told them the books might not be their cup of tea…. But if they still want to read them, they’re available. Each of the five paperbacks contain two of the original books.

Since this has just happened I thought I’d give a taste (far more than I should for Saturday Spanking) of the first Cassie book, Cassie’s Space. In fact this is Cassie’s very first spanking.
As Cassie and Tom explore a small wooded area on a picnic date, Cassie becomes furious when she ruins a new pair of shoes by stepping in deep mud. 

“Look at this shit,” I nearly screamed. It took so little back then to have me spinning off into a rage, and this had done it. “This is the first time I’ve worn these damn shoes. This shit’s all over them.”
“Cassie!” Tom barked. “I’m not listening to that lang—”
“You don’t like the way I talk? Shit, shit, shit!” I shouted. “I’ll say anything I damn well please! Who the hell are you to tell me how to talk?”
“That’s enough,” Tom interrupted, in a strangely calm voice.
“You’re damn right it’s enough,” I snapped. “Get out of my face and don’t tell me how to talk.”
Tom gave me a deeply penetrating look that I’ve come to know well over our many years together. But that first time, I had no idea what he was about to do. He took a firm grip on my upper arm and practically dragged me over to one of the beaver-felled trees. Tom sat, and with one yank I found myself over his lap. He had probably landed three or four hard swats on my rear before it sank into my angry, confused mind that the man was spanking me, as if he needed to teach me – a woman of nearly thirty – a lesson!
I went ballistic. I would not allow this to happen. I tried to throw myself off his lap. Flailing my arm back and kicking, I tried to escape his grip. But it didn’t work. Tom grabbed my free hand and held it tightly as he put his leg over mine. I felt as trussed up as a Christmas turkey as he held me firmly over his lap. Through all this struggling the spanking never slowed. I couldn’t believe how badly it hurt. 
I finally realized he was talking to me the whole time. I didn’t catch it all, but I got the gist, ‘inappropriate’ language. “You’re not going to use that language around me, or anyone else. You’re a lady. You’re not going to talk like a streetwalker.”
If he thought he had heard cussing, what I cut loose with then, did not compare to what he’d heard me say before. But, the more I cussed, the harder he spanked. I didn’t think I could take much more. No one had ever spanked me before and the pain shocked me. I couldn’t catch my breath. Something had to give. I would not allow myself to beg him to stop. But I finally had to shut my mouth and grit my teeth to keep from crying. I refused to allow him the satisfaction of feeling he had ‘humbled’ me.
When he finally stopped, I still shook with rage and jerked to get away. Tom began rubbing my bottom gently, with the hand he had just used to burn me up. “Are you okay?” he asked gently.
Of course I was not okay, he’d just spanked me. But I had heard genuine compassion in his voice and that only served to confuse me further. Tom helped me to my feet and held me firmly at arm’s length.
“Look at me,” he said quietly. I glared at him, letting my fury show clearly. 
He looked at me steadily with those incredible blue eyes. The look on his face bewildered me. In his face, I saw understanding, concern and caring. His look mesmerized me.  Very quietly, he asked me a question that changed my life.
“Cassie, has no one ever cared for you enough to make you behave yourself?”

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Corbin's Bend

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Saturday Spanking - Role playing

It’s Saturday again! I love the weekends and I love Saturday Spankings! I’m always looking for new reading material and this is an excellent place to find what I want. He’s a bit from my first attempt at a Corbin’s Bend book, Returning to Us. You really need to try all the books in this series.
Susan and Hal have their ups and downs, but they keep working on their relationship. This snippet show them trying a little role playing…

Wish I was wearing heavy jeans instead of yoga pants was Susan’s last thought before the evil paddle found its mark. “Owww…” Susan yelled, though her first choice of words was nearly shit! 
Hal gave her four sharp spanks and then asked her, “Have you learned your lesson? Are you ready to say, ‘I’m sorry Mr. Allen, I was very naughty’?”
Susan took a deep breath, shuffling her feet to try to ease some of the sting. Still bent over the couch, she said in a clear voice, “I’m sorry Mr. Allen… that you’re an old fart!”
She heard Hal’s sharp breath and a slight chuckle before he said, “Very well.”
Susan nearly bit the couch when Hal let loose with eight hard swats. She stomped her feet in agony, desperately wanting to rub her burning ass.
In a deep voice, Hal asked her once again, “Are you ready to say, ‘I’m sorry Mr. Allen, I was very naughty?”
Susan continued to breathe deeply as Hal waited for her answer. He was enjoying himself greatly. As they had started back into this lifestyle he always worried he would go too far, take Susan beyond her limits. But he knew better than to ask her to say when it was enough. It seemed to anger her.
“Don’t do that!” she’d snapped in the past. “That puts all the responsibility and control right back on me and that’s what I’m trying to get rid of!”
Playing like this allowed Susan to call a halt to things without having to actually do it.
“No!” Susan suddenly shouted. “I still think you’re an old fart!”

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Kryssie Fortune - Taken as Theirs

Taken as Theirs

As a fertile woman in an infertile world, no wonder she was TAKEN AS THEIRS.
I'm happy to have the talented Kryssie Fortune here at the Reading Room today. Check out her latest. 

#paranormal #werewolf #post-apocalyptic #adventure #spanking #romance
Publisher                 Stormy Night Publications
Genre                        Erotic Paranormal romance

Buy links
Amazon USA                      https://amzn.to/2AB4Z3l
Amazon UK                          https://amzn.to/2s95Q6O
Amazon Canada                 https://amzn.to/2GZLI1f
Amazon Australia              https://amzn.to/2RvViwV

Publishers Blurb
As a breeder--one of the few fertile women left in a ruined, plague-ravaged world--Cassie would fetch a handsome price at auction, and selling her to the highest bidder was exactly what her captors had in mind... until two fearsome beasts decided to take her for themselves.

Eli and Dane have chosen Cassie for their mate, and when she makes a foolish attempt at escape she quickly ends up tearfully promising obedience as her bare bottom is soundly and shamefully punished. Her body's response to their stern dominance cannot be denied, however, and it isn't long before she is screaming out her intense, helpless pleasure as she is roughly and thoroughly claimed. But will Eli and Dane's pack accept a human girl or will Cassie be an outsider forever?

Publisher's Note: Taken as Theirs includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

Goosebumps covered Cassie’s flesh. Tingles raced between her legs, tiny electric sparks that warmed her blood. One kind word and her good intentions would crumble—just like her sisters’ chance of freedom if she told this drop-dead gorgeous pair about them.
What with the vampire auction and that nightmare descent of the cliff, she couldn’t take much more. Cassie had been a fool to think she could escape. Completely drained, she was at the werewolves’ mercy
Her imagination worked overtime. Wolves were pack animals. Suppose they decided to share her around the crew? The vampires certainly would have, and she didn’t expect werewolves to behave any better.
She cowered when Eli pulled a knife, but he sawed through the wet rope binding her to his brother. Her legs folded, and only Dane’s strong grip kept her upright. Sheaving his knife, Eli swept her into his arms.
He gave her his best Pepsodent-white smile. “Foolish little princess, so eager to return to the vampires who will abuse you. You’re safe here, despite the unconventional start to our friendship.”
Like a half-drowned kitten, she dripped water onto his trousers. He smelled of summer breezes and crops ripening in the fields. So cold her teeth had stopped chattering, she let go of her fears and let Eli take charge. Heat flowed from his chest to hers, but it wasn’t enough. She felt like an ice cube lost at the back of a freezer.
He carried her through a narrow galley, and into the captain’s cabin. She’d expected twin bunks and a tiny space. Instead, this room reminded her of Nelson’s cabin on the HMS Victory. The back wall consisted of window panes, giving her a view of the distant cliffs. The view fascinated and delighted her but the cabin’s four-poster bed terrified her. It covered more than half the room and had enough room for three if not four.
Dane pulled towels from a trunk then tossed her one of his brother’s jumpers. “Get dry, princess then get into bed and warm up. We’re going to lock you in while we get underway in earnest, but we’ll be back with hot stew and a hot coffee soon.”
After living on half rations for a week, her mouth watered at the thought of a decent meal. That these dominant werewolves cared for her welfare stunned her. Then they offered her a coffee. Utter luxury.
Emotions set in, and tears filled her eyes. She broke into a cold sweat that turned her forehead clammy. She’d never felt so weary in her life—not even when she’d swum marathons.
Dane lifted her chin and gazed into her eyes. “Don’t cry, little human. You’re safe now.”
The intensity in his gaze felt like a shot of energy for her soul. It made her feel hot and tingly inside. She craved his touch, and maybe his kiss. A fresh set of shivers beset her. This time, they were more about her forbidden attraction for the werewolves than the cold.

Quick Quiz – About Kryssie 
Cat or dog
Either. I’ve had both and loved them to pieces

Tea or coffee
Coffee. I must be one of the few Brits that loathes tea.

Starter or desert
Starter, every time.

Steak or salmon
Oh, a hard one. I like either. Probably salmon. Then again, steak’s always good

Walk or ride
Assuming it’s a short journey, I’ll always walk. I live on the coast and try to walk on the beach every day.

Beach or mountain

Country or rock
A bit of both. I just enjoy music, whatever genre

Film or book
Always the book. I can picture it my way then.

Dc or Marvel
I always said I was a DC girl, but the Marvel films are better. Wonder woman excepted.

Vampire or Werewolf
Since most of my paranormal romances feature werewolves, I’ve got to say werewolf

About Kryssie Fortune
Kryssie lives by the beach and loses track of time when she writes. Her days are full of dashing regency rakes, former soldiers so handsome they make her drool, and the sexiest werewolves ever. The odd vampire makes it in there too, but when he does, he’s drop dead gorgeous.
Her pet hates are unhappy endings and cliff hangers. She guarantees you won’t find either in her books. Her books sizzle with sensual heat, but story always comes before sex. Even when part of a series, her books can be read as stand-alone romance.

Kryssie Fortune Social Media

Blog            http://kryssiefortune.blogspot.co.uk/
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