Wednesday, December 27, 2017

For the Curious - Lily and Cassie

The gang is back with more questions and answers. Today Lily and Cassie are on the hot seat. I always love hearing anything from Lily. Cassie's answer today, I believe, is the very core of domestic discipline. I believe it's why Cassie is the joyful, content woman she is.

Questions for Lily:

Can you ever see working for anyone else?

I can’t now. It would break my heart to leave these folks. I’ve worked for so many people in the past, but nothing like this bunch.

You seem to gravitate to the function of caretaker for so many people.  What does loyalty mean to you and how does it apply in the context of the the folks along the river?

Loyalty’s always been part of who I am. I’ve had many jobs in my life and I was loyal to each one. Trouble was, not everybody I worked for was loyal back. Now these folks at the river – law, I ain’t never seen anything like it in my life. If you was to hurt one of ’em I think you’d feel like the wrath of God done come down on you from everyone else out here. I reckon it was God Hisself brought me here. And I give Him thanks for it every day.

Cassie, how do you actually feel about Tom taking charge and spanking you?

You have asked two different questions here. I love Tom being in charge. I’m sure some are laughing now, because I seem to fight it so much. Truth is, his being in charge gives me the security to live my life to the fullest. With sturdy and safe guard rails one can run and leap and dance across a foot bridge, even if it’s over a yawning chasm. Without the guard rails, you would be creeping slowly across the bridge, nearly paralyzed with fear. Tom willingness to take charge gives me my guard rails.

How do I feel about him spanking me? For fun, I think it’s delightful. For discipline, I have given my consent and grudgingly admit to the occasional necessity. During the actual spanking I hate it.

If you have any questions for me or any of my characters I hope you'll ask them is comments or by email. Once we're past the holidays I expect the third in the Cal's Law series will be complete, so don't forget Cal and Jenny.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

BJ Wane - Master me, please

Master Me, please
BJ Wane

Looking down at Krista bound in the chair, holding her breath for his next move, his blood surged in a hot rush to his groin with one thought: Mine.

 Always happy to have BJ Wane. I think you'll be love this book. Here's just a taste.


Blurb – Master Me, please
Krista Matthews thought nothing could be harder than losing her husband and Master to suicide until the man he’d entrusted her care to left her also.  By the time Dr. Dax Hayes returned from an overseas, volunteer medical tour, she thought she was over his deflection and ready to re-immerse herself in the BDSM world she needed and missed so much without his help.  One scene proved how wrong she was and after Master Dax’s timely rescue, she agrees to let him tutor her back into the lifestyle.  She hadn’t counted on her growing feelings for the strict Dom or his refusal to take her over completely, like she craved.
Dr. Dax Hayes fell for Krista Matthews the minute he looked into her blue eyes and saw the sated, content look she shared with her husband, Dr. Kurt Matthews.  He managed to keep his feelings and lust under control until his friend and colleague asked him to join him in gifting Krista with a menage for her birthday.  Knowing it was a mistake, but unable to resist, Dax succumbs to the temptation of this one-time scene, never realizing where it would lead.  A year later, after sealing his fate with a questionable act, he flees on a guilt trip only to return and discover nothing had changed-he still wanted Krista Matthews with an ache that wouldn’t be assuaged by anyone else.  
Unable to resist stepping in when she gets herself in trouble, Dax again gives in to temptation and aids the one woman he can never have back into the lifestyle her submissive nature needed.  When Krista learns the truth, will her feelings be strong enough to forgive him, or did he gamble everything only to lose it all in the end?
DISCLAIMER: This book is intended for adults only. It contains elements of power exchange, BDSM, including explicit sexual scenes and anal play. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase this book.

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You had no trouble submitting to Master Dax.  That reminder got under Krista’s skin, and it didn’t help when she scanned the lot for her car and spotted Dax getting out of his.  The quick, startling stab of jealousy as she imagined him inside with someone else caught her off guard.  She’d never been plagued with that emotion before, why now?  She stood rooted in place and watched him walk straight toward her with purpose etched on his dark face instead of surprise at seeing her there.  Irritation bubbled over, eradicating her initial reaction.  Wasn’t it bad enough she couldn’t even bring herself to accept another Dom’s invitation tonight without the memory of last weekend intruding?  If he thought she’d turn around and join him in the club after the way he’d made it clear all week he wanted nothing to do with her, he had another think coming.  She may still crave dominance and thrive on submitting, but she wouldn’t be a doormat for any man to trample on.  
“Fancy seeing you here, Doctor Hayes,” Krista greeted him, proud of the way she could set aside the warm flush spreading through her body with his nearness well enough to keep her voice steady.  She missed the easy rapport they shared before he left.
“I thought you realized how unsafe these clubs can be for a woman alone?”  The rebuke, stated in his deep, firm voice made her square her shoulders and curse the compulsion to sink to her knees in apology for displeasing him.  It was yet another sign she’d waited too long to get her act together.
“It was never a problem before, I mean, before I met Kurt,” she clarified so he’d know she’d played before her marriage.  “Enjoy your evening, Doctor.”
“Cut the crap, Krista,” Dax snapped, his frustration evident in the way he tunneled those long fingers through his ink-black hair and his green eyes glittered with that undefinable emotion she didn’t understand.
“I’m not the one who asked for a different surgeon to assist, Dr. Hayes.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to get home.”
“Wait.”  The hand he laid on her upper arm burned her skin, her automatic halt at his command heated her face and the ripple of longing going through her head left her deflated.  It seemed she couldn’t win with him.
“Let’s talk.  Are you familiar with Casey’s diner?”
The invitation took Krista by surprise and she sucked in a breath as hope dashed away the remnants of her annoyance with him.  If he wanted to be just friends, she’d take it.  It would be better than the cool indifference he’d shown her the past few days.  “Anyone who’s been out past 2:00 am on a weekend night has been to Casey’s.”  The all-night diner boasted the best pie on this side of Miami.
“Meet me there.  Please.”
Since he was making an effort, so would she, Krista decided.  What could it hurt?  “Okay.  See you there.”  Stepping around him, she hastened to her car before common sense told her she was making a mistake and setting herself up to get hurt again.  Since when did common sense have anything to do with her desires?

I live in the Midwest with my husband and our two dogs.  I love dogs, enjoy spending time with my daughter, babysitting dogs and kids, reading and working puzzles.  We have traveled extensively throughout the states, Canada and just once overseas, but I much prefer being homebody.  I worked for a while writing articles for a local magazine but soon found my interest in writing for myself peaking.  My first book was strictly spanking erotica, but I slowly evolved to writing erotic spanking romance with a touch of suspense.  My favorite genre to read is suspense.

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