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Saturday Spankings - November 29

Happy Saturday! I hope everyone survived family, over eating and shopping and you’re ready to settle down and read some good Saturday Spankings snippets.  Personally, I’m in the process of hiding from Mistress Blake because I just had to go over a few sentences – I really needed Cassie and Allie to finish their conversation. 

This snippet, from Cassie’s River Living, take up near the end of the conversation between Cassie and Allie where they have discussed the acceptability of Ryan spanking Allie. Cassie has explained how spanking works in her and Tom’s marriage, but she in no way is trying to sway Allie towards the spanking lifestyle. Cassie puts it squarely back on Allie and Ryan.

“Well I know one thing, you two have to talk about this. I have no opinion of whether this would be something that would be right for your relationship, but it is something you both have to agree on. If you don’t agree, then it would be dead wrong for him to spank you. I know Tom would agree with that too.”
“Do you always agree when Tom spanks you?” she asked and I laughed again – the girl is quick.
“Let’s just say I have agreed in theory that Tom is the head of our family and yes, I have consented for him spanking me when he feels it’s necessary. That doesn’t mean I don’t often object and nearly always try to talk him out of it at the time.”
Oh and one more thing,” I told her as she headed toward her house. “If I find out you’ve been smoking again, I might spank you myself. That’s the one vice I managed to stay away from all my life and you better not start. You hear me?”
Allie laughed at me. “Don’t you have to get my permission too?” she asked.
“No,” I told her. “I’m old and I can get away with anything. You mind me now.” She went into her house laughing and shaking her head at me.

I hope you'll give the Cassie books a read.


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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Saturday Spanking - November 22

Welcome back to Saturday Spankings! I’m happy to tell you that there will be another Cassie book coming in early January and I’ll certainly be telling you more about that soon. Today’s snippet comes from Cassie’s River Living. Back in my snippet from October 11, we read that Cassie realized Tom had shared with Ryan his feelings that adult spanking can be a good foundation for a relationship. The next day Cassie has a long talk with Allie, explaining this part of her marriage from Cassie side.

Cassie does a good job with her explanation, but Allie is still confused about how she feels about the whole idea. In this book, beginning with this snippet, we see how a spanking relationship is born.

“Cassie, Ryan came to pick me up at work a couple of weeks ago. I was standing outside with the girls waiting. Both of them were smoking and when they offered me one, I just took it. It was no big deal, but Ryan nearly had a fit when he pulled up. He fussed all the way home and when we got out of the car, he popped me on the butt – hard, and said I need a good spanking and that if he saw me smoking again, he’d give me one.”
She went on, “The next day we talked. That was when he told me some of what Tom had told him about how it’s the man’s job to protect the women they love – even from themselves if necessary.”
That was certainly classic Tom.

I hope you'll give the Cassie books a read.


                   Don't forget the rest of the great snippets out here today. 

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Meet… sorry, it's just me today.

I know many of the writers here know each other well. I also know it’s intimidating when a new writer comes on the scene. You assume that you are the only one who doesn’t know everyone. I think new comers also feel that everyone who has published is an expert. I know I felt this way when I first got here. I’m finding out that my assumptions are not true. I’ve been published for almost a year now and despite the fact that everyone has been as friendly as can be, I still feel a little like an outsider and I’m as far from being an expert on publishing and promoting as you can get.

I’d like to do some interviews to help me get to know other and maybe it will help others too. I know we’re all trying to sell books and I what to features the books of those I hope to interview, but even more than the books I’d like to get to know the writer. I’m not asking for more information than you’re willing to share, I’m just trying to gather all the information that you are willing to share in one place rather than bits and pieces on FaceBook. I just feel that if I know the author, if I think of them as a friend, I'd have an added reason to buy their books.

I thought I’d interview me first, I’d like people to get to know me too. If anyone else is willing to be come and let us all get to know you better you’ll know the questions I’d like to ask.

PK Corey

Give us your basic bio, what ever you’re willing to let us know.

 I’ve been married for thirty-one years to Nick, the best guy in the world. I’m fifty-seven, and I have two amazing grown children. My son and his husband live in NYC and my daughter will be graduating from college this year. I’m a teacher who is looking forward to retiring next year and spending more time on my writing. I live in the southeast US.

When did you first realize that you were interested in the idea of spanking?

I’ve known since I was a little kid, as young as four or five. I began making up stories in my head when I wasn’t much older than that, and then as I reached adolescents they turned into more sexual fantasies. I had another whole world I lived in, another family… it was all very detailed and elaborate. I spent a lot of time in that ‘other’ world.

Were you spanked as a child? Whether yes or no, do you think this affected your interest?

I was, but rarely. I did not like it at all. I would avoid it at all cost. Mom had more of the temper and if you did something to make her mad you could expect a swat or two on the rear. Even less frequently dad would put us across his knee for a ‘spanking’, which probably consisted of only a few swats over clothes, with his hand. It was still more serious if Dad did it, because I knew I’d disappointed him.

I don’t feel it had any effect on my being a spanko. While I hated it in real life, I still made up spanking stories.

Did you, do you, or might you use spanking with your own children?

Yep, I did and I’m not embarrassed to say so. I used it very sparingly, but if they were around three, grinned at me and ran toward the road, or did something else they knew they weren’t supposed to do, they would get their behinds popped. Back talk got a swat on the butt, but I didn’t use it much at all after the age of five or six.

I would never ‘recommend’ spanking children, because while they’re so many of us who could use it as a rare discipline tool with out children, there are too many crazies out there would simply use it wrong with horrible results.

Are you in a relationship that includes spanking? How would you describe it?

My husband was blissfully ignorant of the spanking lifestyle until after twenty-three years of marriage I came out as a spanko and asked him to spank me. Before that, spanking me would no more have occurred to him that it would have to beat me with a baseball bat.  But he has since become an enthusiastic, if somewhat forgetful, spanker. While I’ve always fantasied about a little true discipline and power exchange, that won’t be happening with Nick and these days I very content with stress relief and erotic spankings.

When did you first begin writing spanking stories?

I have two answers here. I began ‘writing’ the stories when I was a kid. I called it day dreaming back then. But I would replay this in my head for years adding to them all the time. When I found blogs eight years ago I actually types out one of these long held stories and people like it. From then on, I was hooked on writing.

When did you first begin publishing? What caused you to jump in at that moment in time?

My first book, Cassie’s Space, came out in December of 2013. Publishing didn’t seem like a possibility to me. I was just happy others would come by my blog and comment. But I did finally put a book together, it was a friend who then gave me a push – and I still have the bruises of her fingerprints on my back – to send it to a publisher. When I hit ‘send’ for that first book I sat and cried for an hour. What had I done?

With so many wonderful writers here I can get confused as to who writes what. Would you list all the books you’ve published so far. I’m assuming most can be purchased through Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but let us know where else your books are available.

I write the Cassie series. These books are about a mature woman who is more active than many half her age. Her wonderful husband, Tom tries his best to keep her out of trouble by keeping her across his knee much of the time. But Cassie manages to spent enough with her friends, Sue, Annie and Allie you can always could on more trouble to come.

 My books can be found at Blushing Books, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


*Blushing Books has just accepted the fifth Cassie book! More about this soon.

It was just me to day but on December 2, I get to interview Meredith O'Reilly! I'll be asking more of you to come if you will and, please, if anyone is willing send me an email at

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Saturday Spanking - November 15

I’m happy to welcome you back here for Saturday Spankings.  This is a busy weekend for me. I’m heading out of town to do some Christmas shopping and I’ll be late getting around to all the great snippets this weekend, but I’ll do my best.

As much as I like the relationship between Cassie and Tom, I enjoy the dynamics between Cassie and Sue also. Last week Sue had brought over a DVD that turned out to be true porn. When it was accidently turned on as everyone gathered together, the husbands were not impressed. Although everyone calmed down and stayed to watch a more appropriate movie, Tom impressed upon Cassie that she should have refused to watch any of it when Sue had first brought it over – Tom and his ideas of ladylike behavior! Cassie got a spanking, though not a harsh one. Still she told Tom she shouldn’t have gotten spanked since none of it had been her fault. This annoyance turned to outrage the next morning when she finds out Sue did not get spanked.

 “Well actually, no. I was able to talk him out of a spanking last night. Why, did you get spanked?” Sue asked with a chuckle.

What? Yes, I got spanked. You were the one who brought that trash in and I got spanked but you didn’t?” I could not believe the injustice. “And just how did you talk him out of that?” I asked in a clipped tone, trying to control my outrage.
“Well, Cassie honey,” she said leaning toward me, whispering as if she were bringing sage wisdom down from the mountain. “Next time you need to distract your man, just offer to try something we saw in that movie.”

I hope you'll give the Cassie books a read.


                   Don't forget the rest of the great snippets out here today.