Sunday, September 15, 2013

What is sexy?

I believe one of the reasons I enjoy Saturday Spanking Snippets so much is being able to read the many different styles of writing. I’ve wanted to write since I was a child. Unfortunately, there was a high school trauma – I made the mistake of writing a story that I truly cared about and was slapped down so severely by a teacher, there was no writing attempted from the age of sixteen until just before my fiftieth birthday.

At that time I just began writing down all the stories Cassie had told me over the years.  The encouragement I received through comment helped me greatly. Once I really began thinking of turning Cassie into a real book I gave some of my stories to my vanilla friend to get their reactions.  Since then knew my writing was something I was sharing with them in private, I’m sure they began reading it thinking it was some type of porn.

Most of my vanilla friends were of the same opinion – they liked Cassie (but very wrongly viewed her as somewhat of a wimp), they didn’t like Tom and they all thought it needed more graphic sex. There comments made me stop and think about what I was writing and whom I was writing for.

Of course, as writers we what to think everyone likes our work. For me I know I’m writing for those who appreciate a good spanking story. Cassie and Tom’s marriage is what a long term dd marriage should look like in my mind.  When I read a good spanking scene, it is sexy. I like a realistic reason for the spanking, a build up of tension, removing the clothing, choosing an implement, the anticipation, the actual spanking and the aftercare and reconnection all just ooze sex for me.

Cassie’s book seem sexy to me, but if the reader is looking for whose fingers are where and when, they won’t find it. As I said before, Cassie is telling this story herself and her description are usually more sensual than detailed oriented. I tried, in my choice for my Saturday Spanking snippet this week to show what I view as sexy in Cassie's stories.  My twenty year old daughter will be invited to read Cassie’s Space and I’ve promised to let my mom’s old friends (in their eighties) know when it comes out. I might not be as comfortable if Cassie was too descriptive in her sex scenes.

This is learning experience for me and anyone who has thoughts or opinions on this 'detail or not' question are more than welcomed to share your thoughts and expertise with me.


  1. Aww I'm sorry you had that bad experience..

    When I was in 7th & 8th grade I had an English teacher.. in 7th grade I hated her. In 8th grade I loved her.. I don't know if I grew up or what...I was horrible in English with verbs, adverbs , quotation marks etc.. long story short we had to write a short fiction it only had to be 2 pages...Well I had started writing when I was 11. I wrote a kids fiction story and it was pretty much done but way more than 2 pages..the next day I took it to her and she was shocked...Well I had her for English early in the day then a study hall mid day and another class end if day (yes 3x).

    Anyway the last class she stopped me as I was leaving and said "in my 20yrs of teaching I've never seen this talent, of course it needs a lot of editing we both laughed..

    she told me she realized I didn't get English but I knew how to write..I wrote another book and past her class with an A..Both my books are in that schools library... however life got in the way and after high school I didn't write again until 3yrs ago...

    I love Cassie and think you do a great job Don't worry about the sex in it lol the 80 yr old ladies will appreciate it more than you know..I'm sure Cassie will take them back to young again..

    lol I always reply with a book to you sorry

    1. Daisy,
      You can write me a book any time! Thank you for coming by and commenting. New blogs seem lonely somehow.

      And that's what I'm hoping - that Cassie will let spanko of all ages enjoy a story and a couple they can share without it being too racy.

  2. I am sorry for your childhood experience. As we know, teachers have an amazing impact on their students. Encouragement and direction ought to have been provided to spark your interest rather than breaking your dream. I am so glad you are writing again now. You do such a lovely job of telling the story of Cassie and Tom. You don't need explicit details of sex for it to feel sexy, romantic, and a love story. :-) Hugs

    1. Terps,
      As a teacher I'm very aware of the influence we may have good or bad on our students. I always try to remember this experience.

      Thanks for the compliment, Cassie and Tom are in to romance and love, I'm glad that is coming through.

  3. PK,
    I think Cassie does a wonderful job, we all know the mechanics of sex, she does the feelings very well.
    But I may be just a tad prejudiced.
    My English teacher was a wonderful woman, she endowed me with a love for English, and not a little resistance to change.
    Sixty five years later, I still think of her with gratitude and a great deal of reverence.
    Love and warm hugs,

    1. Paul,
      I'm glad you think Cassie does her writing well whether you're prejudice or not.

      I had some wonderful teachers, that one did not do me any favors, however.

  4. You have to write what you're comfortable writing. They are your stories and the key is what works for you.

    And it is unfortunate that the incident stopped you from writing for so long. The good thing is that you resumed writing.


    1. Love seeing you here FD, I guess alls well that ends well.

  5. I'm very near 80. Don't worry about us old ladies, if we haven't heard about it, read about it, thought about it, wanted to try it or done it, it probably doesn't exist. All of you nice young people are here because of something our generation did.

    1. And Patty you need to know we THANK YOU! I guess in my mind, because many experienced so much you'll easily know what Cassie is experiencing and a blow by blow isn't necessary. And I especially want young people to know that sex and passion doesn't end because you get wrinkles or gray hair.