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Saturday Spanking - Ready

Welcome back to Saturday Spankings. I’ll soon be telling you more about my upcoming book, Searching for Home – the fourth in the Cal’s Law series. Cal and Jenny have come a long way in a short time. Today’s snippet is from the second Cal’s Law book, Becoming Family.
Cal and Jenny are finally ‘together’ and Jenny feels they’ve wasted enough time. Letting herself into Cal’s house quietly, she is delighted to find him in the shower.

“Thank goodness, I thought I was going to have to wait for you to undress,” Jenny told him.
Whipping back the curtain Cal stood scowling in all his naked glory. “You shouldn’t sneak up on a lawman,” he told her sternly, but his face softened as he saw what she had on. “But then again, who am I to complain?”
Watching Cal’s erection swell even as he stood looking at her, she asked him, “Is that a cannon you got there or are you just happy to see me?” 
Cal burst out laughing, “I hadn’t taken you for a Mae West fan.”
“Trust me there are tons of things you don’t know about me,” Jenny told him.
Cal toweled off quickly and pulled her to him for a long kiss before ushering her back to the bedroom. “You already know I like doing this part myself, don’t you?” Cal asked as he stared at her bra and panties. He unhooked the bra one handed, which caused Jenny to smile as he pulled the straps down her arms. She loved the way his eyes lit up as he fully exposed her breasts and cupped them. Jenny shivered as he gently rolled her erect nipples between his thumb and finger.
Jenny pressed her legs together as she felt wetness begin to flow. “Hurry,” she whimpered, “I can’t stand it. I’ve been thinking about you all afternoon.

Cal's Law Series:

Cal's Law (book one)
Becoming Family (book two)

Educating Jenny (book three)Cassie Space series:

Cassie's Space (book one)   
Cassie's Tale (book two)                       
Cassie on the Move (book three)          
Cassie's River Living (book four)        
Cassie's Conflict (book five)
Cassie's Influence (book six)
Cassie's Ordeal (book seven)
Cassie Corralled (book eight)
Cassie's Road Trip (book nine)
Cassie's Life (book ten)

Paperbacks can be found here

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Felicity Brandon - Forbidden

Forbidden by Felicity Brandon
A Dark Necessities Prequel– Book Three

Nobody survives Ethan Reilly…

 #DarkRomance #Paranormal #Psychological #BDSM #Thriller #GothicRomance

Universal Buy link:


Once upon a time, I was a monster.

A predator who seized women just to get my kicks.

And then along came Lily. Lily—the light that chased my demons away.
Consumed with love for her, I finally put the sins of those torrid times behind me, until one dark day, everything changes.
I’m lured back into the shadows, the monster awoken again and now it will take every ounce of Lily’s submission to pull me back from the brink.
My betrayal sends our lives into a spiral of despair, and with justice looming on the horizon, it’s time we faced The End. 

Forbidden is a gripping, powerful, and emotional page turner with a breathtaking climax for fans of dark romance with a twist of true crime. It is the third in The Dark Necessities Prequels trilogy.


The rhythmic patting at her clit which could so easily lull Lily into somewhere heavenly if only Ethan would allow it to continue for long enough vanished again, replaced by a hard strike to her pussy instead. She screamed this time, permitting the pent-up energy coursing around her body to be liberated as the pain spiked, but as soon as the sound was out, the gentle crop was back. Teasing her, luring her and forcing Lily back into the realms of pleasure again.
Oh, sir. She tried to gather her scattering thoughts.
Only Ethan could do this. Only he could make her feel this way. One moment he makes an admission that should shock her to the core, and the next he has her back against the ropes again, hurting her and pleasing her—all at the same time.
“Is that good?” he asked with a laugh, but all Lily could do was blink in response.
He had a fistful of her hair and she could barely move her head, and all she could think about was that relentless little tapping at her clit.
Tap, tap, tap.
Each soft lick goading her, and drawing her body closer and closer to ecstasy. 
And then the burgeoning pleasure was gone, and he brought he crop back down hard against her wetness instead, eliciting an even louder, guttural cry from her stretched lips.
“I said, is that good?”
Ethan’s voice was demanding.
Yes, sir.
She forced her reeling thoughts to answer him. Yes, sir. More. Please.
The sound of his dark laughter enveloped her as the tapping resumed, his hand tightening against her scalp.
“You’re going to come for me like this, pet,” he snarled from somewhere over her head.
Oh God. He was right, and Lily’s eyes squeezed shut in response. Much more of this and she was going to come. It was so good. It was all so good. All the pain and intensity of it. The way he was immobilizing her, the collar at her neck and the fucking horrible gag in her mouth. It was maddening, but it was working, pulling her rebellious body toward the highs that only Ethan had access to. The crop continued its magic, making her gasp and clench around the plastic in her mouth and the long plastic shaft still shoved into her arse. The aching fullness taunted her, reminding her who owned her body as Ethan’s crop tormented her clit through the hair of the tail he forced her to wear.
“That’s right.”
She blinked her eyes open at the sound of his growl, but Lily could barely take in anything. She didn’t see the garden furniture stacked neatly in front of her, or the numerous potted plants she’d been growing out here for years.
All there was now was Ethan and his wonderful darkness, and the knowledge that he was going to make her succumb. 
It was only a matter of time.
“That’s right,” he told her again. “You’re mine, little pet. Mine to leash, mine to plug and mine to torture.”
Yes, sir.
“Tell me!”
I’m yours.
Oh fuck, Ethan. I’m yours, sir. She screeched the words as powerfully as she could from her head into his.
“And who owns this arse?” he demanded, tapping the crop against the base of the plug wedged into her behind.
Lily moaned at the change of tact. Her body missing the clitoral stimulation, yet the tremors he sent through the plug nearly made her come anyway.
You own it, Ethan.
She wanted to turn her head and see him, but the fist in her hair was having none of it. There was no moving. There was no independent thought.
There was only Ethan.
Ethan’s will and Ethan’s way.
“And this cunt?” he mused out loud, dragging the crop south from the butt plug to her dripping wet pussy. “Who owns this, Lily?”
Her breaths were coming out in short, sharp bursts by now, her mind struggling to keep up with the multitude of sensations he was creating throughout her body.
You! she yelled as she blinked at the hand-crafted pots. You own it, sir.
Ethan lifted the crop and Lily just had time to gasp before it came crashing down against her pussy again, the pain now morphing straight into heat as her body sought out the pleasure it knew it deserved.
He chuckled ominously at that thought.
“Oh, you deserve it baby,” he agreed as he spanked her pussy with the crop again. “And don’t you worry, I’m going to give it to you.”

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Saturday Spankings - What's in a Dream?

Welcome to Saturday Spankings! I’m excited to announce I have a new book coming soon – Searching for Home, the fourth in the Cal’s Law series. This book should be out near the end of September.  I’m going to put up a few snippets from the first three book with the hopes of enticing you to try them if you haven’t.
Today’s snippet comes from the first book, Cal’s Law. Jenny and Sheriff Cal met under the most unusual circumstances. Circumstances that left a huge impression on them both. So much so that, as Cal tries for a little more sleep that night, Jenny is in his dreams. 

He was walking down a street late in the evening, checking the doors of the stores to make sure they were locked up for the night. The door of the third store down opened noiselessly in his hand and instinctively he pulled his gun as he entered. He quietly followed the dim light he saw near the back of the store. He saw a woman with her back to him, dressed only in panties and bra. The lavender panties were see-through and cupped her perfectly formed ass. She was holding up different panties and discarding them until she found one she liked, those she dropped into a black gym bag on the floor.
“Keep your hands where I can see them, don’t move,” Cal demanded in the dream.
Ignoring his commands, the woman turned. It was Jenny – the same dark hair, the same beautiful blue eyes, same dusty-rose colored lips. Cal put the gun down to his side, asking, “What are you doing here?”
“I had to have new panties and I didn’t have any money. I was stealing them. Are you going to spank me again?”
Cal nodded.
“On my bare bottom?” she asked.
Again Cal nodded.
He watched eagerly and Jenny slowly slid the panties over her glorious ass and down her long legs. Turning she lay herself across the lingerie table grabbing the other side spreading her legs and presenting to him. He could see just a hint of her sex glistening in anticipation.
Taking a step toward her he reached out to caress her perfect globes…
The alarm clock yanked him from the dream with cruel abruptness. He slapped at it knocking it from the nightstand, but it was too late. He sat on the side of the bed breathing hard. What the hell? 
“Another minute of that and I’d had to wash the fucking sheets,” he muttered to himself. He closed his eyes trying to recapture the scene. She’d looked so beautiful. He knew she was a pretty girl, but surely the dream had enhanced all her … assets. 
Cal shook his head trying to clear it. He needed a shower, and some coffee and a little sanity wouldn’t hurt either.

Cal's Law Series:

Cal's Law (book one)
Becoming Family (book two)
Educating Jenny (book three)Cassie Space series:

Cassie's Space (book one)   
Cassie's Tale (book two)                       
Cassie on the Move (book three)          
Cassie's River Living (book four)        
Cassie's Conflict (book five)
Cassie's Influence (book six)
Cassie's Ordeal (book seven)
Cassie Corralled (book eight)
Cassie's Road Trip (book nine)
Cassie's Life (book ten)

Paperbacks can be found here

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Valerie Ullmer - Cameron & Rylan

Cameron & Rylan (A Chance Meeting Novel Book One)
Valerie Ullmer

Genre:  New Adult M/M Romance

I'm very happy to have Valerie Ullmer here at the Reading Room today. I find the premise this book intriguing. I think this will be a great read.


Cameron Hayes believed himself to be a dedicated friend and a good son but destined to be alone.  Because in his twenty-one years, he’d never fallen for anyone. Dating never appealed to him when he would rather spend a night at home.  Despite his friend’s best intentions for Cameron to find a hookup for the night, he stayed at the bar as he nursed a beer. And that’s when Cameron spotted him and everything he knew evaporated with one look.
Rylan Ellis wanted one night out without complications.  To forget about his overwhelming responsibilities and stress at home.  He loved to lose himself in the music and ignore everyone around him. But when he happened a glance at the bar and spotted the tall, broad, and sexy-as-sin man, he felt drawn to him.
Soon, Cameron and Rylan learn about each other and establish their lives together.  They also have to deal with a group of well-meaning friends, loving parents, and unexpected friendships.  But most of all, a dangerous threat that could tear their lives apart.
Will a chance meeting turn into something more?
This novel contains heavy attraction at first sight and first-time gay sex between two men.  There is no cheating or cliffhangers and ends with a happily ever after.


“Are you okay?”
Rylan swallowed at Cameron’s concern and nodded.  “Are you sure you still want me to move in?” The look of concern on Cameron’s face made his throat feel tight.
“I want you safe but more than that, I want you in my life.  I still want you very much to move in with me.”
“Yes to both.  I… I want that.”
Cameron’s gaze dropped to his mouth and paused for a long minute before he met Rylan’s gaze.  “Can I kiss you?”
Oh, yes, please.
Unable to force the words past his throat, he nodded instead.
Rylan not knowing what to expect, couldn’t prevent the shiver when Cameron cupped his face.  He moaned aloud when Cameron’s lips grazed over his lower one. Cameron took his time exploring, searching and yet not deepening the kiss as he passed over Rylan’s lips with his own.
“Rylan,” Cameron breathed.
That one word was all it took.
“I’ve wanted nothing more.”  Cameron tilted his mouth as he pressed their lips together, causing Rylan’s entire world to tilt on its axis.
Rylan gripped Cameron’s hips tighter in his hold, pulling him closer, as Cameron slid his tongue over the seam of his lips, asking for permission to enter.  Rylan eagerly opened, savoring the taste of peppermint and black coffee as Cameron deepened the kiss and stole Rylan’s breath in the same moment.
When they broke off and dragged in deep breaths, Cameron moved his lips behind his ear before he explored Rylan’s neck.  Rylan tilted his head back, giving him access and drawing sensations from his untried body that left him throbbing.
Rylan never knew his neck and the area behind his ear would turn him into mush.  He bit his lip to prevent a moan from escaping his throat, but Cameron bit his earlobe and spoke.
“Let me hear you.”
“You’re driving me crazy.”
“Now you know how I felt the moment I spotted you on the dance floor.  For me, that’s saying something.”
Before Rylan could form a thought to reply, Cameron moved his mouth over Rylan’s and he lost himself to the sensations that shivered throughout his body.  Cameron’s growl absorbed his moan as he deepened the kiss, pulling him closer to his hard body.
Rylan’s eyes fluttered closed, unable to keep his eyes on the sexy-as-sin sight of Cameron’s flushed face.  The kiss turned into an inferno and Rylan could feel his cock swelling in his sweats and he knew if Cameron stepped closer, he would experience Rylan’s excitement first hand.
He opened for Cameron’s exploration and instead of the intense sensations of an aggressive kiss, Cameron’s slowed his movements as his tongue explored him until he was panting and all thoughts disappeared.  There were only the sensations Cameron drew from him.


Valerie writes paranormal and contemporary romances with strong alpha males and brilliant, beautiful heroines. She lives in Denver, Colorado with her wonderfully supportive husband and their funny and wise black lab. She's addicted to coffee, crime shows, and reading and writing character driven romances.


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Saturday Spanking - Forecasting problems ahead

Welcome to Saturday Spankings! I hope you’ll take the time to read my snippet on this hot day. My books aren’t as ‘hot’ as some you’ll find, but it does depict a true love story with plenty of loving domestic discipline.
Today’s snippet come from the fifth in the Cassie Space series, Cassie’s Conflict. Cassie is furious with a woman at the club. After a run-in with her Cassie heads to Sue’s to vent. Dear Sue is ready with martinis made. Somehow I don’t think Tom will be too happy with the way the ladies spent their afternoon. 

Piecing things together later, Steve must have come in somewhere near the end of the second pitcher of martinis. He was there for a milder version of our earlier conversation, still plenty of cursing, threats on Clara’s car and lawn and the occasional song. After standing and listening to us for a relatively short period of time, he went to the other room and called Tom. I heard all about the conversation later.
“Hey, Tom, you home yet?” Steve asked.
“No, I’ll be there in about fifteen minutes. What’s up?”
“Well, I think you better come by our house and collect Cassie first.” 
Tom was on instant alert. “What’s wrong? Is she hurt?”
“Oh no,” Steve assured him. “In fact, I would say neither one of our wives is feeling any pain.”
Tom was quiet for a minute then said, “Are you telling me she’s drunk?” Drunk was much too harsh a word. I was a bit tipsy perhaps, but I was not drunk.“I’ll be right there,” Tom went on, not waiting for Steve to say any more. “Did she drive over?”
“Her keys are in my pocket,” he assured Tom. “I stole them right out of her purse before I called you.”
By the time Tom arrived, I was feeling so relaxed I didn’t even have the good sense to be worried. I was just delighted to see my husband and without regard to the fact that we even owned an ivory hairbrush, I told him about my run-in with Clara and all our delightful plans of getting even. Tom let me ramble on. As I wound down, he quietly said, “I think it’s time to go home.”

Cassie Space series:

Cassie's Space (book one)   
Cassie's Tale (book two)                       
Cassie on the Move (book three)          
Cassie's River Living (book four)        
Cassie's Conflict (book five)
Cassie's Influence (book six)
Cassie's Ordeal (book seven)
Cassie Corralled (book eight)
Cassie's Road Trip (book nine)
Cassie's Life (book ten)

Paperbacks can be found here

    Cal's Law Series:

Cal's Law (book one)
Becoming Family (book two)
Educating Jenny (book three)

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