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Getting to know Sue Lyndon - march 10

I’m very happy to have Sue Lyndon here today. This woman can write! I’m always impressed as I read her works and then just seeing how many books she has written and in so many genres – contemporary, western, sci-fi, age play – I am amazed. Sue is a writer who can to it all. I’m very please today to let you learn more about…

(Okay, I didn't ask this particular question, but it's still true.)

Sue Lyndon

Give us your basic bio, whatever you’re willing to let us know.

Good morning, PK, and thanks for having me! Hmm…let’s see. I live in Maryland with my husband, our three daughters, and our little dog. I write full time and I love it! Most of my writing is published under this name, however I have three other names that I publish under from time to time, so I’m always wishing for more hours in the day. When I’m not writing, spending time with my wonderful husband, or wrangling the kids, I enjoy scrapbooking, crocheting, reading (usually something naughty!), and re-watching my favorite TV shows from my childhood. Right now I’m watching Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, and totally crushing on Sully all over again. J

When did you first realize that you were interested in the idea of spanking?

Oh gosh, some of my earliest memories revolve around being excited just from hearing someone talk about spanking, or seeing a spanking in an old Western movie, or reading a brief spanking scene from a book. Not sure how old I was, but I was pretty young when this all started. I also remember playing with my Barbies and making Ken tie Barbie up and spank her. Sometimes he made her stand in the corner too, LOL.

When did you first begin writing spanking stories?

Four years ago. I was working on a fantasy novella (Karyn and the Crigon) and my heroine lost her temper and slapped the hero. It only made sense for him to respond by spanking her, and I decided to go for it, change the plot around, and make the book a spanking romance. After that I started writing more spanking stories than any other genre.

How comfortable are you with people in your real life knowing that you write spanking fiction? Does everyone know, a select few, or do you try to keep it private?

All of my friends and most of my family know that I write “naughty” stories. The ones who are curious enough to check out my books after I tell them my pen name know I write spanking fiction, but the ones who don’t know how to use the Internet (LOL like my mother) don’t know the specifics of what I write, just that it’s naughty. If I didn’t tell people I wrote books for a living, they would probably think I sat at home all day watching soap operas, so I like to be honest about what I do with my time.

Some people don’t like to be labeled in only one area, but do you feel your writing is in a particular category.

I enjoy writing many different subgenres of spanking fiction, from sci fi to contemporary to fantasy to western. My first medieval romance will release in a couple of weeks, so I’m excited about that! I think it depends on my mood when I’m brainstorming a story. I like darker themes in writing sometimes, and that’s easier to do with a dystopian story. But sometimes I’m up for something light and maybe a little funny, and that’s easier to do with contemporary or a holiday-themed story. All my stories end up being pretty kinky though…no matter the subgenre of spanking fiction I’m writing.

Do you think you might someday like to branch out and write something totally different (or do you), either within the spanking fiction world or something else completely?

I started out by writing science fiction and fantasy short stories and sold some to a few magazines and online publications before I ever started writing spanking fiction. Now and then I still write something totally vanilla, and I’m thinking about spending some time in the near future rewriting the first novel I ever wrote, which was a space opera. Sometimes I need a break from spanking fiction and like to work on other genres, even if I’m just writing a piece of sci fi flash fiction.

When did you first begin publishing? What caused you to jump in at that moment in time?

2011. I was going back to school for nursing and my mother was watching my kids while I went to classes. My grandparents got sick so my mother had to take care of them, which meant she could no longer watch my kids, and unless I wanted to pay for childcare for three kids (which we couldn’t afford), I had to take some time off school. This little voice started whispering to me saying “you should finally write a book!” so I started writing in 2010 and my first stories were published in 2011. I decided I wanted to be a writer and never went back to school.

What is your best advice on how to promote?

I think networking with other authors who write in your genre is very important. It takes a village to promote a book. Make friends, help spread the word about other authors’ books, and maintain a presence on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and a blog/website are the bare essentials). Visit other writers’ blogs and invite them to visit you. Keep in mind that it takes a while to network and to build a fan base, so be patient and keep writing. Most of all… have fun!

With so many wonderful writers here I can get confused as to who writes what. Would you list all the books you’ve published so far. I’m assuming your books can be purchased through Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but let us know where else they are available.

All of my books are available on Amazon and many are also available on Barnes and Noble, All Romance, Kobo, and Blushing Books.

Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Dystopian Spanking Romances:

Big Blue Valentine
Surrender (Alien Warriors, Book One)
Commander’s Slave (Alien Warriors, Book Two)
Claiming Their Maiden
Karyn and the Crigon
Taming Princess Anna
Rules of War (Rules of War, Book One)
Rules of Command (Rules of War, Book Two)
Daman’s Ward (Jackson Settlement, Book One)
Shana’s Guardian (Jackson Settlement, Book Two)

Contemporary Spanking Romances:

Her Old-Fashioned Doctor
What the Doctor Ordered box set
Maid to Submit
Breaking His Rules
Coming to Terms anthology
Milestones anthology
Report for Punishment
Dark Without You
Mountain Devil
Valentine Submission
Tessa’s Submission
Christmas with the Professor
Marry Me in Montana
Mine by Christmas Holiday Collection
Snowed in with Santa
It Takes a Dom Collection
Halloween Heat VI

Western Spanking Romances:

A Firm Husband (Wyoming Heat, Book One)
A Strict Husband (Wyoming Heat, Book Two)

Age Play:

Becoming Little Lexie
Hanna’s Awakening
His Naughty Little Mate
The Girl, the Doctor, and the Texas Ranger

 My latest release is a short and naughty sci-fi romance called Big Blue Valentine. Here’s a little more about it:
It’s probably not smart to turn a powerful alien prince blue on purpose, but when
Princess Minnie thinks her husband, Zak, forgot Valentine’s Day, she impulsively squeezes a lemon slice into his drink. She knows full well the effect lemon has on Aklannians. Now it’s just a matter of time before his golden skin turns a brilliant shade of blue. She plots to have him called back from Parliament so she can confess her naughtiness to him in private, but the scheme blows up in her face.

Prince Zak can’t believe someone slipped lemon into his drink, causing him to postpone his Valentine’s Day surprise for Minnie. But he’s even more stunned to discover his own wife is behind his sudden change in color. Big, blue, and infuriated, he storms through the palace halls in search of his wayward princess. She has some explaining to do.

Note: This story contains a mischievous human girl who delights in all things Valentine’s Day, a hunky alien prince who doesn’t take kindly to being turned blue, a bit of spanking, and other naughty scenes that are out of this world. Please don't buy this book if such material offends you.
*Big Blue Valentine is available for just 99 cents and it’s FREE to borrow for Kindle Unlimited members*
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  1. Hi PK and Sue, great interview and I enjoyed your answers Sue. I used to LOVE Dr. Quinn ... and Sully lol.


  2. Thanks so much for having me today, PK! :)