Sunday, February 7, 2016

Any questions for Cassie and friends?

There is a big interview coming - I'll be giving you the link as to when and where soon. This isn't an interview with me. No, this interview is with the whole Cassie gang. If you've read any of the books you may know a great deal as to Cassie's views on things, but now everyone is talking.

We want to open this up to interested readers, do you have any questions for Sue or Annie? How about Allie or Ryan? And surely some of you have questions for Tom - everyone is willing to talk. If you do have any questions please leave them in comment and we'll squeeze some answers from these folks.


  1. Thinking.... I will have some to ask!

  2. Dear Tom,
    As a Taken-in-hand who has a vehement hatred for the vicious hairbrush, I have one question: WHY THE BRUSH?? Isn't the hand sufficient, Tom? Hmmm? ;)

    1. I'll definitely ask him and get his answer back to you!