Saturday, April 30, 2016

Saturday Spankings - Questions

I’m glad you’re back for more Saturday Spanking. I’m sticking with Cassie Corralled this week.
Last week Tom took Cassie to task for spending the afternoon with a woman he had clearly told her stay away from years ago. The next day Lily’s curiosity is at it’s peak.

“Well what’s wrong with that woman, why does Mr. Tom feel the way he does, and why did you look like you were being marched off to an execution last night and why was your friends so upset for you?

Cassie gives her a brief explanation of the history she and Janet shared. But then Lily begins to question Cassie about things she prefers to keep secret.

 “Now why were you so upset when Mr. Tom wanted to talk to you last night? Miss Sue and Miss Annie was upset too.”
I took a step back and quickly broke eye contact. There was no way I was having that conversation with Lily. “You’re imagining things,” I told her. “I have to get my shower.” And I was out of there. I lingered over my shower, make up and dressing. Lily was in a probing mood and until reinforcements arrived I was steering clear.

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Cassie Corralled (book 8)

    Cassie is still living life to the fullest, telling Allie about long ago shooting incidents, and playing laser tag with the children. Tom keeps an amused, yet watchful, eye on his lovely wife. He tries to be tolerant of Cassie’s fun loving ways, but when she decides to spend the day with people she met through the Internet, without letting him or the girls know of her plans, Tom sees red. Tired of Cassie constantly putting herself in possible danger Tom decides to hire a driver. Cassie immediately sees this plan for what it really is. Tom wants to hire a bodyguard / watchdog / babysitter for Cassie. That’s something Cassie won’t tolerate and after quickly packing a bag, she’s gone with a roar of the engine. In this case Cassie is determine to have her way – and so is Tom, the final decision may change life on the river forever.

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  1. Yeah, not an easy conversation to have with someone who doesn't practice, but it makes for a great story and snippet.

    1. They can't keep it from Lily forever, but Cassie sure doesn't want to address it alone.

  2. Great snippet PK. Definitely a awkward moment. Don't blame Cassie for getting out of there.


    1. Not sure how long this will last. Lily is worse than a blood hound.

  3. Lily has her hands full trying to rein in Cassie and her cohorts. She really is Tom's right hand woMAN.

    1. How on earth did poor Cassie and Sue get stuck with someone MORE strict than Tom?

  4. Oooh, that's gonna be a tricky conversation! I feel like Lily is not gonna let this go! Love this snippet!!

    1. Lily is way to curious for Cassie's own good!

  5. Very awkward! Outsiders just don't understand!