Saturday, August 27, 2016

Saturday Spankings - Spankings cause tears

What better place to celebrate a new book coming out than here on Saturday Spankings? Cassie’s Road Trip should be available by Tuesday at the latest and you better know I’ll be posting the buy links as soon as they’re up and running.
An annoyed Tom request Cassie accompany him to the bedroom. Startled, Lily realized he’s planning to spank her and immediately tries to talk him out of it. Lily is definitely not a fan of the ‘spanking lifestyle’. Cassie weathered the spanking like the old pro she is, but she was not ready for Lily’s reaction.

Lily went back to the kitchen and her silence was filling the room. I didn’t know what to say to her. I decided to try her cure-all and I went to give her another hug. She accepted it, but quickly turned away when I let go. I looked at her in surprise, “Lily!” I exclaimed, “you’re crying. What’s wrong?”
“I’m not crying!” she barked at me and then, grabbing a dishtowel to cover her face began crying in earnest. I was at a total loss and I needed reinforcements.
Grabbing my phone, I called Sue. “Can you come up here quick, I need help!”
“On my way,” was all I heard before she hung up. We know each other’s voices so well she knew that there was no crisis, but she didn’t hesitate.
I was still patting Lily on the shoulder as she sat crying when Sue arrived minutes later. One glance and she was on me, “What did you do to Lily!” she demanded.
“I didn’t do anything!” I cried. “It was Tom.”
Sue’s eyes flashed true anger, “What did he say to her.”
I rolled my eyes, exasperated at the both of them. “He didn’t say anything to her, he spanked me and she started crying.”
“Good grief, Lily,” Sue told her, beginning to grin, “When he spanks her ass, she’s supposed to cry not you.”

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  1. Love that last line. Made me laugh. I can understand Lily's confusion, but it looks like Sue and Cassie are going to be able to clear things up for her.

    1. She's going to have to get used to this lifestyle pretty quick if she's going to be around Cassie and Tom much.

  2. Enjoyed this PK,love Cassie's "it wasn't me it was Tom" and Sue's reply is priceless. Fun snippet :)


    1. Well we all know nothing is Cassie's fault! I do love Sue.

  3. What a wonderful snippet with a great twist! Lily's reaction makes sense to me.

    1. I guess it's hard on a third party not directly involved, but someone that cares nonetheless.

  4. Replies
    1. I do love a little humor with my spanking and love story.