Saturday, November 12, 2016

Saturday Spankings - A little prank

Such a long week. I’m so glad to be able to think about Saturday Spanking and have snippets to read. I need a vacation from reality. I hope you’ll take advantage too.
In this snippet from Cassie’s Road Trip, Cassie and Sue (well mostly Sue) had pulled a prank on Lily that they had enjoyed immensely, Lily less so. Tom and Steve took both girls off to separate room for a little impromptu discipline.  

That spoon wasn’t nearly as heavy as the one we have at home, but he used it long enough for the sting to be significant. When Tom finally let me stand I reached to rub, but he stopped me. “I want you to at least feel that until you go apologize sincerely to Lily, that was a terrible prank to play on her.”
Then bursting out laughing he added, “She looked so funny when we came in, I wish you could have seen her expression.” Regaining his composure, he added, “Now you go apologize, but don’t think this is over with one little paddling.” I looked at him, puzzled.
“I want you to know how seriously I take pranks in general and against Lily in particular. After dinner tonight I’m going to strip you naked,” he was saying softly into my ear, “I’m going to lay you across the bed and then I’m going to remove my belt and you’re going to feel exactly how I feel about pranks. Do you understand, young lady?”
I nodded, feeling nearly unable to speak.
“Do you have any questions?” He wanted to know.
     “Just one,” I murmured, “can we eat early?”

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  1. I love the ambiguity in 'Can we eat early?'

    To get it over with? To get it started?

    Great snippet.

    1. The ways Cassie loves the belt, it's definitely anticipation!

  2. Tom definitely doesn't tolerate pranks - what a spoil sport.

    1. Now you know Tom better than that. He's ever preparing a treat for Cassie later!

  3. Ouch! The belt is a little stingy to say the least... and I see someone is in very hot water. I suspect she'll not pull too many pranks after a taste of that :) Yummy snippet.

    1. Tom was amused by the whole thing - not that he'd let Cassie off scott free! Now after they eat will be their play time!

  4. LOL. Sounds like she's fully in with his plan, especially since he whispered it in her ear.

  5. As I recall Cassie ENJOYED his ahem......discipline!