Wednesday, January 10, 2018

For the Curious - questions for Cassie

Here are a few more questions for Cassie. My characters have answered most of your questions. So I might not be here every Wednesday. When I get the next Cal and Jenny book out you might have more to ask them.

Cassie, what do you think of the others out in blogland, do you have a favorite blogger (past or present)?

Sadly, I blog very little these days and I don’t know the current bloggers as well as I would like. The bloggers who stand out most to me were the ones here when I began almost a dozen years ago. CeeCi, Grace, Eva, Mthc, and PK became my first friends in blogland and nearly the only friends I’d made on my own in the past twenty year. These women accepted me for myself, not because I was Tom’s wife.

Cassie, so you have a brother, and will we ever hear from him?  Is there be a niece or nephew?

I did have a brother. The golden child, the beloved, the one to carry on the family business, the family line, the adored. And then there was me. You might say we were not close. I last saw him at my first husband’s funeral.

He married and had a son. This son was taught that I was possible the worst person on earth, the feeling went way beyond a simple family black sheep.

My brother is deceases, but my nephew married and had three children. I’ve never met my nephew or his children but I developed a friendship with my nephew’s wife and we talked and visited back and forth for a while. Her husband was not happy about that and eventually we lost contact. I wonder about his children sometimes. They’re grown, I could contact them I suppose, but as of now I have no plans to.

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  1. I am really enjoying learning more about your characters PK. So sad that Cassie and her brother were never close and that she never met his children.


    1. It is sad. Some families are so very different.

  2. I can understand Cassie's disinterest in reaching out to her brother's children. Her family on the river is such an rich and integral part of her life, that I don't think she feels the need.

    Hugs From Ella

    1. I think that is the main reason - she is very content with the family she has.

  3. Cassie feels so real to me that I am sad reading this. When I was 19 my brother disappeared. He was 27. He just left his apartment. He didn't move. My mother went there and it looked like he'd just walked away. I tried for years at different times to find him. We thought maybe he had died. In 2003 I finally found him in a nursing home several states away. He was 60, in a wheelchair and very debilitated from a serious stroke. I knew him immediately. We hugged and cried. It was one of the happiest days of my life. Although he had great difficulty communicating, we were able to reconnect easily and I saw him regularly until his sudden death a few years ago. He had left because of a rift with our mother. He loved me and the empty hole in my heart was filled. So, you see, Cassie's loss is probably very deep in her heart. Maybe buried by her experience but surely still there.
    Sorry to get so maudlin.
    Rosie Dee

    1. Cassie is this real to me too. I'm so happy you eventually found your brother. Sad that you lost so much time together.