Saturday, February 2, 2019

Saturday Spanking - Why Corbin's Bend?

Happy Saturday! I'm glad to be back with another peek into my contribution to the Corbin's Bend family, Returning to Us.
In this snippet, Brent Carmichael, head of the housing board in Corbin's Bend interviews Hal and Susan to see if they would be a good fit for the town. Maybe Susan needs this more than anyone thought.

Susan felt that, over all, the interview had gone well, until Brent asked his final question. 
“I’d like to ask each of you why you want to move to Corbin’s Bend. Hal, what are your reasons?”
Hal answered eagerly. “We’ve talked for years about hopefully retiring in Colorado. It’s as beautiful a place as I’ve ever seen. But when I read about your community, your open mindedness and your total acceptance of domestic discipline, I was hooked. This type of lifestyle worked well in our early marriage and I think it will work for us again.”
When Brent turned to her for her answer, she was mortified that the only thing that came were tears. Words left her completely. Hal, confused, made a move toward her but Brent held out a hand that seemed to tell Hal to wait and both men did just that as she regained her composure.
Finally, Susan was able to answer. “I want it all back. I want the feelings back that I had when we were living this lifestyle. I want to feel safe and protected and loved, the way I felt back when discipline was a part of our lives.” 

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  1. PK, I am so impressed by this book and am getting to a really good part in the story. Didn't want to put it down last night, but I had a really early appointment this morning.

    Loving It!

    1. LOL! You can put it down - it's not going anywhere. Glad you like it.

  2. Hi PK, what a wonderful snippet, I just love Susan's answer :)


  3. Wow! Powerful snippet, PK. I feel Susan's emotional desperation to regain something she feels they've lost.

  4. 'Returning to Us' is really great! I will definitely read it again. It's a wonderful addition to the Corbin's Bend series. I hope everyone who comes here will read it.
    Rosie Dee