Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Felicity Brandon - Flawed

by Felicity Brandon

For some love stories, there is no happy ending.

Series:A Dark Necessities Prequel – Book One
Hash tags:#DarkRomance #Paranormal #BDSM #Thriller

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One powerful serial killer. One visceral connection.
One deadly secret that should have stayed buried.

Men like Ethan Reilly should never fall in love. Dark, enigmatic and dangerous, Ethan is the perfect predator until he meets Lily Simpson, a woman passionate enough to placate him and strong enough to surrender to him. 

For a while Lily’s love is enough. 

But the darkness inside Ethan is too powerful to contain, and soon it spills into their burgeoning love affair. As he wrestles with his demons, Ethan must come to terms with who he really is, but if he does, what happens to Lily? Can any love be strong enough to survive a past as terrible as Ethan’s? And what kind of future can they forge from the ashes of his awful admission?

Read Flawed, a Dark Necessitiesprequel, and discover the making of not one, but two monsters.

It was going to be the pleasure. It was always going to be the pleasure—that was the curse of Ethan. He was impossible to deny—an irresistible force that she just could not resist.


He lifted his hand, bringing it crashing back down over her covered behind, and he watched with satisfaction as her lips parted.
Holy fuck.
“Why are you being spanked, Lily?” he asked her as he delivered another three swats in fast succession.
She gasped, her eyes blinking wildly as she replied. “You… you want me to answer?”
Ethan chuckled lightly. She was so fucking adorable. “Yes, beautiful Lily,” he told her. “I want you to bloom for me, to come alive under the weight of my palm. And for that, you must answer.”
He heard the gasp of air Lily pulled in between her teeth. “I wanted it,” she responded, and Ethan could hear the trace of irony and disbelief in her tone at the admission. “I wanted you to spank me.”
Lily was right. She hadwanted this, and as he spanked her over and over, he wondered whether or not she was regretting that choice now. He hoped not, and as he glanced down at her face he couldn’t see any fear in her eyes. There was some shock, and perhaps even concern, but not fear. 
And Ethan knew what fear looked like better than most. 
There was definitely no terror in his little flower, but there was the genesis of something else—the dark promise of her dilating pupils and her splaying knees beneath her virginal gown. There was the tantalizing prospect of her arousal.
“That’s right,” he crooned from over her bent body. “You did want it, little Lily, and I believe you need it, too. I think you’re the kind of woman who would benefit from a spanking most days.”
His right palm connected with the sitting spot of one and then the other pert cheek of Lily’s behind. “What do you think, young lady?”
Her lips parted again at his query, and he could see just by looking on her face how much she both loved and hated being labelled that way. No doubt she found the name denigrating in some way, but that was alright. Ethan could tell how much her body wanted to be treated that way—her desire to yield and her fast, panting breaths were evidence enough of that—but he also knew something else, something Lily didn’t know yet. Ethan wanted to denigrate her. He wanted to push her right down into the depths, if for no other reason, so that he could be the one to make her soar again.
“Yes,” she rasped, gyrating her body over his lap although he had never commanded her hips to move. It was hypnotizing to witness. “Yes, I do.”
“I know you do, beautiful,” he confirmed as he rained down a fresh torrent of smacks on her upturned bottom. “But you don’t have to worry. I’m here now, and I can help you scratch that little itch.”


  1. Hi PK and Felicity, this sounds like an awesome, interesting and hot read. Enjoyed the excerpt. Thank you both :)


  2. I have a long day of plane travel looming. This looks like it could hold my interest for sure.

    Hugs From Ella