Saturday, June 13, 2020

Saturday Spankings - Remember your first time?

Once again it seems that Saturday has rolled around and I’m happy you stopped by. I’m going through all my books from the Cassie’s Space series. This exchange can be found in book four, Cassie’s River Living

Allie and Ryan have just taken the plunge, so to speak, and become sexually active. It’s all so new and exciting Allie has to share with Cassie – the one adult she know will listen without judgement.

“Well, was it what you expected?” Cassie asked.
Allie colored again and said, “Not really. I mean in all the romance novels everything is just perfect. I remember wishing my panties and bra matched,” she told me laughing. “And I was frantically wondering when I’d shaved my legs last.” 
I couldn’t help laughing at her. I knew she was telling me exactly what she had been thinking at the time.
“One other thing they don’t really tell you about in the novels. It hurts. I wasn’t really expecting that. But Ryan was so sweet and he was slow and gentle. I didn’t see any fireworks or stuff like they tell you about, but when Ryan… well, when he…” She couldn’t quite get the words out. “Well, I mean after when I saw how much he had enjoyed it, I felt, I don’t know, powerful maybe. It was a really special afternoon. I think I liked talking afterwards the most. It didn’t feel uncomfortable being undressed or anything. It was really nice just to lie there together. But now it doesn’t hurt anymore and now it’s a lot more like the novels say. It’s great. Oh, Cassie, can you remember how wonderful it used to be for you?”
I bristled a bit at the question. “Well considering it was this morning, yes, I can remember quite well, thank you.” Oh my, I shouldn’t have said that, but really.

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  1. Perfect discussion about a real first. Also, love that sassy Cassie!

    1. Cassie always seems to get in the last word!

  2. Last line made me laugh. Cassie certainly didn't need to bring in her long term memory to answer that question. Love the snippet, PK.

    1. There is nothing in the past about Cassie and Tom love life!

  3. Cassie made me laugh here as always. Love Allie's description, especially the after part.


    1. It seemed accurate. So many romance novels get it wrong.