Saturday, July 4, 2020

Saturday Spankings - Secrets Revealed

Welcome back to Saturday Spankings! I’m using snippets from the fifth book in the Cassie’s Space series, Cassie’s Conflict. Problems between Cassie and the hateful woman from the club finally came to blows and although Cassie didn’t throw the first punch Tom was very upset. He had told Cassie to stay far away from Clare. He expressed himself in his usually hard-handed way. Later that day, Cassie, sitting gingerly, had to listen to her friend 's angry rant.

Sue was livid and Allie was upset too. Sue, of course, was the most vocal. “It’s time that big bully stops beating your ass. Him and all his talk about protecting you, I think you need protection from him. Damnit, you didn’t do anything wrong this time.” She was really getting herself stirred up. “He spanks you too hard.” Sue suddenly clamped her hand over her mouth and stared at me in horror of what she thought she had let slip. 
“Calm down, she knows,” I assured her. “Allie knows Tom spanks me. We discussed it a while back.”
“You discussed it? Why didn’t I know this? You told her about Steve and me too?” Sue blurted.
I burst out laughing. “No, big mouth, but you just did!”
I was cracking up at Sue’s flustered look. Even Allie couldn’t help laughing. “I didn’t know, Mrs. Moore, honest. And I would never have suspected either. I always though Mr. Moore was a little scared of you.”
Sue’s eyes blazed. “He was!” she spat out. “Until Tom got hold of him. It’s all Tom’s fault.”
“That’s not true!” I chuckled. “It was your and Steve’s doing, not Tom’s. Tom had been telling him for thirty years that he needed to wear your butt out, but he never did until you bought a paddle and took it home,” I insisted.
“But that was your fault. You made it sound all sexy and erotic. You didn’t tell me it hurt.”
I was still laughing and this made it worse. “You’re in your sixties and you didn’t realize that a thick leather paddle applied vigorously to your butt might sting a little? Don’t blame me for your ignorance.”

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  1. Ha ha! Didn’t hurt? Lol!
    Love the excerpt! This is a convo I can readily imagine almost anywhere!

    1. Thanks! I like books where I can really picture the conversation or action taking place.

  2. Good point. I guess Sue should have given herself a practice swat on her thigh before bringing it home to her husband. I mean some paddles pack a mean wallop even when they aren't applied with much force.

    1. I think Cassie had convinced her a paddling led directly to orgasm, she forgot to mention the painful part.

  3. LoL PK, love this. Sue put her own foot in it. Tom's fault lol


  4. Hey PK! Love to read your writing. How do you do it?!

    1. I hate to take credit. Actually all I do is listen and type and I love listening to Cassie and friends.