Saturday, June 26, 2021

Saturday Spankings - A couple in love

Welcome to Saturday Spankings! To help everyone get in the mood for my next book coming in August, I’m putting up snippets from the first book in that series, On the River.

I try to put many things in my books, sex, spanking, humor and adventure, but I also want to show the day to day lives of a long married couple who are still deeply in love. That’s who Cassie and Tom are. Here’s a bit of one of their days.


“You’re home early. How was your day?” Cassie asked, her voice rising over the noise of the shower.

“It was good. We came to a good stopping point and I decided to head home. Hmm… I’m wondering, could you use a hand in there?”

“Oh yes!” Cassie smiled broadly. “I’m sure I missed a few places.”

Tom quickly undressed and joined her. With great skill, he turned an ordinary shower into a magical experience of luscious-smelling soaps and intimate massages. Cassie leaned against Tom almost weak-kneed as he continued to run his hands over her body.

“I’m ready to call off dinner and lock the bedroom door,” she told him.

“I’m afraid that wouldn’t be polite. That and the fact that Lily is cooking a standing rib roast. But I promise not to forget where I was,” Tom assured her.

Reluctantly, they exited the shower. Cassie gave him one last kiss and asked, “Do you think young people know that you can still feel this kind of passion and desire at our age?”

Tom laughed. “I imagine it will come as a shock to many of them. And what about you? You’ve said you didn’t even think our marriage would last, much less that we couldn’t keep our hands off each other all these years later.”

“Yes, can you believe it? The one thing I’ve been wrong about since we married.”

Grabbing Cassie into a tight hug, he gave her naked bottom a swift pop. “The one thing? Girl, I’m going to need to teach you how to count.”

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Cassie and Tom Duff live at The Landing, a beautiful neighborhood by the river in their little town in North Carolina. They’re surrounded by their beloved family and friends. Most of the couples here live a domestic discipline lifestyle where the husbands are the head of household. It can’t be said that these ladies always follow their husbands’ lead and the men often have their hands full trying to keep up with their fun-loving and headstrong wives.


This first book in a new series by PK Corey follows the funny, quirky and romantic escapades of Cassie and her friends Sue and Annie as well as the younger generation who are all involved in solving a problem from Cassie’s past.


Come and join the ride! You’ll definitely feel like you’re a part of the family. 

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  1. Love this PK,love the fun Tom and Cassie have and had to giggle at Tom's last comment.


    1. I love it when they are playful. They seem so happy.

  2. I agree with Roz! That last line…. Made me smile! Passion into later years? Love that!

    1. I love showing that older people can still feel passion.

  3. I agree with both Minielle and Roz as well as Tom. Cassie clearly does need lessons in how to count. Great snippet, PK.

    1. Yes, Cassie may possibly have been wrong a time or two more than she is remembering.