Thursday, December 5, 2013

All good news!

There is so much going on I don’t know where to begin. I guess I’ll begin with my news, Lazy Day accepted my second Cassie book! Cassie's Space will be out Wednesday and this next one may be out as early as February. I got the email telling me the book was accepted while I was at work. Do you have any idea the agony I was in?  To receive such wonderful news and NOT being able to shout it from the roof top. Working for a living is beginning to take up way too much of my time! LOL!

I’m certainly not the only one writing these days. My friend Leigh Smith third book is out and I’m waiting on number four.

If you need any more reason to head to Amazon there is a wonderful box set out –

The Nice Naughty List

Can you believe that there is even more great reads out there? There it -

LSF Publications publishes an anthology each year and the proceeds are used to fund their resource of free spanking stories, The Libraryof Spanking Fiction
There is even a story from Leigh Smith in this one.

There is something for everyone - M/F, F/F and F/M.  You can find it on LSF Publications or

Be sure to check out the Library of Spanking Fiction. There are new stories every week and they’re free!


  1. Oh PK how wonderful! Doing my happy dance for you!!! Definitely looking forward to Cassie's Space. Have a lot of books on my Amazon wish list!

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. Cat,
      I know what you mean, if I stopped work right now and did nothing but read I still don't think I'd ever get caught up.

  2. That is such wonderful news PK, congratulations! Congrats to Sunny also on her third book. Wow, I sure have a lot of reading to do! :)


    1. Roz,
      Although I've been writing a long time I feel Iike I'm in a whirlwind right now.

  3. PK,

    That's wonderful news. Roll on 11th December.

    I still have to download SG's book.


  4. Congrats! Love that there are seasonal books out....
    hugs abby

  5. Congrats PK. You are going to be busy.

    Thanks so much for the shout out - this writing stuff is hard work but so rewarding.

    1. Leigh,
      Way harder than I thought - well at least more time consuming.

  6. Congratulations!
    I was wondering if you would be interested in a possible trade.
    I would love to review Cassie's Space for you, if you are interested in swapping your book for a review please email me:

    Thank you,
    -Felicity Nichols

  7. So so very excited for you my dear!
    Sunny too!