Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Getting to know Celeste Jones

I'm so excited to have Celeste Jones here today. Celeste was one of the first authors I found in our genre, and I have loved her books since I found them. I've enjoy many of Celeste's books, but my favorite is probably Becoming Lady Amherst.  

I hope you'll getting to know more about…

Celeste Jones

Give us your basic bio, whatever you’re willing to let us know.  

    A recent life change for my husband and me is that we are now living full time in a motorhome, traveling the US and working at campgrounds and other jobs. Our total living space is about 400 sq. feet, unless you count the great outdoors.
   The campground jobs are mostly part time so I have plenty of time to write and blog, so no good excuse other than procrastination to not get more books out.
    I like to read in a variety of genres and often read non-fiction books for fun. I knit and crochet and also like to cook (and eat).

When did you first begin writing spanking stories? Tell us about it.

    A little over ten years ago, I was at lunch with my mother. She leaned across the table and said to me, "Have you ever heard of spanking, you know, like with sex?"
    Thankfully, I did not choke on my salad. She explained that she'd met a woman in a writing class who wrote spanking/DD stories and thought it might be of interest to me. I don't think she thought I'd be interested in spanking, but in the writing.
     At the time I was newly divorced and when I learned I could write short stories and get paid, I started typing.
     When I look back at some of those stories, I cringe at how bad they are, but that's how I got started. One summer I wrote a 4K story every week and used the money to pay for groceries.
     After that, I moved and life took over and it was several years before I thought about writing again. By then, ebooks had replaced most of the subscription sites like the one I was writing for, and I saw an opportunity to write longer books.

Do you remember the first spanking story or spanking book you ever read?

My mother's friend, mentioned above, sent me several of her stories to read and I was hooked.

How comfortable are you with people in your real life knowing that you write spanking fiction? Does everyone know, a select few, or do you try to keep it private?

How comfortable? Not very. Three of my closest friends know. One of them is very supportive. One is sort of confused, and the other seems to have an attitude of "that's nice, dear, but when are you going to write a real book" which I don't appreciate.

In many ways, I like the freedom that anonymity gives me, though it is often difficult when I think people must wonder what I do all day long.

Some people don’t like to be labeled in only one area, but do you feel your writing is in a particular category? 

I write historical and contemporary. I think the one thing they all have in common is humor. I just can't help it.

Do you think you might someday like to branch out and write something totally different (or do you), either within the spanking fiction world or something else completely?

Yes, I love all the options that are available now with epublishing.
How attached do you get to your characters? Do you know what happens after the book ends?

Some more than others. I particularly like Sarah McLean from Becoming Lady Amherst, maybe because that story was written in first person so I felt closer to her.

Describe your ‘perfect’ writing day.

I wake up with perfectly coiffed hair and settle in with my computer, a cup of tea and some nice baked goods. My characters are cooperative and I can clearly see the whole story in my mind, it's just a matter of my fingers moving fast enough to get it all down.

This has never, ever happened to me. But, maybe someday.

With so many wonderful writers here I can get confused as to who writes what. Would you list all the books you’ve published so far. I’m assuming your books can be purchased through Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but let us know where else they are available.

My books, in order of release from first to last:

Underwear Probation

Her Birthday Spanking

Coming To Terms

Lady Katherine's Comeuppance

Lady Katherine's Conundrum


Becoming Lady Amherst

Laying Down the Law

Corrected By The Colonel

You can find links to all my books here, on my Amazon Author Page

Another thing I'd like to share is that every Friday on my blog I host Spanking Stories Book Club where we discuss a different spanking book each week. Even if you have not read the book, there are usually general questions based on the themes in the book. It's a great way to get to know others and find interesting books to read. Here's the link to my blog.

Thanks PK!


  1. I just looked at your list of books Celeste and realized I've read every single one. Love your perfect writing day, sounds wonderful but would never happen to me either.

    Thanks PK and Celeste.

    From a fellow motor home liver. (wow that doesn't sound good.)

    1. I can't believe you've read all my books! How sweet!

      Are we the only full time RVers in spanking land? Will have to check on that.

      Thanks for letting me share today, PK. This is a fun series you're doing. :)

  2. I've read them all except for Laying Down the Law. That was before I really knew you. I do enjoy the humor in your books--and the realism that you bring to contemporary ones (the day to day stuff that many of us experience).

    1. Thanks Cara. I'm pretty sure you read Laying Down the Law...you wrote a review. Said it was my sexiest yet. You might be thinking of The Long Arm of the Law which is my first set of short stories which was published by Discipline and Desire and is now MIA w/no explanation from the publisher. Fortunately, I'm not bitter about it.

  3. Awesome interview ladies!

    Rv'ing full time sounds so awesome! My husband and I had a wishful thinking moment a few years ago, where we pondered either RV'ing or sailing around the world; homeschooling the children along the way; and letting them immerse in the different cultures.

    Alas, I get sea sick.
    the little ones don't like the car
    and hubby has a very busy job.

    But maybe some day :)
    Oh, I almost forgot to comment about the friends. Yikes. My sister is kind of like that too. Grrrr.
    Sorry :( But how awesome is it that your mom helped you get started?


    1. There are many people who are on the road with families, but it can be challenging. We have trouble with just the two of us and the dog.

      You could still try it for a summer and see what you think. :)

  4. Hi Celeste and PK, I just wanted to stop by and say hello. Great interview! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Celeste and PK!
    I am like Sunny. I think I have read all your books....Oh and some of your early short stories! Love them!
    My Scotsman and I often dream of doing some RV living! It sounds like such an adventure!

    1. Yes, I remember being shocked that anyone remembered me from my early days (and then a long absence) writing for D&D.

      Hmmm. Maybe we need a kink friendly campground. LOL