Saturday, November 28, 2015

Saturday Spanking - Pampering

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and thank you for joining us at Saturday Spankings this week. There is a small group this weekend; I know many are still visiting with family and out shopping. But hopefully there are a few who would like to steal away and lose themselves in a good book, or a good series. I’m going back to the earlier Cassie books and trying to lure you in.
In today’s snippet from the second Cassie book, Cassie’s Tale. Cassie has recently broken her hand and is feeling the frustration of not being able to type, feed herself properly or even comb her hair. Here her sweet Tom is trying to make things better.

Oh my stars and garters! Tom must have lit every candle we own. What an amazing sight it was, candles reflecting off the mirrors and even the bubbles of the wonderful bath he’d drawn. My romantic devil eased me down into the water, the scent and the sensation were overwhelming.
“Tom this is incredible, I can’t bel—”

“Shhh... Don’t talk, just relax,” he cooed to me and I did as he said. I lay my head back on the towel he’d positioned for that purpose and gave in to the luxury of the bath... Oh my, that man knew how to give a bath. He began by massaging my face and neck with his hands as he washed. He gave each and every part of my body his full attention. I felt so peaceful that I feared I would slip right down the drain. Finally helping me stand, he wrapped me in a huge soft towel and dried me silently, and then guided me to the bed. I remember him tucking me in and kissing me softly but I remembered nothing else until morning.

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  1. Very romantic, PK. I love a man who knows how to take care of his woman.

  2. Just this one time, I wish I was married to Tom.

  3. I love a nice, sweet, romantic man! He sounds so lovely :)
    Great snippet!

    1. He can be the most romantic man ever - he can also be the strictest. It's a trade off.

  4. Nice romantic scene of husbandly TLC. I love it!

    1. Thanks Maddie. Tom can be tough but he loves her so much.

  5. So sweet :)
    This makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy

    1. Tom can be a dream man when he being romantic.

  6. Aww, such a caring snippet. Well done!