Saturday, December 5, 2015

Saturday Spanking - The only way to fly

We're back for another Saturday Spanking. It’s a beautiful time of the year and Saturdays are becoming more hectic and busy, but I hope you’ll spend a little time here reading some snippets and finding books you can relax with.
My eight-ish lines come from the second Cassie book, Cassie’s Tale. Cassie and Tom are heading to CA on a private plane courtesy of Tom work. The plane is furnished like a small apartment and Tom suggests a nap to make the flight go quicker.

Napping didn’t interest me, but... well, this might be a good time to tell you we joined the mile high club. However, that wouldn’t be true. We actually joined several years ago, but I wanted to renew our membership.
“Please, honey, we have hours before we land,” I pleaded. 

“Cassie, we’re guests on a flight, that wouldn’t be appropriate. What about the crew?”
     Never one to be dissuaded, I told him, “Let them find their own good time, I’m not looking for a threesome.” And crawling into his lap I proceeded to charm the pants off the man.Goodness, making love on a plane was exciting, just a little turbulence at the right time added to the thrill. 
We enjoyed a most romantic encounter, but as I began to dress, Tom pulled me across his lap.
“It seems to me like you are becoming a little too demanding and bossy for your own good, young lady. I think you need a little reminder of who’s supposed to be in charge around here.”

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  1. 'I want to renew my membership!' LMAO. Good for her! I hope she gets her own way ;)

  2. "Let them find their own good time. I'm not looking for a threesome"
    Best line ever!!

    that was hot and funny at the same time.

    1. I like that Katherine, I think it kind of describes Cassie too.

  3. Spanked at 30,000 feet - gives the Mile High Club a whole new direction

  4. They joined a new club, the Mile High Spanking Club!