Saturday, December 12, 2015

Saturday Spanking - After the Spanking

Saturday Spanking is back! This is a busy exciting time of the year and all spankos need to take a rest and look over the snippets sometime this weekend. I’m still staying in the second Cassie book, Cassie’s Tale.  After Tom and the other men canceled a vacation that had been in the works so they could attend a work conference, Cassie, Sue and Annie take off for Bermuda without telling the guys.
The next day Tom flies out to join Cassie – and after a loving greeting he gives her a sound spanking for running off without telling him. We pick up just after the spanking.

Tom helped me up and cuddled me while I finished crying. “Shh... it’s all over,” he comforted. I felt raw, but the sound of his voice, tender, loving, felt like a cooling balm. Tom turned the bed back. There’s no sleeping pill in the world that knocks me out as thoroughly as a serious spanking from Tom. Maybe it’s the release, the knowledge that it’s over, that everything is now good between us; I don’t know, but it nearly always happens. Tom undressed and climbed in with me, not to make love, but just to hold me. Although I was sore as could be, the feeling of my burning bottom pressed up against him was the best feeling I knew.
As I drifted away with Tom at my back, I knew he thought I was already asleep, when I heard him whisper, “Don’t ever leave me, Cassie.” The combination of the burn, his arms around me, and the love in his voice made me feel surrounded by bliss that few people ever experience.

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  1. Love this PK, so sweet and captures the post spanking feeling beautifully :)


  2. I agree with Roz, PK. That feeling of knowing you're loved and forgiven is irreplaceable.

  3. Aw I'm in love with Tom! What a sweet snippet, so much emotion in there :)

    1. I love him too Kelly. Cassie means the world to him.

  4. this is so sweet. I love these two!

  5. Lovely snippet - heart warming, as well as bottom warming.

  6. Oh, I love Cassie's last thought - she does love her Tom just the way he loves her.

    1. As it should be - neither could be married to another.